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Waiting For The Light
Contractual Obligation
Garden Of Bones
The Hypertrout
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In The Footsteps Of A Hero
Soul Tracker
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Beggars Of Blacksand
The Diamond Key
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General Chat

Sun Jun 11 03:52:53 2017
You know Robert, one of these days you're going to step on a needle used by some junkie. Just sayin.......

Sun Jun 11 04:03:11 2017
You're the only one in this tavern without shoes on, someone might mistake you for a hobbit

Sun Jun 11 06:30:15 2017
I am often called hobbit at work due to having size 12 feet, though there I wear site boots with steel toecaps and steel midsoles, army style as was the fashion in the days of grunge. Meanwhile ms Tam I thought you'd never ask, let's go for a Lughnasadh handfasting.

Sun Jun 11 06:32:36 2017
In classes I have always been the only Chinese martial arts practitioner to wear ninja tabi boots. Sundew is a prose story basically a female human pseudo clone created using actual 2017 science.

Sun Jun 11 06:43:11 2017
As for Mad Max Murray of Turn to 400's regrettably final review was of Freeway Fighter, apparently now a comic. I wonder why the picked that one

Sun Jun 11 06:45:23 2017
Not being sarcastic at all. As for Murray the middle class dream got him, only VGJunk endures as his spiritual successor. BLUE RUIN

Robert Douglas
Mon Jun 12 16:41:21 2017
Hobbit, yes, that's a very interesting point. Tolkien must have got the inspiration from somewhere.

Mon Jun 12 18:19:23 2017
Tolkein actually based hobbits on himself, liking simple food, pipe smoking and so forth: meanwhile the elves and Istari are clearly angels and archangels. You'd think having the Valar as the pagan gods would be a bit dodge for a Catholic, but apparently not.

Mon Jun 12 22:08:10 2017
At this point in writing New Day Rising I've realised I'm actually Shira. Apart from not being female and SPOILERS

Mon Jun 12 22:25:37 2017
On a final note, in case it wasn't obvious I have long since gotten past the point where I have fallen in love with this story and balance of probabilities says I'm going to finish it. Andy can you please change the FAQ. :D

Robert Douglas
Mon Jun 12 22:39:32 2017
Yes, but why did he decide that Hobbits didn't wear shoes? What did he get the idea for that?

Tue Jun 13 04:30:01 2017
I dunno

Wed Jun 14 05:36:32 2017
If only you were the inspiration! But like you said barefoot people? Ya never know right? :)

Gavin, I was thinking more of a midsummer drink fest. Or just popcorn and a movie and a good FF gamebook reading :p what do you fancy?

Wed Jun 14 05:39:02 2017
And Gavin, when did you realised you were a woman? I don't swing in that direction as a lesbian. But I guess there's a first for everything. LoL

Wed Jun 14 06:44:37 2017
Um. You never saw any of the interviews about what actually inspired Outsider? Awfully nice weather for the time of year.

Wed Jun 14 11:37:19 2017
Nice hearing from you again anyway.

Thu Jun 15 08:06:26 2017
I'm guessing you clicked the House of Horror comments by accident? Anyway.

Robert Douglas
Thu Jun 15 23:52:55 2017
Thanks for the kind words Tammy. However, I've given up on trying to inspire people. I walked barefoot through a pub, cheery hello to a couple of waitresses I know, with about twenty or so customers. Five minutes later it turned out one (yes, only one, that's all it takes to ruin my lifestyle) made a complaint. I've been in a bad mood all night since. I'm considering resigning from my position there anyway, so never mind. To hell with it all.

Fri Jun 16 03:52:33 2017
You couldn't involve the union or ACAS or something? Though they're probably gonna play the hygiene card.

Fri Jun 16 04:28:42 2017
You have my sympathies in any case. Plenty of right wing Americans who'd burn me at the stake.

Sat Jun 17 01:19:59 2017

Don't be upset. If you want to walk barefoot who fucking cares what others think. If you love it, then do it! If one place doesn't like it don't go there anymore.

Sat Jun 17 08:47:11 2017
Fair comment Tammy. However in the UK we have an employment system geared towards the bourgeoisie (Ooer little bit of politics there) and a phenomena known as the 'jack the lad'. I didn't do martial arts for 30 years to merely write about it. Or witchcraft for that matter.

