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General Chat

Wed Sep 27 19:21:47 2017
Started writing A Day in the Life....

Robert Douglas
Wed Oct 4 16:50:00 2017
And everything stopped on the 27th September.

Thu Oct 5 02:26:14 2017
Yes. Yes it did.

Mon Oct 16 00:07:32 2017
We got snow then it rained and the snow melted :(

Robert Douglas
Sat Nov 4 01:50:35 2017
It's November in UK and I'm still going barefoot. Very cold! I'm hoping to acclimatize my feet to the weather. There was an American who lived in the 1930's (if I remember rightly) and he went barefoot all year round. Not sure if I can match up to his stoicism.

Wed Nov 8 17:49:36 2017
Piece of shit gamebook
Iím writing a piece of shit gamebook
That fuckin pile of shit
never gets me off the hook
My gamebookís a big piece of shit
Just open the shitty PDF and take a look
Donít got a real job doing this
I do it for free because Iím a desperate douche canoe
What a piece of shit
References and paragraphs always getting jumbled
ĎCause my math is fucking bumbled
And I forget about balancing luck and skill scores
That players say ďWhat the fuck is this for?Ē
What a piece of shit

Piece of shit gamebook
Piece of shit gamebook
Iím writing a piece of shit gamebook

It sucks royal dick!
What a fucking pile of shit

Itís not fucking City of Thieves!
The worse thing youíll ever read

Oh, fuck you book

My bosses are all crap, you can beat em with three rolls
I stole from Ian again yeah all my ideas are not my own
Steve can bite my ass too
Maybe one day Iíll be successful when Iím senile and old
My plots are weak and droll
Gamers give me bad reviews saying Iím an asshole
And you fuckin piece of shit

Piece of shit gamebook
I write piece of shit gamebooks
Yep, I got a hundred of piece of shit gamebooks

No publisher will ever adopt me
One look at my work and they think what a fuckin pile of shit
Yeah I have to agree too
Jesus, try to think of something new

Oh what the fuck did I do
What the fuck did I do
What the fuck did I do
To get stuck with you

This hobby fuckin stinks
It makes me wanna drink
Stamina, 2d6, mapping, is all that I do in sync

Oh, fuck meÖÖ

Iíll never get out of the amateur writerís guild
Iím too poor to self-publish, too much fuckin text because I canít find a good illustrator
I get lost in my own world, canít remember where I hid the fuckin elixir,I always get myself killed
Donít have real fans only hardcore gamebook fanatics who judge me and then thereís the haters

(Ouch, ouch, ouch)

Iíve had big dreams of becoming a legend
But instead my hopes were squashed and I became dead

What a pain in my ass

All I do now is write for shock value
Hoping to piss somebody off
In the end Iíll end up getting sued
Itís fucking true

Piece of shit gamebook
You piece of shit gamebook
I got a piece of shit gamebook
You piece of shit gamebook
Piece of shit gamebook
Always getting me in troubles!

You piece of shit gamebook
Forgot to link up refs properly

Piece of shit gamebook
Too many typos and missing numbers

Piece of shit gamebook
The background bores the hell out of readers

Piece of shit gamebook
Half the book is not even completed

I got a piece of shit gamebook
Piece of shit gamebook
I got a piece of shit gamebook
Piece of shit gamebook
Fuck you Turn to 400!

I gotta piece of shit gamebook
Oh, everyone thinks Iím a loser
Because of my piece of shit gamebook

Fri Nov 10 22:50:07 2017
poor tammy

Sun Nov 12 05:36:44 2017
I'm actually surprised this song made it on here

Sun Nov 12 07:36:37 2017
And me

Mon Nov 13 02:53:07 2017

Try not to suffer from tunnel vision. everybody on this forum have similar issues (I think). Personally, I have an academic paper that's stuck in limbo after being rejected by multiple journals, and I really need to get it published...

