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Tue Sep 27 19:41:20 2016
Hey Robert, thanks for sharing. Reminds me of a website back in the 90's during the early days of the Internet. There was some sort of game called "Norns" where people bred and raised made up creatures ( it was kind of like an early pet simulation game). Apparently the "Norns" could be genetically bred to be predisposed to certain behaviors, and could be punished as well as fed/ played with like a regular pet.

One particular user would play the game but purposely torture the "Norns" and make them addicted to alcohol/ pain or make them depressed and not want to eat/live. Take from that what you will, but the online backlash from him was ridiculously severe- real people sent him constant death threats, and graphically described how they would torturw him, because he was literally torturing fictional creatures in a videogame. Really boggles the mind how some people don't get the irony, and also how far some people will go to threaten other living people over matters so trivial.

Robert Douglas
Wed Sep 28 19:54:27 2016
That's a very interesting story. But I would say that the young fellow needs help. It's an all-too common case of 'lashing out' in some form. Okay, so Norns are a digital pretence instead of the real thing, but in one sense you can understand how people are outraged - even if they did go way over the top. Like in the previous post, I mentioned something about procedure, or in this case method: to try and talk to the young man, calm him down, save him from himself and in turn spare those around him in the real world from possible forms of abuse. Some people have been dealt a bad hand and become, jealous, bitter, and angry so they're set on a path to destroy others.

It's also easy to become depressed by verbal abuse and intimidation. It happened to me where I live, walking barefoot one balmy evening, and - lo and behold! - there were sat a gang of teenagers. Not of the pleasant variety either. They saw I was barefoot, but did they politely ask why or simply ignore me? No, the ridicule came in waves. I expected nothing else, yet why they had to be causing trouble at 10pm boggles my mind. I wonder if Peter Jackson ever got abuse when he directed in bare feet? Or Joss Stone? Or Zola Budd? Or many other celebrities famous for bare feet? If I had the chance, I'd emigrate to New Zealand, and for a number of reasons.

Fri Oct 14 03:06:03 2016
My story adapted from Rise of the Night Creatures is available to read on Wattpad now as I slowly add chapters. My profile on there is TMBadowski. I am also writing another story which is inspired from Vault of the Vampire. Not sure when that will be ready though as I am still writing it up, I doubt in time for Halloween. I've also fixed up the gamebook which has been sitting on my laptop for a really long time, it's part 2 of Grekgun. Will let you know when it's on Lulu for free download.

Sun Oct 23 09:44:34 2016
Blacksky Book II is now available for FREE download on Lulu. The link to my Lulu profile is in the links section of Fighting Fantasy Project under Grekgun.

Stuart Lloyd
Wed Nov 9 23:56:53 2016
Looks like another Fighting Fantasy Fest is coming 2017 - 2nd SEptember. Location not yet announced.


Thu Dec 1 04:04:25 2016
Joe Dever RIP

Robert Douglas
Thu Dec 1 14:59:12 2016
I can't believe it. The creator of Lone Wolf has passed away. This is a dark day for the gaming community. My sincere condolences to his family and friends. I can't write anymore.

Fri Dec 2 04:56:10 2016
Can't believe he's gone! :(

Fri Dec 2 18:26:56 2016
Joe Dever RIP :(

Tue Dec 6 22:28:48 2016
It's sad to see "Lone Wolf" gone. His books were great and part of a generation... The fact you could get stronger over the books made a real change over the Fighting Fantasy Series.

I came here just to let you guys know about Fight Club Reborn.

You can check the game in the link below. It is a cyoa RPG with stats. The setting is a dark near future and very adult tones, including sex scenes, at least one unavoidable. So for 18+ only.


Hope you enjoy it.

Fri Dec 23 04:18:34 2016
Season's greetings to all FF fans!

Sat Dec 24 03:08:58 2016
Fuck Christmas! Shitty holidays.

Robert Douglas
Sat Dec 24 16:41:38 2016
Everybody enjoy the season, whether it's winter solstice, Christmas, or the time of Locking.