Robert Douglas
Sat Jun 17 21:50:26 2017
Thanks for the kind words Tammy. It's very frustrating living in a country that (generally) doesn't understand alternative lifestyles, while halfway round the world it's an integral part of New Zealand culture. Nevertheless, I'll do as you advise. One odd (if very welcome) response was from staff at a pleasant café I often visit during breaks - that is, nothing untoward is ever mentioned, no pointed facial expressions. At least that's something :) Even so, I might check with the manager - a very charming lady - as I don't want to put her in a difficult position; some of the customers might not be so tolerant and complain. If that's the case then, reluctantly, I'll either don flips flops or head elsewhere.

Sun Jun 18 06:32:38 2017
Absolutely. Flip flops only if you have to though. :) keep your feet happy not depressed an stressed ;)

Sun Jun 18 09:05:26 2017
I'll get me coat

Sun Jun 18 14:06:05 2017
They f*** you up your mom and dad and blame it all on you. But they were f***ed up in their turn by vets of world war f***ing 2. They call us generation x and hate us all the more. But we sneer at the millennials as we start another war. Man hands on misery to man, it deepens like a coastal shelf. Get out quickly as you can and never have any kids yourself.

Mon Jun 19 23:48:07 2017
Ok. Will do.

Thu Jun 22 15:59:42 2017
You clearly know your Monty Python Ms Tam --- DAMNED GOOD SHOW. Meanwhile Andy can you please add 'Electra' on Lulu to the list of stuff what I wrote? Thank you please

Robert Douglas
Fri Jun 23 19:26:12 2017
Thanks Tammy, you could be the sloganist for barefooters everywhere (and flip-flop wearers)! BTW since Sunday I've been on hols in Cornwall. Relaxing in a way, but we ended up going out each day: Bude on Monday, Boscastle and Tintagel (Castle) on Tuesday, visiting relatives on Wednesday, Bude again on Thursday, came home today (Friday). I went barefoot every day except Wednesday (those stony paths at Tintagel were very unforgiving!)

A very interesting combination Gavin regards your martial arts and witchcraft hobbies. I understand that, while you didn't practise these in order to research/write gamebooks, they nevertheless helped influence them in a roundabout way, and to some degree (as is often the case with film stars, for example, somebody who worked as a mechanic or in a bar, etc, and bring such experiences to fulfil their role). Also, certain lifestyles - such as Gerald Durrell's love of animals and his émigré family - inspired his written works. His elder brother Lawrence also became a respected writer and an interview can even be found on the 1973 series 'World at War'. He was also a war correspondent during WW2 and his post-war works were inspired by the conflict. Very rarely an author can conceptualize possible future events through imagination alone, HG Wells and Jules Verne are fine examples, while others can make improvements to existing formulae such as Arthur C Clarke (sci-fi ideas becoming reality) and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (police investigation methods). Sorry for rambling!

Fri Jun 23 22:00:06 2017
Glad to hear from you Robert, you aren't rambling and don't worry, I'm glad to see I'm not monopolising the message board on my own :)

As against that I would not see witchcraft or especially martial arts as hobbies but my calling, of even higher status than writing.

While in Cornwall why not got to the Witchcraft museum in Boscastle. My High Priestess and I went there in 2009.

Litha blessings to all. May your Goddess or God(s) go with you.

Robert Douglas
Sat Jun 24 21:55:05 2017
While my sister went to the Witchcraft Museum, I decided to head off for a walk to the rocky point. We had limited time because we went to Tintagel straight after so sadly I missed the museum. I'm considering staying for a short spell with my mother's cousin and her family near Camborne; so perhaps one day I'll have another look round with more time to spare.

Sun Jun 25 16:22:15 2017
Having now taken the decision to advertise Electra in the UK I should probably point out I'm an only child and both my parents are still alive. Anyway.

I have a gamebook called Magdalena, the start of it anyway, on Wattpad. I actually made a bargain with the saint herself when I was really ill to write it. An odd decision for a Pagan to make you'd think, and you'd be right.

Sun Jun 25 16:25:28 2017
The dungeon's based on the Sephira and Qlippoth and at various points you can interact with the saint. This is incomplete because despite being a genuine and practising witch I do go through life trying not to offend people. As such this is more real life demonology and black magick than belongs in a gamebook and is possibly offensive to Christians, and I do gave Christian friends.

Oh well. More tea vicar?

Sun Jun 25 16:27:01 2017
The final boss is Belphegor as well, as one of the seven crown princes of Hell it's possibly not something legal minors should be reading about.

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