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The Hypertrout

Sat Apr 23 14:19:58 2011
Just tried it myself and died. My only thought is that it might have something to do with the order in which you press the buttons, or if you've done someting before hand.

Sat Apr 23 23:00:44 2011
@Gamebook freak:

Where and how are you being killed?

Sat Apr 23 23:31:01 2011
Ulysses, I personally got digested by the fish. Wondering if I need to have a particular item, or does it have something to do with all those glass tiles?

gamebook freak
Mon Apr 25 13:01:34 2011
after i killed the goldfish king, i ran to my ship again, then i got disintergrated, and my first combination was 333 c and then,332c, and both times i died.

Mon Apr 25 15:33:21 2011
The objective of The Hypertrout is to rescue your crew. To do this you need to reverse the matter transportation. Therefore, you need to discover 2 things in the course of exploring the fish:

All of this information can be discovered, so no guesswork is required. You can also try to pick up 3 Commendations for the best ending, although any ending where you survive is valid.

gamebook freak.
Tue Apr 26 13:58:20 2011
but, i just gatherd dater from the consoles, got a blaster, explored the ship, went to the opaning, explord everything, tuck the knive in the kitchen, killed the fish wuman, contuned to explore, tuck a pascard, picked up a orange glastile and a red one, got to the museum, incirted the orange glastile first, incerted the red glastile, went to the brain, got the combination, killed the goldfish king, then i just got edisintergrated.

Tue Apr 26 14:09:06 2011

Tue Apr 26 23:55:28 2011
@Gamebook freak


gamebook freak
Sat Apr 30 05:53:31 2011
but wen i tel the fish wuman that i find before the brain wen i have no pascard, i tel hir the spider story, that from rong way go back, then from the goldan krait. but i am kucked wen i finished this because she is not beleaving me, and i think that i need to get the yelo glastile.

Sat Apr 30 09:09:37 2011

To operate the matter-transfer console:

gamebook freak
Mon May 2 13:02:17 2011
could you please expand the range of opjects that you can cari?

Mon May 2 13:50:05 2011
@Gamebook freak:

You are able to carry as many items as are needed to complete the book. Sounds like you are trying to carry more than you need.

Mon May 2 13:55:19 2011
Ulysses, how large are those tiles supposed to be? I was wondering if a person (although its not critical) would be able to carry more than one tile in a pocket?

Mon May 2 14:44:06 2011

I imagined them as smaller than palm-size, about the same as a stack of square post-it notes that have been half used. However, in the game the restriction on items is based purely on the number of items carried, not their size. From recollection your pockets can only hold 3 items, but you have the opportunity to carry others in your hands. Regardless, if you follow the correct path (I just replayed the book a few minutes ago) you never encounter the pocket-limit. There are only two vital items, and another item which makes life easier. Any other items are either small (security cards), or carried in your hands (swords, fish heads).

Mon May 2 15:48:06 2011
Ah, thanks. I had imagened them less than an inch on a side.

Sun Jul 1 13:54:39 2012

It must have been a fluke, but I just finished Hypertrout on my third playthrough. I didn't even have to plan or map or anything (unlike the Plane of the Spiders and The Golden Crate!)

My route was approximately:


Again I didn't map, so I can't be 100% sure. Now I feel like I've missed out on half the content!

Mon Jul 2 05:55:26 2012

Many of the gamebooks have multiple endings. The Hypertrout is not really difficult to complete, but there are at least 3 successful endings that I can remember.
To get the best ending:

If you did this, well done.

Mon Jul 2 09:00:58 2012

Indeed I did not do that. That's something I've always wondered. Sometimes it is obvious that the ending is not 'optimal' and there is 'more to do'. But sometimes this is very hard to ascertain. Do you have "perfect paths" or even your own "preferred route" for the gamebooks online somewhere? It would certainly be interesting to compare!