Tue Nov 21 19:19:20 2017
Don't give up, bcyy, you'll get published

Robert Douglas
Wed Nov 22 03:41:43 2017
Peter F Hamilton's alien cultures are widely diverse - including post-physical beings. One interesting fact, however:

AndrŤ M. Pietroschek
Thu Nov 23 09:40:08 2017
We ain't wallflowers, and poor people, or not: We are neither lackeys, nor any less talented artists or creative minds just by our income.

One year ago I still shared my own fiction cost-free. Now the first versions are for sale, with layout and cover at least partially made by my own hands and efforts.

We grow in competences and we keep our hobby alive because we care.

I dislike being a "preacher on it", but for those who need or crave the experience; IF you don't shun the work, then get your self-written solo adventure into sales.

Example: drivethruRPG & the vault affiliates allowed me, like anybody else on the planet, to participate and earn money by complying to law & license. And they are pretty fair on it.

Now that does not necessarily mean you an just paste your FF work, but rewriting it, as solo-adventure (rarely called CYOA aka choose your own adventure) outside of the stand-alone books, but you could rewrite it using the rulebook an system from one of the roleplaying companies granting permissions.

Visit my link, under the small picture use the quick preview, and then tell me you couldn't do that bit of layout and format, too? You can, and many of you can do even better. So contemplate, if it could help funding you, or your appreciated free FF works staying alive.


Damn, I wrote before my first coffee, it is lengthy... Sorry.

Sat Nov 25 14:11:38 2017
Thanks! I will - someday!

I don't have my copy of Rebel Planet on me right now, so I'm afraid I can't check. Sorry!
I might be reunited with it early next year though...

Tue Nov 28 06:26:06 2017
Next year is a long time away though. I might be dead by then. Somebody post a solution now.

Tue Nov 28 18:21:12 2017
Just a brief update on my work on the From The Shadows adventure, it is turn based only and far from perfectly readable (as i would like) but will try to have time to implement the section events in a few days

Fri Dec 1 02:38:50 2017
Offm, if you need someone to proofread I can do it. Just send me the pdf

Sat Dec 2 12:25:28 2017
Clearly I remember Ms Tam's recent poem about writing a gamebook. I feel the same, this superhero mission in New Day Rising sucks balls.

Sat Dec 9 23:40:59 2017
So there is an article in Ryan's Gig Guide about the numerous times Diamond Head have been invited on stage with Metallica. There was a comment about how if there wasn't a Diamond Head there wouldn't be a Metallica. And how if there wasn't a Metallica there wouldn't be a Diamond Head second career phase.

Sun Dec 10 21:05:59 2017
Nuw nee nuw nee nuu dee nuu....

Mon Dec 11 10:38:10 2017

Mon Dec 11 23:19:31 2017
Shoobaa shoobaa rat tat tat

Tue Dec 12 05:15:54 2017

Tue Dec 12 15:18:02 2017
That better not be Ed Sheeran again

Thu Dec 14 11:53:17 2017
I'm way too good at goodbyes ohhhh whoh ohh......

Robert Douglas
Thu Dec 14 20:39:23 2017
The last words to be uttered by Robert Douglas: 'This world..? Sheer bloody lunacy!'

Tue Dec 19 02:31:25 2017
Erm, is everything OK?

Tue Dec 19 04:54:13 2017
Robert! don't do it.

Or I'll kick your ass.

Sat Dec 23 08:43:33 2017
Always around the holidays I end up revisiting one of the game books posted here (I've played through them all at some point, haha)- usually "A Midwinter Carol" due to it being so relevant and fitting for Christmas, but this year I revisited "Outsider!". Such a great storyline that's so engaging, I'm replaying it again after a while and discovering new side stories. Gavin Mitchell is very talented! Anyway if I don't get a chance later, Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to all!

Robert Douglas
Tue Dec 26 14:13:55 2017
Don't panic, I was just making a statement, using a line from one of my favourite TV series. I was so taken with it I'll use it upon point of death (whenever that might be) if possible. Anyway, hope everyone is having a nice Xmas/Yuletide/Locking holiday and here's to a prosperous New Year.

