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Phil Sadler
Wed Sep 3 14:46:00 2014
Wow! Some realyl nice comments from you here Clive and I thank you for them. I must say that I certainly tried to keep the book inline with the 'old days' off FF, which is why it didn't have too much in the way of extra rules or abilities and what have you.

Did you like the sequel as much?

Thu Sep 4 10:21:29 2014
I did, actually. I rechecked my calendar and see it was about 4 years since I first delved here and my memory of Riders is scant. But I know.. I just know that once I start that tale (which is almost a given) it'll ALL come racing back. Well, maybe not every detail.. you know what I mean! When I have some free time in the next week, I just KNOW I'm going to give that one a go. I remember being very satisfied with that one as well.

Phil Sadler
Sat Sep 6 09:18:40 2014
Very Nice.

I remember another person who reviewed it and hated it, saying it was much worse than the first! Personally, I thought it improved on it in most ways. Oh well, horses for courses and all that.

Tue Sep 9 03:23:20 2014
You're right Phil, it's very twisty-turny (which is great.. it's nice knowing the "true" path isn't always necessarily "true north").

For anyone who's tried Hellfire, and got some satisfaction out of it, I definitely recommend giving Riders a go.

Tue Sep 30 17:11:09 2014
Star - optimum ending reached
Finally completed Hellfire. Took me ages.

Ending was quite different from what I expected tho, but maybe that's the whole point of the story?

Tue Sep 30 18:40:31 2014
@ Condutas,

Actually you can obtain a magic candle earlier in the game and it has the same effect as the Dispel Darkness spell. But you have to fight a ghoul to get it tho (which shouldn't post a problem, considering you should start the adventure with high skill)

Wed Oct 1 11:54:46 2014
Doing Hellfire again


Wed Oct 1 12:47:16 2014


Phil Sadler
Wed Oct 1 13:45:28 2014




Jules Winnfield
Tue Oct 14 01:01:35 2014
Star - optimum ending reached
This book is just ridiculously difficult. I've spent weeks solving it :/
Even with the maps (downloadable from the site) and the .doc version of the book to be able to search where to find key objects, I still found it hard. I don't think I ever would have completed it without those "cheats".

It reminds me a bit of FF #10 - House of Hell, with loads of insta-death situations, a plethora of possible wrong choices that could lead to your failing the mission, and more hidden/secret paras which require pre-knowledge or prior acquisition of the right item to access. Except, House of Hell is positively straightforward compared to this adventure.

Near as I can tell, to "win" Hellfire you need at least a dozen, perhaps more, items; miss any one of them, and you end up in a guaranteed death situation - possibly right at the end of the book :/
Not sure if I'm giving too much away here, but as I make it, the items you absolutely need to even get to fighting the last boss (never mind beating him) are:

And my final complaint...

I'm happy to have finished the book but I'm not recommending it except to those who really like a truly difficult challenge.
Well done for finishing it, and thanks for the feedback. In response, the only thing I would add to what I said to Condutas earlier in the year is to echo the sentiment of Ulysses Ai, who said, of the ending of The Ravages Of Fate, that it should reward the reader rather than the character. I think that Hellfire certainly delivers in this regard - but, if you don't like it, you might consider continuing into Riders Of The Storm, the conclusion of which is probably more to your taste.

Tue Oct 14 04:14:47 2014
The story can be difficult.. even fiendishly so, considering a different mindset on what choices to make seems like a radical departure from the 'heroic' one or even the optimal ones, from our knowledge of the Ian and Steve books all those years ago (I'm talking about the attributes of the necessary gear here).

Riders of the Storm picks up where this left off and, in my estimation, gives some depth as far as storyline goes. Give it a shot! I *promise* it is not as fiendishly difficult as this one! (and, yes, I had to use the guestbook... at the time, all the comments were rolled into one big discussion.. but I flipped back through as many pages as necessary to get hints and guides!)

Tyler Peacock
Wed Oct 15 19:59:01 2014
Skull - non-optimum ending reached

Sun Dec 21 11:09:19 2014
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Awesome story the freaking store man killed me.

freaking cyclops killed me
Sun Dec 21 14:59:39 2014
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
f*** you cyclops

Wed Dec 24 08:20:06 2014
Hellfire has provoked reactions from many FF fans and is easily the most controversial adventure on the site. Too hard? Compared to the original FF originals, yes. An editor would certainly ask for it to be toned down. I would argue it is in fact not an FF adventure, but a more adult, uber-nightmare. It has a style and tone all its own.

While there are a few small story aspects that once again an editor would suggest need tidying (e.g. the somewhat ridiculous encounter with the snake and vagabonds and the Trinotaur's amazement at the adventurer's progress), it is a solid adventure.

I prefer it to the sequel, which desperately needs editing (e.g. the unnecessary and out of character goading of the major antagonist by the adventurer). And so it goes.

Sun Jan 11 20:37:03 2015
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
this game...... what the actual fuck
I quite liked this website's take on Hellfire.

Maybe you need to build up to it by trying some of the easier gamebooks first - for example Bad Moon Rising which is hard to fail at, and for some reason I don't think you'll find the strong language an issue.

Max Hunter
Sun Jan 25 17:32:14 2015
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
LOVED IT! it was great story, even though i died,
it had a great backstory and great art. well done

yoman 512
Thu Feb 26 23:01:37 2015
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
that damn demon is immpossible to kill

Phil Sadler
Fri Feb 27 08:05:30 2015
Which demon?

Sat Mar 21 03:26:48 2015
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
All i wanted was to window shop a little

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