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Tales From The Bird Islands Development

Sat Dec 20 15:20:56 2014
I've sent off Nen-Tai island. I probably won't get back to writing until a week or so after Christmas, but I'd certainly be interested in any feedback on either of my islands, ideas for the others and general chat about the overarching plot.

Richard Evans
Tue Dec 23 20:51:14 2014
Nen-Tai is up! Thanks to Richard; all feedback appreciated by anyone else...

Fri Dec 26 14:35:28 2014
I don't normally refer to myself in the third person

Thu Jan 1 00:06:59 2015
Happy new year!

I really enjoyed sapphire island and I'm glad to see the project is coming along well.
@yaztromo - what ideas did you have for the geography and settle my of insect island, I think I'd be up for the collaboration you were talking about.

(Ps @andy, how close are you to completing a flame in the north, I don't want to pressure you; im just really looking forwards to seeing it up here!)
Very soon. And A Light In The North?

Thu Jan 1 21:07:21 2015
I was thinking about a "normal", no thrills island where you can commerce, work... make money!

However, when the insect plague is unleashed, the island becomes populated by people standing soul'less, later on turning into a kind of army.
The Hero will have to avoid the insects, the soul-less people and deal directly with the cause of the plague.
The Hero had some indication for getting help in Hummingbirds Island and that should be crucial for getting a good direction.

Personally, I think that the plot may somehow develop along the lines of Slaves of the Abyss, but not necessarily and if somebody else feels inspired to bring the story forward in a radically different way, I'll be definitely glad!

Fri Jan 2 00:06:10 2015
Sounds good. For the town I was thinking a Port Blacksand on-the-cheap; a whaling and smuggling settlement run by competing criminal factions, many of them outcasts from the old world. The reason the baron would want them destroyed would be because they had resisted his rule and authority (perhaps a quest to thwart an attack by the barons forces could be arranged).
As to the interior of the island, barren save for the insect crypt/statue/necropolis is probably best.
Are we considering Morkatal; its small and needs something on it?

Ps - @Andy, with regards to ALITN this project has taken priority for me, but I hopeto get back to it afterwards.

Fri Jan 2 09:08:49 2015
I have no problem with your proposal: how would you like to bring it forward?
The only bit that you need to know is on Hummingbirds Island and the rest can be designed as you like.

Fri Jan 2 22:29:12 2015
Hi all and Happy New year!
I hope all is well.
Apologies for it being so long since my last post, I truly can't believe that that amount of time has passed. It sure does fly when you're busy. Truly shocking!
It's nice to see so much intrest is still going on with this project, and from what I can make out there's more islands on the map to visit, even more being made, and talks of collaberations! I love it!

I truly intend to get back to work on my own game book ideas again very soon, I would love to give a deadline but I'm useless with them, detest them, and know I'll fail at it. So I'll say I'm back with renewed gusto, have a bit of time to kill and can't wait to get stuck back in. I've got to re-read the latest posts (and probably a lot of the old ones), find and re-read my own notes that I made (almost a year ago now!) and try to figure out what the hell I was planning back then, and then get on with it.

I hope everybody elses writings are going well and I look forward to trying the new islands, I've just got to remember how to accomplish the isle of the Cyclops first.

Sat Jan 3 08:44:20 2015
@Yaztromo - I think the easiest thing would be for me to write the underlying island first, then send it to you so you see what it looks like (and can build the apocalyptic version atop it). I'm afraid this will probably entail one to two weeks worth of wait for you, as I write it. I hope this is OK.

@Jest - Great to hear from you; and best of luck with writing your island!
Or would the apocalyptic version be so different that it might as well be a completely separate gamebook (that gets substituted in at the appropriate time) ?

Sat Jan 3 10:42:38 2015
Hi Richard,
I'm busy with other project at the time, so I have no hurry at all.
On top of this, if you or anybody else wants to write up the apocalyptic part of the job, I'm absolutely open for other ideas to come into the picture.

Sat Jan 3 17:45:40 2015
@Andy and Yaztromo,

The Apocalyptic version would be very different (basically separate) , but Yaztromo would probably need to have an idea about the geography and town before he could write the apocalyptic one (otherwise there might be a wide variance of description concerning the town/islands layout).
Yes that's true.

Sat Jan 10 09:48:49 2015

I introduced Sempura as a possible destination. The only thing there at the moment, though, is a starting point for the three short Andrew Wright gamebooks and a means of getting to Goi-Han if you have no ship. Sapphire Atoll now finishes here as was originally intended.

Items added : Mhurg's Winged Helmet, Pearl Ring, Garlic, Belladonna, Wolfsbane, Purity Plant, Shadow Cloak, Bloodstone Torc, Gold Crucifix, Gold Crown.

So at some point we could do with a gamebook that covers Sempura's main port and ideally connects smoothly to In The Shade Of The Pango Tree and Debacle At Dead Man's Inn.

Tue Jan 13 03:04:32 2015
Hello authors.

I remember reading and making a not about someone requesting that certain items were available in markets of other gamebooks, but I've lost my note and can't find the original request.

I'm putting the finishing touches on the Blackfort Island gamebook now which includes a large market and taverns, so if anyone wanted anything included in the market (items for sale or to be sold), or things to be mentioned in tavern conversations, can you please post them again here.

There's the Chainmail Hauberk and Plate Mail that you can currently sell on Goi-Han (for 120 and 180 Talons respectively) but not buy.

For tavern conversations, after In The Shade Of The Pango Tree there is the fact that Mhurg Ironhelm has been killed (by an ape). Before Debacle At Dead Man's Inn there is the upcoming Night of the Ancestors to talk about; afterwards there is the defeat of the shapeshifter.

Tue Jan 13 08:43:36 2015
Salt - 10GP
Sulphur - 20GP
Myrrh - 35GP
To buy, that'd be great
Are you sure? Given that collecting these items is such a key part of the puzzle on Storm Petrel Island?

Tue Jan 20 18:26:14 2015
You need to find the clues too. Its quite hard to beat the island. But it might be an idea to inflate the price of the Sulphur and Myrrh.

Thu Feb 26 20:21:38 2015
Sorry guys I haven't posted recently, but I've been very busy with work and it won't get better anytime soon!

Robert Douglas
Wed Jul 29 14:57:11 2015
I'd like to buy some of that nut-flavoured ice-cream - is there any?

Tue Aug 4 10:03:03 2015
I'll put it on one of my islands if I ever get them finished.

Thu Jan 7 19:06:21 2016
I've added a Seas Of Blood style ship combat mechanism, and partially implemented the piracy option at Blackmaw. At the moment crime doesn't really pay, but it's something that could be made use of in future.

Thu Jan 7 21:00:24 2016
I think we need to implement a system that allows making money with travel and commerce (with goods having different costs depending on the marker where you buy or sell them them) a bit like Fabled Lands... and a dedicated job just about sea travelling (again like Fabled Lands) wouldn't hurt as well...
Still too busy to work on these issues in the next months, but maybe a bit later...

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