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The Black Lobster

Sat Jul 2 14:11:34 2005
The Black Lobster

I've added Andrew Wright's latest, The Black Lobster, to the downloads page. An online version will follow within the next few weeks.

Tue Jul 26 15:33:05 2005
Hi. Going through the downloads on the site, I noticed that there was a gamebook there, (The Black Lobster by Andrew Wright) that is not on the main site. I was just curious why this is?

Tue Jul 26 15:43:49 2005
Woops, just saw the news. Kindly disregard my last message.

Sat Jul 30 08:10:33 2005
The Black Lobster

The online version of Andrew Wright's new gamebook is now available.

Gamebook Fanatic
Sat Jul 30 09:00:52 2005
Sorry, I must be missing something..... did you mean that the Blck Lobster can now be played online? Because I can't find the link to it on your homepage. Have I misunderstood, or is not really online yet? Or is the link on another page. Thanks.
Yes, the link's there. Second from the bottom on every page. If you can't see it you could try 'reload' on your browser.

Gamebook Fanatic
Sat Jul 30 17:33:19 2005
Ok... I did find the link, but it's on every page except the homepage. I'm not sure if it's just me or not. Anyway, thanks.

Tue Aug 2 03:21:14 2005
I've just tried the Black Lobster, definitely not my kind of gamebook. I'm not saying it's bad, it's just doesn't fit in my conception of what a gamebook should be.


It's truly is a shame you've decided not to write gamebooks anymore. Your third book would've been a masterpiece!


I've got my own gamebook but I'd like to know just how different it can be, stat wise? I don't use skills, endurance or luck. Could you still put it online? It's got a completely new and original combat system and a spell casting system as well.

Thank you.

There are very few people who have written two full-length amateur FF gamebooks. Even if Phil sticks to his guns and doesn't write another one he'll already have written way more than his fair share.

If you send me your gamebook I'll be happy to put it on the downloads page (this also goes for anyone else). Whether there would be an online adaptation depends on all the usual factors, although as it apparently has completely different rules it may not be possible anyway.

Sun Jan 15 18:49:57 2006
can you complete the black lobster?

Sun Feb 12 19:07:11 2006
Just read The Black Lobster.
Its fun and well written, but seems really, really unfair. How the hell are you supposed to survive the final chapther? Those 2 fights would be almost impossiable, even if you could use luck, but without it your just plainly screwed. And having read the text verison (theirs no way out of said fight!), the ending seems contrived and thrown together

Sun Feb 12 21:47:42 2006
The ending fight was rather simple, you just have to have the right item. I agree that was a pretty good book.

Gamebook Fanatic
Mon Feb 13 14:12:28 2006
Actually, there is a way out of the final fight, but you need to make the right choice in an earlier chapter to get a secret reference. You only have one chance to make that choice, and once you miss it, it's gone. You might want to play through the book again to look for it. Since the book is pretty short, it's not that hard to find. If not, here's the answer:


But yeah, I agree that if you choose to fight, it's pretty hard to win, since your starting skill can never be higher than 9.

Mon Feb 13 14:37:16 2006
Screw that, just:


Gamebook Fanatic
Thu Feb 16 12:03:42 2006

The Duke of Wellington
Sat Dec 8 12:11:32 2012
Greetings, good Ladies and Gentlemen!

As there is a pause in the Peninsula Campaign, I'm exploring this excellent gamebook 'website'. What marvellous inventions abound in the twenty-first century! I'm completely intrigued by all the amazing innovations in technology - although I'm staggered at how it all works.

Also, a bizarre black box is making this conduit through space/time possible. Most surreal! Perhaps this particular piece of technology is from far in the future...?

I've just been reading The Black Lobster - most entertaining! Keep up the good work!

Deepest Respects,

Sun Dec 9 10:52:18 2012
Role playing on the guestbook? Oh weirdness, my loyal companion...

Sun Dec 9 20:07:45 2012
I'm not sure what this new-fangled 'role playing' C-Star refers to is but it is certainly a pleasure to see this website praised by such an eminent personality Duke W. I wish you the best of luck against that Corsican fellow.

Robert Douglas
Mon Dec 10 03:06:05 2012
@ All,

Apologies :)

Just my own parody of the spam topic. Andy would have known it was me.

But it's well documented that a man from the 1300's did manage to communicate through a 1980's computer - before the internet was instituted, so the whole thing couldn't have been a hoax. Unless a certain tech genius had nothing better to do...

Sat Dec 28 16:01:51 2013
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
First my Shadowrun Shaman gets a point blank belly-shot from a dwarven bouncer & now my lousy barfly gets killed by a dwarven racketeer eagerly grabbing the protection money from "my" corpse??? ;-) Nice FF idea this Black Lobster!

Abalue the mighty twerker
Fri Jan 24 08:21:00 2014
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Love it, although I always die at the brawl

Tue Mar 4 13:25:27 2014
Star - optimum ending reached
Who'd have thought that a modest innkeeper could have so many adventures in an usual working day?
Very well written, expecially the nods to many other FF gamebooks!

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