Another question: have you ever taken one character through from the first book to the last (that currently exists) without 'dying' somewhere? This seems like a great challenge :).

Tue Jul 3 01:14:42 2012

When you play the WWGB gamebooks end to end you get to keep the same character, meaning bonuses you achieve can stack up. In most adventures you get a choice of increasing SKILL, STAMINA or LUCK, and so depending on what you want/need some paths are better than others. Likewise with the different training available for weapons.
In terms of story content, if there are multiple endings, the best one is always the last passage in the book, so if the reference number isn't the highest you've seen, it's not the best ending.

I don't know if anyone has made it all the way through in one playing, but you can 'save' your character by bookmarking the start of each adventure. Then if you die you can go back to the bookmark and try again.

Tue Jul 3 09:34:36 2012

I painstakingly leveled up my enseign, with advanced electro-whip training, stat bonuses and all the best loot (including the Star of Cha-Ching), then moved jobs. Forgetting to send myself the HTML Code, my character is now lost to me forever. A cautionary tale.

Fri Nov 2 16:30:41 2012
And as for the Star of Cha-Ching, you get it by getting 3 commendations in Hypertrout. These commendations are earned by completing 3 tasks. These tasks are
The star can be traded in C.O. to recharge the stealth device, but if you don't use it then, you keep it in the next book, so I imagine it will have some use later on in the series.

Walker Long
Mon Nov 12 14:59:44 2012
To Pat or Ulysses,
In Trout I killed the king, got the card and told the Capt. Only got 2 commendations. Any ideas whi no third award?
Thanks, Walker

Wed Nov 14 13:43:17 2012
to Walker Long:

I'm still in 'wrong way go back' can't help you atm, sorry

Wed Nov 14 16:24:01 2012
To walker, you're missing the first commendation. Basically to get it, you need to have a radio when you first see your captain while they are in captivity. To get the radio, choose the following options in the beginning of the book.
When you've taken this path, your encounter with the captain will change slightly when you find the crew and you will get the commendation. Good luck!

Tue Oct 15 01:00:26 2013
Star - optimum ending reached

Tue Nov 5 10:36:24 2013
Section 43 of The Hypertrout says that 'you glace downwards to measure your progress'. I assume that glacing is some highly advanced method of estimating distance, unknown to today's primitive society?

Or a typo for glancing :P
But known also to the world of The Diamond Key... Anyway, I've now fixed all instances of this typo, thanks for pointing it out.

Tue Nov 5 10:37:25 2013
And the second I pressed post, I saw another typo in the next section: "You drift through the fluid, having so sensation of movement" should be 'no', rather than 'so', shouldn't it?

Thu Nov 21 21:50:31 2013
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
I thought it was a great big story and full of intrest

Thu Nov 21 21:54:03 2013
I thought it was a very good story

Tue Dec 3 04:33:00 2013
this is more of a curiosity question than anything, but how many stat bonuses can you actually get in these games if you play through straight with no cheating?
so far, I've found

Tue Dec 3 08:54:45 2013

There isn't really any need to hunt down all the stat increases obsessively, the books should be completable, albeit harder, with a fresh character after all.

It did feel good in TCG to take down the deathbot in single combat before the loophole was fixed, though :)

Wed Dec 4 03:19:24 2013
actually no, I have played through dead world before but I haven't found the bonuses in that if they exist, so the only reason I didn't mention it is because I haven't found anything lol

Wed Dec 17 10:03:22 2014
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
That catfish man is too lucky with his dice throws!!! :-(

Wed Dec 13 19:49:34 2017
Star - optimum ending reached

Tue May 22 10:50:25 2018
Star - optimum ending reached
More bonkers writing yet so enjoyable and maddeningly hard. To get the right path at the right time in the right order took forever!!!

but the story marches on!!

Fri Mar 15 12:01:06 2019
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
killed by the fish-king. poor old me. another fine adventure,my compliments to theauthor

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