Sat Dec 24 17:16:24 2016
Locking eh, what's that

Sun Dec 25 10:51:32 2016
Merry Christmas everyone! Just replayed "A Midwinter's Carol" I would definitely recommend the fun little story, especially for how appropriate its is at this time of the year.

Robert Douglas
Sun Dec 25 17:53:13 2016
I thought 'Locking' is one of the 'months' mentioned in Titan - although I probably got it wrong knowing me! Sorry I didn't have the book to hand at the time.

Mon Dec 26 15:14:21 2016
It sounds familiar now you mention it

Mon Dec 26 22:31:14 2016
Sorry these holidays for me are crap.

Not sure if we are in Locking or Freeze. Maybe neither.

Robert Douglas
Tue Dec 27 13:05:50 2016
Sorry you're having a bad holiday Tammy. I'm not a Christian but I used to enjoy all the folklore such as Santa and Jack Frost. And I love the Xmas carols and Xmas pop songs. And the meal. I think the ideal of Xmas spirit and cheer is a bloody good one to adopt, yet it's something that should be exemplified all year round, not just a mere couple of weeks. Also, I get a bit annoyed when people go Xmas shopping and, sadly, for them it becomes an expensive chore to humour the children. Then their irk starts to affect others around them. To be honest, being in the grip of a nasty cold for five long weeks, my 2016 Xmas hasn't been the best. Nevertheless, I endeavoured to enjoy the dinner, fruit, and sweets :) ! Not really a big TV fan nowadays, different story back in my younger days. Now where's the port...?

Wed Dec 28 02:23:18 2016
I'll have a glass of port with you. I need it.

Paul Mc
Wed Dec 28 08:42:14 2016
With all the celebrities dying in 2016, it has given me an interesting idea (albeit a grotesque and possibly offensive one).
A little game of guess the celebrity by describing their death in gamebook theme.

So here's an example...

You stand on your balcony but the wet floor is very slippy... test your luck. If you are lucky (Turn to 77), If you are unlucky (Turn to 113)
You slip on the balcony and crack your head on the floor, your injuries and age make it impossible to move, the head injury and cold kills you in a few hours...
Your adventure ends here.

The correct answer for this one is Cilla Black... but I'm sure there are many different ones you can do.

Wed Dec 28 09:52:21 2016
Someone should do a gamebook about awarding the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Robert Douglas
Thu Dec 29 15:14:46 2016
Yes Tammy, that would be great. And I believe there's some left.
I think you've got that the wrong way round, Gavin. Someone should be awarded the Nobel Lit Prize for writing a worthy gamebook. Which author would be your choice? Gamebooks have, in their way, improved the lives of many youngsters. So many to choose from....
Quite a macabre quiz game, Paul, but I could offer one from further back in history:
"And so your glorious path has ultimately brought you to one of defeat and stagnation. Born a Corsican, yet you overcame stacked odds both personal and on the battlefield, leading the armies of your adoptive country to forge a mighty empire. Your final gamble for supremacy was marred by ill-luck and ill health, combined with the tenacity of the Seventh Coalition forces under the reputed Duke of Wellington and stalwart Marshal Blucher. Now, lying upon your bed, in a humble house on this lonely island of St Helena, your brilliant mastermind is haunted by what if, and what could have been, as the cancerous ulcer completes its terrible, painful course."
Correct answer is: Napoleon Bonaparte.

Fri Dec 30 07:06:55 2016
The point being that the Nobel Prize didn't get awarded for writing books at all

Sun Jan 1 12:33:52 2017
Happy New Year!

Robert Douglas
Mon Jan 2 16:20:23 2017
@ Gavin,
They should award it to Literature. Lord Alan Sugar's biography, for example, has inspired many upcoming business folk. People suffering from illness can draw strength and advice from authors gone through a traumatic time. Even authors of historical fiction can contribute to cultural heritage awareness in education. Many possibilities worthy of a Nobel Prize.

Mon Jan 9 13:36:43 2017
I have a mint quest pack any ideas on worth ? Many thanks

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