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Beggars Of Blacksand

Sun May 18 16:45:27 2008
Beggars Of Blacksand

I've now adapted Al Sander's gamebook for online play. Note that this adaptation is not based on the very latest version - available on the downloads page - as I had already done most of the work by the time I received it.

Mon May 19 04:46:25 2008
Thanks very much for the new Beggars title. I haven't played through it fully, but it's very reminiscent of Impudent Peasant in both the reduced statistics and the day-day system.

Al Sander
Tue May 20 04:51:26 2008
Beggars of Blacksand is very much inspired by the Impudent Peasant format.

Changes between the online version and the (final) download version are almost non-existant - a few paragraphs adjusted for clarity and some spelling and grammar fixes.

Hope you enjoy it!

Tue May 20 12:50:40 2008
Well I did enjoy it, but I have 1 question, is there just 1 ending or several. I got the impression I finished a few days early in it, did I take the wrong route? Also, I didn't get the bits of Citadel of Chaos featured.

Age of Fable
Sun May 25 07:21:58 2008
In Beggars Of Blacksand, paragraph 64 led to a dead end which doesn't seem to be intended.
I've fixed what I think is the problem. Thanks for pointing it out.

Ulysses Ai
Sun May 25 10:06:19 2008
In Beggars of Blacksand, the 'Healing Mixture' you can steal from the Man-orc restores LUCK, and not STAMINA as stated.
I've fixed this now.

Tue May 27 17:14:22 2008
Hi Everyone.

I've completed beggers of blacksand and found the best ending or so I believe. For those of you who are stuck with this little game, I can give only this advice:

Anyone have any more difficulty, email me off list at "ibrahim_gucukoglu@sent.com" for help.

Age of Fable
Tue May 27 20:16:20 2008
I got through Beggars of Blacksand - I liked it, although the ending was a bit abrupt and odd.

Ulysses Ai
Tue May 27 21:43:43 2008
Age of Fable:
If you mean the ending where:

Mon Aug 11 20:02:22 2008
Just finished 'Beggars of Blacksand', I liked the twist ending
, thanks.

Wed Mar 18 04:06:36 2009
Oops! Think I found a bug. In Beggars Of Blacksand, some goblins stole some gold from me, but there were no other optsions. I was stuck at paragraph 64.
Thanks very much, I have fixed it now.

Sun Mar 22 21:13:33 2009
Just a little typo on Beggars of Blacksand, section 121.
"Restore 6STAMINA"
shouldn't it be "Restore 6 STAMINA"?

Yes it should. And now, it is.

Tue Mar 2 08:03:41 2010
I just found this site and finished Al Sander's Beggars Of Blacksand.I wish it were longer, had a great time, thanks.

PS:Wouldn't it be good playing this on an ebook reader?

Wert the Ferk
Sun Oct 20 23:42:49 2013
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Seriously, I have no choice, I just get tapped on the shoulder one day & he kills me. Riiiiiite.

Mon Oct 21 09:41:30 2013
@Wert the Ferk
You have to find and chase the assassin in time, otherwise he'll surprise you and leave you no chance (it's his job, after all...).

Mon Nov 18 02:10:24 2013
Star - optimum ending reached
There is a bug in this book:

This happened only if you got Madame Star's blessing and did the thieves a favour and ran out of money. I've changed it so that you are not automatically thrown out of the bazaar when penniless, so you will always get at least one chance.

Sun Nov 24 17:46:15 2013
I once made a PDF version within which I had repaired three dead hyperlinks & added a missing one towards the final:


Sadly Al Sanders seems to be long gone from dear FFPROJECT.
Sorry for taking so long to get round to this. To be honest, I wasn't too sure what you were saying initially. Now I've put your version of Beggars Of Blacksand on the downloads page, thanks for sending it to me a while back.

Also, I deleted your message from a day or two ago. I thought it was spam. Sorry about that as well.

Wed Dec 18 07:23:10 2013
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
great game!

Kris W.
Wed Dec 18 10:12:41 2013
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Pretty Sweet!

Wed Dec 18 16:12:35 2013
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
was loving it until I was randomly killed by an assassin for begging... It would have been better if there was a luck roll (or a choice) so I could get out of the situation
The killing isn't random, it depends on what you did earlier, so effectively there is a choice to get out of the situation.

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