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General Chat

Robert Douglas
Sat Mar 10 16:05:56 2018
@ Gavin,

My Mother is, thankfully, still alive - besides which, I'm sure she wouldn't want to return to the Earthly Plane, resurrected or reincarnated or incorporeal state. Been there, done that, move on to the next level of existence. As for the Gothic friendship, not sure what a G-Type is, and Goths are continually fatalistic so they wouldn't make good conversation. If it's nothing I can't (and should) earn for myself, then I've no wishes to be granted.

Sat Mar 10 17:32:39 2018
You do realise I was describing a story idea right?

Robert Douglas
Mon Mar 12 15:39:41 2018
@ Gavin. No, I didn't. Good luck in transferring your concepts to an adventure, look forward to reading it. And my ideals still stand.

Mon Mar 12 17:10:37 2018
The friendship of a goth metal band I invented would seem an odd price for a soul in real life.

I might change their name to R Type though.

Robert Douglas
Tue Mar 13 15:56:41 2018
I wouldn't want to give my soul for the friendship of any band. It's a waste of time pursuing friendship if it's not freely given. Hopefully, people should just click, that's it. If not, then move on. I watch these films and it's cringe-worthy the protagonist does all they can to join some kind of 'exclusive social club' - Jocks or spoilt rich kids - looking down their nose at everyone else. And I don't believe in all that 'love at first sight' nonsense. at first sight, yes.

One interesting scene was in 'Rebel Without a Cause'. During a 'Taurus the Bull' scene in the planetarium, Jim Stark (James Dean) portrayed a hopeful, playful grin, then a deflated disappointment, finally ending with a shrug when realizing the high school gang didn't take to his humour. They were at first shocked by his spontaneous bull's bellow, then muttered a few insults to the newcomer. As the film progresses, it becomes clear that Jim's earlier attempt to socialize was somewhat misplaced and his association with troubled loner 'Plato' proved more sensible. This was the first teen angst, coming-of-age movie of its kind, where youngsters struggle to find their place in life.

Tue Mar 13 21:06:52 2018
To quote time immemorial however, there wouldn't be a film then. Ie without the protagonist having some contrived reason to sell their soul, I have no book.

Fri Mar 16 11:12:41 2018

Sat Mar 17 12:52:04 2018
You've got to get used to this, Tammy. In a room full of single males, none of whom have respectable mating prospects, the mention of anything remotely female, with two legs and no feathers, tends to send all sorts of long-forgotten glands and organs into overdrive......

Robert Douglas
Fri Mar 23 15:32:50 2018
That's true

Robert Douglas
Wed Apr 4 17:24:30 2018
I really have a thing for Philippa Warr's writing and she has a cute face! Pip is the Deputy Editor of PC Gamer.

Robert Douglas
Tue May 1 01:20:47 2018
Just wondering if anybody has read The Port of Peril of The Gates of Death yet? If so, what did you think of them?

Tue May 1 03:34:00 2018
I read the Port of Peril. It was crap, like one of those ultra simplistic outings like You Can Be The Stainless Steel Rat or Golem of Brick Lane, illusions of choices, railroaded at every place. Also while Blood of the Zombies might possibly have been, I doubt it was written by Livingstone either. The artwork has been justifiably universally vilified.I hold out marginally more hope for Gates of Death.

Robert Douglas
Tue May 1 16:30:23 2018
The artwork in The Gates of Death is by the same artist. I've got the gamebooks but haven't read them yet.

Robert Douglas
Fri May 11 20:50:49 2018
Somebody once asked me whether I likened life to the game of chess. I considered it, then replied that in many ways, yes - but often the rules are bent, or ignored completely, they may apply to certain pieces, while others they don't. Some pieces are affected by the fate of other pieces. Some are related to others in the enemy camp. Finally, I concluded, I don't see life in black and white, but largely a grey area claimed by most pieces. Some black or white pieces have been grey at some point, while many pieces from either side will likely experience a grey period in their lives. I often consider the grey area of life where nothing is certain, where people determine their own fate, and often - rightly or wrongly - loyalty to the rules, a system, or a faction, bears a fickle value.

Fri May 11 23:05:26 2018
Everything destroys itself.

Robert Douglas
Sat May 12 12:44:57 2018
Like blackholes in the universe, eventually they shall consume it, and, as a phoenix, the universe shall be reborn. It's happened before. Out of the ashes.

Hornblower ate my nob
Wed May 16 22:26:59 2018
I didn't understand a damn thing you two talking about. What destroys itself black holes an such or Charles Dickens or something ... gotta go back to my physics or ask my friend who is doctor who

Jack the Ripper
Thu May 17 06:18:50 2018
I just might wait for a hot mouse...a mouse Flambeau!

Robert Douglas
Fri Jul 6 14:19:03 2018
All he did was shrug and said: "It's too late. Much too late. Even if all the marbles are in place, well, too late I'm afraid." Then he listened to Fleetwood Mac's 'Oh Well Part 2'.

Zanbar Bone
Wed Jul 11 19:56:07 2018
Football - it's kind of a big deal.

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