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The Hypertrout

Ulysses Ai
Sun Aug 3 11:42:30 2008
Hello everyone.

If anyone would like to have a preview of a 70-reference gamebook and give me some feedback, please email me at: FFstories(at)hotmail.com

This gamebook is the 4th installment in the WWGB and PotS series

Ulysses Ai
Sun Aug 3 23:31:13 2008
Apologies, my contact is:


Ulysses Ai
Sun Nov 2 22:33:01 2008
Hi everyone.

Since the gamebooks here have an international audience: does everyone in the world call an icy pole an "icy pole"?

One of my yet-to-be-released gamebooks features a flavoured-ice confectionery, and I would like readers to know what I'm talking about

Mon Nov 3 17:03:08 2008
What's an icy pole (Apart from a pole that's icy, or is that exactly what it is)?

Ulysses Ai
Wed Nov 5 02:43:13 2008
An icy pole is a piece of fruit-flavoured ice on a stick. Traditionally, the piece of ice was cylindrical, hence the "pole."

However, I have decided not to shy away from colloquialisms. In general if we read a term we don't understand, we should look it up. That way we all increase our knowledge, rather than relying on bland one-size-fits-all products.

Sun Jul 19 15:53:10 2009
The Hypertrout

The fourth instalment of Ulysses Ai's Wrong Way Go Back series is ready for online play.

Is it a fish? Is it a boat? No! It's... well actually it's kind of a fish and a boat. Anyway, it's really big and dangerous, and you have to do something about it. Can you unravel the mysteries of the Hypertrout, escape with your life, and cover yourself in glory? Actually, just escaping with your life will be enough.

Mon Jul 20 14:34:06 2009
There seems to be a bug in The Hypertrout. Sometimes when you're fighting a catfish-man near the head of the fish, the game will get into a state where the screen is blank apart from the Adventure Sheet, and using items has no effect here.

Sorry about that, I think I've fixed it now.

Wed Jul 22 15:07:18 2009
Ulysses AI- first congratulations on the WWGB series which are a great blend of FF, HHGTTG and the use of clever puzzle mechanics.

I have just reached The Hypertrout and have reached an ending in which:


I assume this is a "better than death but not victory" ending and that there is another better ending. Is this right?


Wed Jul 22 22:02:16 2009
In regards to the Hypertrout, is either the strange device resembling a pocketwatch or the book on spatial physics of some significance? Common sense would dictate that they both are, however when I try and use both at the appropriate time, I.E., when I reach the brain and the associated console it won't let me do so. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong here? Thanks. Great, as always! More comments when I reach the conclusion.

Wed Jul 22 23:12:14 2009
Wow, the Wrong Way series is really becoming quite a series.

Thu Jul 23 01:51:12 2009

There will be seven episodes

Thu Jul 23 08:13:22 2009

Thanks for the comment
What is HHGTTG?

Thu Jul 23 10:24:26 2009
Ulysses, no problem it is richly deserved!

HHGTTG = Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, a book you must know well to judge from your writing- albeit a somewhat eccentric acronym for me to have used!

I felt that the premise of the whole series- in which the protagonist performs heroic acts with the sole aim of getting a girlfriend, to the total apathy of a bureaucratic and trivial universe of jobsworths, is very Douglas Adams. I also loved it when the hero meets the Operations Assistant, essentially his Doppelganger, and scoffs in disbeleif at the assistant's claims of heroic acts, totally missing the irony that this is the very reaction that is the bane of his own existence!

Thu Jul 23 11:12:08 2009

Yes, I have read HHGTTG, and enjoyed it. It's influence is in their somewhere. I was also inspired by Hugh Cook's Chronicles of an Age of Darkness, especially in terms of machines that perhaps don't do what they were intended.

Thanks for noticing that moment of irony. Originally it was on a dead end, but i liked it so much that I brought it into the correct path.

Since the series has grown so much from the first adventure, I regret now how rushed Episode 1 is, and I feel it is lower quality and hence a poor introduction to the rest of the series. I hope that in the future I can rewrite the text of the adventure (the way the game works is fine) somehow without creating more work for the webmaster.

I don't think I am giving anything away by revealing that the series will end with the character finally getting a girlfriend, although I will be trying to put a twist in there somewhere.

Thu Jul 23 11:22:25 2009

I'll leave the book alone, then. I assume the means to acquire knowledge on how to operate the console rests in the puzzle of the colored data crystals. I'll try something else with the pocketwatch, as well, since there's no obvious place to use it. Is there any way to get past the fish lady who imprisoned the captain of the ship for a short time? I'm sure more clues will be given in the future is days progress, but would appreciate a hint, no matter how small. Thanks.

Thu Jul 23 15:38:13 2009
Book 1 of the Achaeid is finished! I am just making the final stages of editing to it, and fixing issues. I intend to enter it into the Windhammer Competition (I will need to shorten it a little to fit it into the 100 reference limit, since it has 120 so far) but was wondering if there was any reason I couldn't send it in to this site first. There appear to be no rules against it being put on other websites first, but I may have misinterpreted the rules. Is my train of thought on the subject a runaway, or am I correct that I can send it here first?

Also, well done with 'The Hypertrout' Ulysses. The Saga is excellent and, if anything, improves with every adventure. While I've completed the first three, I still haven't succeeded with it, but it certainly is entertaining.

Anyway, I wish luck to all the other windhammer people.

Tue Aug 4 00:03:34 2009
Hypertrout is pretty interesting, albeit shorter than the usual. I got a few of the endings, but none of them seem to be the optimal, best ending.

Tue Aug 4 04:27:05 2009

The series was supposed to be made up of short and difficult episodes, but after the Golden Crate blew out to 200+ references, I deliberately wrote one that was as short as possible.
Unfortunately, the subsequent episodes are creeping up in length too. I suspect Episode 7 will be the traditional 400 references.

Wed Aug 5 03:43:04 2009
Hi All.

Has anybody reached the best ending in the Hypertrout yet, or have I finally suceeded in my efforts to create a super-hard adventure?
You'll know the best ending because you get to meet your girlfriend in person...

Wed Aug 5 06:09:02 2009
Is it where you also meet "malfunctioning pumps" and "sewerage tanks"? :)

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