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A Flame In The North
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The Ravages Of Fate
Nye's Song
A Knight's Trial
Return To G15-275
Devil's Flight
Above The Waves
The Curse Of Drumer
The Word Fell Silent
A Strange Week For King Melchion The Despicable
Sharkbait's Revenge
Tomb Of The Ancients
A Midwinter Carol
The Dead World
Waiting For The Light
Contractual Obligation
Garden Of Bones
The Hypertrout
The Golden Crate
In The Footsteps Of A Hero
Soul Tracker
Planet Of The Spiders
Beggars Of Blacksand
The Diamond Key
Wrong Way Go Back
Hunger Of The Wolf
Isle Of The Cyclops
The Cold Heart Of Chaos
The Black Lobster
Impudent Peasant!
Curse Of The Yeti
Bad Moon Rising
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The Trial Of Allibor's Tomb

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General Chat

Robert Douglas
Sun Jul 30 01:27:42 2017
I might be wrong by a hundred years or so, but 'English' (as we know it but words were often consistently mis-spelt) came about in the 14th century. After the Norman Conquest in 1066, eventually both nobles and plebs alike spoke a variant mix of Saxon, Viking, and Norman French, with some Latin and Greek bearing influence upon certain words in later times. Many words developed from their original source through mis-pronounciation to what we speak today. I would also say that modern French (popular for phrases such as coup de tat), Spanish (stylish cool-sounding descriptions: siesta, amigo, etc), and Japanese (particular objects of cultural fascination such as Samurai, katana, bonsai, etc), have found their way into modern English dictionaries. English is a relatively new language when compared to more ancient tongues still spoken in parts of the world.

When a German pupil came into the class in which I volunteered, he struggled with the language, and it's a shame I couldn't translate the lesson objectives in German! It's a two-way street.

Willie Garvin
Sun Jul 30 01:36:52 2017
Orlroight darlin'. It is I, Willie Garvin, Cockney incarnation of the legendary SORCERESS KNIGHT of days of yore, writin on behalf of me Princess, Mademoiselle Shoji MODESTY BLAISE Of the Cold War spy thrillers of yesteryear. Though we were always more akin to Marvel Comics super heroes.


Sorry Tammy you brought that on yourself :)

Andrew Wright
Sun Jul 30 01:48:36 2017
Hey, we got a kickstarter going for the Titan Herbal:


It's a herbal for the Fighting Fantasy world of Titan, and more specifically, the Advanced Fighting Fantasy RPG system.

It's already funded but we're looking at hitting 4000 pounds for the stretch goals. Get on board! :-)

Sun Jul 30 01:53:23 2017
In all seriousness Modesty Blaise got me through the last decade's .... Issues..... Though my High Priestess actually read Electra and sneered that it was too tame. Oh, well!

Sun Jul 30 06:18:37 2017
In fact Tampster do you fancy interviewing me about Electra? We could call it a collab.....

Mon Jul 31 11:39:22 2017
And it all just gets worse and worse and worse. But this is the path I was born to follow.

I always was the grandson of a witch.

Mon Jul 31 11:49:45 2017
As for the ending of Curse of Drumer?

Cimmeria was never my home to begin with.

Robert Douglas
Tue Aug 1 15:41:12 2017
You can play as the Cimmerians in Rome 2 Total War. Also it features in the Conan Chronicles. They were supposed to be descended from the (fictional?) legend of Atlantis. Not sure if the Cimmerian culture features in 'The Curse of Drumer', however!

Tue Aug 1 18:00:31 2017
Susan Wise Bauer explains the exact time period.

Andrew Wright
Mon Aug 7 20:04:03 2017
Hi, Iíd just like to say a big thank you to everybody who backed The Titan Herbal kickstarter campaign. Not only did we fund it remarkably quickly but we also hit our stretch goals with several hours to spare.

I hope you enjoy reading the book or PDF when you get it, and please let us know of any errata you find within its pages. Also, donít forget to rate and review it on DriveThruRPG and RPGNow, among other sites.


Next up from me: a sequel to Beyond The Pit! Thanks again! ☺

Wed Aug 9 16:31:35 2017
Well you're not being very nice to me. So I was 26 pages into elekctra but now I'll just read something else.

Robert, very inciteful history on English. Yes it is deprived of many languages and I think that's what makes it so difficult to learn.

Wed Aug 9 18:28:29 2017
Oh dear

Commodore Lensman Salamander
Sat Aug 12 05:03:23 2017
Lord Salamander is in no further mood for appeasement today having found a) Blind Guardian were anticlimatic for a second time b) Amon Amarth are outright walk out in disgust bait c) the ever increasing commercialisation of Bloodstock could do with improvement.

And that shrine gamebook is just totally called after my craft name, its actually quite flattering.

Sat Aug 12 05:05:54 2017
Shrine of the Salamander is indeed worthy of the Mrs Joyful prize for rafia work, possibly even a write up in the Guardian educational supplement.

Joking aside I did actually quite like it when I attempted it.

Sun Aug 13 21:50:38 2017
I'm not Shira von Lowenherz. I'm Voyvodan, the black dragon.

I'm sorry.

Wed Aug 16 08:33:58 2017
Well I guess there are two possible endings for Tom from Electra.

A) he gets squashed by a truck next day on site.
B) he joins Megadeth's crew and goes on stage dressed as VIC RATTLEHEAD.

I know which one I prefer, now I know what he looks like....

Thu Aug 17 11:23:44 2017
Speed of Darkness lights my way.
Set a course for....
No bitterness will blight my tongue
I'm reconciled with all that's done.

Phil sadler
Thu Aug 17 12:48:33 2017
I swear you are talking in some sort of code.

Thu Aug 17 12:59:41 2017
Er .... Yeah? Witches and magicians get used to dealing with multiple layers of meaning and levels of reality in the same place at the same time.

Tue Aug 22 03:53:26 2017
Phil, he always talks in codes. Can't understand him half the time. The main thing to do is decipher decipher decipher. Then it all makes sense. Reading Gavin is like trying to understand a complicated tarot card layout.

In my world?
I'm still working on Grekgun III. I can't promise it will be on Lulu.com any time soon because i have no clue when it'll be completed. Let's just say I'm near the final stages where the end boss lurks. Thank the goddess for that.

Tue Aug 22 04:27:39 2017
I must admit that i really really hated Blacksky (Grekgun II). I hated test playing it and I despised the gameplay. Blacksky was my least favourite compared to Grekgun and the third gamebook. Blacksky is up on Lulu beside its sister. It can sink like Titanic. I dont care.

Tue Aug 22 04:44:19 2017
I must admit that i really really hated Blacksky (Grekgun II). I hated test playing it and I despised the gameplay. Blacksky was my least favourite compared to Grekgun and the third gamebook. Blacksky is up on Lulu beside its sister. It can sink like Titanic. I dont care.

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