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Contractual Obligation

Wed Nov 4 21:28:35 2009
Contractual Obligation

The fifth instalment in Ulysses Ai's Wrong Way Go Back series is ready for online play.

Your girlfriend is torn from you by legal technicalities. Can you get her back by performing a series of seemingly unrelated tasks to save your former employers, those innocent, yet homicidal, treemaids?

Ulysses Ai
Wed Nov 4 22:00:27 2009
Special thanks to Al Sander for his proof-reading and suggestions for improvement.

Thu Nov 5 10:50:49 2009
Re: Contractual Obligaton

Huzzah! Now where's my electro-whip? Can't wait.

Fri Nov 6 02:10:24 2009

I was attempting to play C.O. a bit ago, and can't figure out how to get into the

Fri Nov 6 02:46:08 2009

The adventure has only been up for 2 days...

But in general I can say that this adventure requires the judicious use of items via the USE button.

Fri Nov 6 13:06:47 2009
Sorry to keep pestering you with bugs every time a new adventure comes out, but:


Not at all, it's my fault for putting the bugs in. I've fixed it now, thanks for your continued vigilance.

Sat Nov 7 00:24:02 2009

I have played throught the adventure without any problem, and so the error you are experiencing tells me that you have missed something. Therefore, it should be possible to play on in the meantime before the bug is fixed.
This is generally true. I always play through the gamebooks myself before they go live, so at that stage any bugs are likely to lie off the critical path.

Tue Nov 10 05:36:10 2009
Are you planning on putting Ulysses' latest gamebook on the downloads page? Probably a stupid question, considering the others are on there, but...
Yes, eventually. It was Ulysses' own suggestion to hold back the originals as he himself ideally prefers to play the online version of a gamebook but if the text version is available beforehand he tends to yield to temptation and reads that instead. So the idea is to enhance the experience for those of a similar mindset.

Tue Nov 10 17:50:56 2009
Ulysses- On CO, I have reached the ending with the
- I take it this means victory?

Really poor gamebook- not at all hilarious- I absolutely hated it and request that you never write a sequel, and definitely don't download it onto this site as soon as possible, because I adamantly am not looking forward to it a great deal...

Ulysses Ai
Tue Nov 10 21:55:37 2009

Yes, that's the successful ending. Sorry you didn't enjoy it. I can only suggest that if you aren't enjoying a gamebook, then don't persist with it as you did in this case.
Obviously you aren't a barbarian...

Tue Nov 10 21:59:58 2009

Pretty outride rude.

Anyone is entitled to their opinion of course on someone elses work, but there are ways of saying you "don't like something".

Anyone that bothers to put in time, energy and effort into a writing an original work should at least be given the courtesy of poliet critisim!

Keep up the hard work Ulysses

Tue Nov 10 22:58:19 2009
Opps. I mean: Well, if you don't like it, maybe I will write even more sequels!

Wed Nov 11 02:13:52 2009
I must say that I agree with Craig. Everyone else's polite criticisms have been just that, polite. I presume you're pissed off because it was difficult to get to that ending. News flash, all of Ulysses' gamebooks have been frustratingly difficult at times, that's the fun in them. Though I've not reached that ending myself yet, and don't know what I'm missing in order to reach it, I highly look forward to doing so. Keep up the hard work, Ulysses, and thanks for allowing everyone the chance to read/play your gamebooks. They're phenomenal, and I appreciate the fact that you allow us to partake in your tallent.

Wed Nov 11 02:25:42 2009
Sarcasm anyone?

Wed Nov 11 04:33:47 2009

Still playing C.O., and have a question, since the adventure's been up for about a week now. Is the way to get the
found by getting something from the torture chamber bot?

Wed Nov 11 06:01:23 2009


Thanks for your support everyone, but I believe this uncharacteristic comment from Aiken is humour from the gamebook itself (hence the comment from the webmaster). The fact that I didn't pick up on this at first demonstrates my attachment to my work...

Wed Nov 11 08:20:58 2009
Ahh, I take it the comment was from the webmaster and not Aiken then? Appologies if my assumptions are correct. Okay, so I got through the security door, but the "very large robot" is giving me a bit of problems. I take it, since his skill as freakishly high, that there's a way to weaken/defeat him? Also, regarding the
I've only found the one in the security safe. I presume that there are others to be found, but are they downstairs, or upstairs? And, it seems that my quest to find the coin was all for naught, since the items you can select don't seem to have that much use. I mean, the robotic jumping boots sounded promising, but they don't come out of the machine. I'm sure that I'm missing something, am I not?

Wed Nov 11 09:38:18 2009
For those using screen readers that don't notify of a change in text colour (apparently some can, but this normally would not be useful), normal posts are in white text, and the webmaster adds comments in orange text. After my reply to Aiken's post, the webmaster added "Obviously you aren't a barbarian..." at the end of my post, which I believe was meant to indicate that Aiken was saying the opposite of what he meant, as the barbarians in Contractual Obligation are prone to do.
Aiken himself will probably clarify his comments soon. Until then, let's just forget about it.

Wed Nov 11 09:50:31 2009

There are some things in the adventure which are misleading. Whether or not the items in the vending machine are all useless is for you to discover, although I would suggest that all the trouble you have to go through to be able to get anything from the vending machine suggests that at least one of the items must be useful. I'm not that cruel.

Regarding the very large robot:

Regarding the other item you mentioned:

Wed Nov 11 11:11:03 2009
Ulysses and Webmaster were right- my last post was written in the Crudian style. You'll need to play his book to fully appreciate this complex culture, which I would heartily recommend. I thought phrases such as "I adamantly am not looking forward to it a great deal" would allow people who hadn't read it yet to get the idea, but I suppose the text just came across as nasty on a quick perusal! Apologies to anyone who got the wrong end of the stick.

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