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A Midwinter Carol
The Dead World
Waiting For The Light
Contractual Obligation
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The Hypertrout
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In The Footsteps Of A Hero
Soul Tracker
Planet Of The Spiders
Beggars Of Blacksand
The Diamond Key
Wrong Way Go Back
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The Cold Heart Of Chaos
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Impudent Peasant!
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Planet Of The Spiders

Fri Apr 2 09:03:49 2010
I have just discovered this site after, like many others here, becoming nostalgic for the original FF books from my youth. Deathtrap Dungeon in about 1986-ish was my first I think! I'm really enjoying WWGB and managed to beat the first book but I am struggling with POTS.

Any pointers would be much appreciated. It's a great read by the way, you're a talented writer. Thank you.

Fri Apr 2 12:44:32 2010
Thanks for the compliment

Some pointers:


Hope that helps.

Sun Mar 6 16:39:36 2011
I just finished Planet of the Spiders. What a game. And what a wonderfull twist right in the middle, which I failed to notice about four times. It would appear that good reading is an art in itself :-) Thanks Ulysses. Meanwhile The Golden Crate is printing. I wonder how many pages my stapler can handle...

Thu Jun 28 08:40:09 2012
After much procrastination, I just started the adventures by Ulysses Ai, starting with "Wrong way ...". I just finished "Planet of the Spiders". They are much better than I had hoped, and wanted to just say thank you for providing them here free of use. I look forward to trying the rest.

Great job Ulysses!

Fri Jun 29 04:56:46 2012

Thanks. Hopefully I'll have Episode 7 ready for you by the time you get there (read slowly!)

Sat Jul 7 08:55:03 2012
Hey guys! I've just decided to try and play the whole Wrong Way Go Back series from start to finish with one character. On Planet Of The Spiders now and having trouble with the queen.
Thanks in advance guys :-D

Sat Jul 7 13:11:14 2012

It's no spoiler to say that in normal circumstances the Spider Queen will defeat you easily. The solution to this is to increase your own abilities, or to diminish hers, or both...

To increase your ability:

To hinder the Spider Queen:

I hope those clues help.

Sat Jul 7 13:56:45 2012
Alright, thanks ulysses! Guess I'm goin item hunting then :-( . Loving the series so far, very interesting protagonist with his own "reasons" to be a hero. If I'm stuck now, i don't want to think about what the Hypertrout Will be like! I've heard scary things about that book's difficulty :-(

Sun Jul 8 12:09:57 2012
YES!!!!!!!! I KILLED HER! I figured out that
Can't wait to see How the rest of the series turns out.

Tue Sep 25 19:09:19 2012
I've found a typo in Planet of the Spiders, section 5. 'A small about?'
Thanks for pointing this out. I've corrected it to 'a small amount' which seems plausible.

Walker Long
Tue Oct 16 19:39:12 2012
I finished Wrong Wayy Go Back. I was very pleased that it went right into Planet of the Spiders which I'd been checking out as I couldn't finish Wrong Way. I have been thrown off the balcony several times and back we go again. Do I need to eat the sandwiches in a certain order? Thanks for your help. Ulysses, I must tell you how darn good these are. I work at a University and you should teach creative writing!

Wed Oct 17 00:44:01 2012
@ Walker

Glad you're enjoying the series so far.
Regarding the sandwiches:

And regarding your progress in general:

Walker Long
Wed Oct 17 11:55:26 2012
I figured it out and was left alone with the queen. i won but did not Know a certain name. I'll bet I finish it next time. I am having a great time! Next "The Golden Crate." I can't wait. This place is great!Thank you guys and gals for all the work you do.

Fri Oct 19 14:49:44 2012
I'm just remembering how much trouble I had going through the series. Feel like helping someone else since i asked for so much help when I was playing.

Walker Long
Sat Oct 20 15:08:16 2012
Ulysses, or anybody, how do you make abookmark? I am blind and use JAWS, It is a pain to start over each time I die. Then I keep re-starting to get a character. Thanks for all the help.

Walker t

Sat Oct 20 21:44:23 2012
Wow, I have no idea how that would work for you. Heck, I can't even imagine how a computer could work for a blind person. How can you click things! I'll Google it some other day, too busy with tests and homework right now. Urgh, so much homework!!!

Walker Long
Sun Oct 21 12:21:54 2012
The program JAWS reads what is on the screen. The only real problem is that it somtimes has times with graphics. I have 2 cursers one is the P.C. and the other is the JAWS cursor. I use the num pad to choose which cursor to use. The P.C. cursor works just like yours does as it goes only in the P.C. area. The JAWS Cursor can go anywhere on the screen so I can get to the drop-down menus. So I can do what ever you can do. If you tell me how you make a bookmark I can figure it out with JAWS. I went to help but it said to use the "Insert" menu and I don't have one when I am in the game. Could I have the wrong toolbar?

Sorry to take up so much of your time. Oh, how do I get arrested again so I can talk to my little friend with the leaf? I keep going right to the queen and then Boom.


Sun Oct 21 19:39:23 2012
Well on my computer a star appears at the end of the space where you type in the website name. I click on that and that bookmarks the page. Your's might be different though.... Could someone a bit more tech-savvy help us?

And as for meeting the plant...

You'll meet the plant this way. Just remember to get his name.

Mon Oct 22 03:05:41 2012
@ Walker

What internet browser are you using?

Walker Long
Mon Oct 22 16:07:14 2012
I am using I.E. I keep getting to court and talk to my little buddy. Then give the old guy somthing good and that works but I get to the door and am asked to speak spider. I gutess I'll have to go back to the Machine and get a key. But, I have to start again at the beginning of Wrong Way (sigh)
Thanks, Walker

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