Thu Dec 28 13:06:44 2017

You're starting to sound like me during my own darkest moments. At the time, the only thing that kept me going was the thought that I wouldn't be able to inflict pain on everyone who had wronged me if I were gone. I'd pretend everything's OK, but something always leaks, and everyone started to give me a wide berth after a while. I'd also lash out at anyone who would try to talk to me, but looking back, I appreciate their effort.

What helped me in the end was chucking my lifelong ambitions down the drain and looking for new ones.

Also, applying for a patent helped a lot. It hasn't paid for itself yet, but owning it was a constant reminder to myself that I'm a contributor to the society around me, something I desperately needed to validate at the time. I suggest you try something similar if you need to validate this too.

Finally, don't pay attention to those who despise you. A wise man once told me that part of any visionary's CV is the ability to ignore the naysayers and focus on your vision. If and when you succeed, everyone backtracks and says they knew you were a genius all along.

Robert Douglas
Fri Dec 29 13:31:28 2017

Thanks for the kind words. After everything that's happened, I'd be lying if I said I was an optimist. But if I was a man of less integrity, I wouldn't be here now. However, I would confess to a desire in leaving my native country that no longer holds much meaning for me. The UK is becoming dangerously decadent with a bad attitude to boot.

Robert Douglas
Sun Jan 7 17:23:05 2018
As you know, FF has been revived under the Scholastic publishers. Ian Livingstone's 'The Port of Peril' was released late last year, with promise of more titles in the future. Just five minutes ago I came across a fantastic discovery that must be shared: 'The Gates of Death' has been listed under the bibliography of Charlie Higson, well known for his comedy contributions and The Enemy series of books for young adults. He was also know for (mostly) penning the excellent 'Jekyll and Hyde' TV series - sadly ITV decided not to do a second series. A moment's sadness replaced by excited anticipation! However, going by the lesson of 'Bloodbones' during the days of Puffin, actual publication remains to be seen. Let's hope it does.

Tue Jan 9 03:03:46 2018

Sorry about the late reply - for some reason, our posts didn't appear until just now.

Going abroad is, in my personal experience, a good way of keeping things in perspective. If you really want to leave the UK and have the means to do so, then I think doing so would be helpful. In fact, I would recommend leaving the western world altogether for a while - just make sure you can make it back if and when you want to.

As for the UK being decadent, in my humble opinion, that's what happens when you take many of the world's richest 1% of people and cram them together. I've seen the same happen in many places with similar situations. So many, in fact, that it has led me to conclude that it's just human nature. Don't let this obscure your vision of your goals, though - someone has to make progress happen, even if the society in general is reluctant to.

As for the FF revival, I look forward to seeing copies in my local bookstore, even though that could take years to happen.

Robert Douglas
Tue Jan 9 23:50:09 2018

You make a good point regarding the 1%. However, I would say there are other factors besides in-balanced capitalism contributing to the decline. It's a shame about Wizard Books ending the FF series, although let's hope Scholastic produce some new titles. Saying that, it would be great to see authors such as Jonathan Green and Stephen Hand make a comeback. I'm not sure if Steve Jackson (UK) would ever return to write a gamebook -whether physical or digital - but that would be great if he did! And you can tell that Ian Livingstone has a certain fondness for gamebooks by returning every once in a while! I'd also like to suppose (hint!) that 'Blood of the Mandrakes' by Stephen Hand could be a contender, but it all depends on the copyright, author's decision, publisher's decision to revive that idea. It is possible: many fans despaired over 'Bloodbones'...yet it eventually appeared through Wizard! And of course there are many other shelved projects you might find by consulting Titannica website.

Thu Jan 18 20:29:59 2018
That's peculiar... it seems that as soon as you get into a gamebook all the website formatting is gone, only a basic, ugly (albeit functional) html is left without even any css... any clues?

Fri Jan 19 01:48:15 2018

Phil Sadler
Tue Feb 20 18:36:41 2018
It's so quiet around here that I'm starting to miss that 'Done!' poster. I just can't wait for more of his amazing one-word ... reviews?

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