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Waiting For The Light

Mon Oct 5 18:45:32 2009
You can't see waiting for the light's note sheet...I don't suppose anyone's seen it?

Mon Oct 5 19:21:00 2009
All you need for the note sheet is a scrap of paper anyway.

Sun Oct 11 14:09:39 2009
The notesheet in waiting still isn't there :)

Wed Oct 14 19:47:43 2009
"The notesheet in waiting still isn't there :)"

The notesheet is meant to be just blank.

Thu Jan 7 18:35:03 2010
Waiting For The Light

Kieran Coghlan's Windhammer Merit Award winning gamebook has now been added both for online play and to the Downloads page.

Mon Jan 11 19:16:46 2010
Waiting For The Light is stunning. I can see why it's award winning. Nice work.

Wed Jan 13 20:16:31 2010
Thanks for your compliments Duck and duffmeister :)

Sun Jan 17 10:46:59 2010
Hi Everyone. Its been a while since I posted to this guestbook, but I've some questions regarding waiting for the light. First and formost, what exactly is the object of the game? I take it from various endings I've reached its to escape some facility, but what exactly? The introduction tells you practically nothing. Also, how is it possible to determine whether you've reached the best conclusion to an individual section? Without any aim or objective, its really hard to decide what's right and wrong here. Any help would be appreciated.

Sun Jan 17 13:02:14 2010
One of the things I liked most about Waiting for the Light was that lack of mission. Instead it was like emerging from darkness into light, everything being new and mysterious, knowing nothing except having a vague sense of who you are.

Mon Jan 18 10:31:00 2010
I enjoyed Waiting for the Light a great deal. Here are my thoughts on what it all means:


So there you go. I thought it was an elegant and interesting composition, that reminded me a little of Adam Cadre's Photopia. Nice work!

Tue Jan 19 21:26:51 2010
Very interesting to read your views on Waiting for the Light and you're not a million miles away. The Douglas Adams thing is particularly interesting as it was completely unintentional on my part - spooky.

It's not really clear what actions are right in each scenario. What seems "right" in the mini-scenario may not be "right" for the adventure as a whole. It might be a bit easier to work out the correct solution if you play the downloadable version instead of the online one as you'll be better able to see the mechanics of it.

Sun May 30 07:03:09 2010
Hey, I was wondering if the book "Waiting for the Light" was based on Erikson's stages of psychological development. I'm probably seeing things but it seems like the decisions you have to make are each mimicing a stage of Erikson's theory and the outcome is a hypothetical representation of a person based on the side of Erikson's stage you land on. I just want to know in case I'm putting way too much thought into it...or if it's supposed to be obvious and I'm asking stupid questions. Also, I don't think that I spoiled anything with my question.

Sat Jun 5 16:19:51 2010
Jasper - It isn't based on Erikson's work, though it is based on the work of a different psychologist (the quiz section has a clue to which one) so you're not putting too much thought into it.

Jason SW
Mon Sep 12 00:56:50 2011

I really enjoy all of the gamebooks on this site. One of my newest favorites is Waiting for the Light. I especially love the game show part. It's pretty funny. Great job, everybody! I really hope that more gamebooks can be added to the site as fully playable, as that's the easiest way for me to play them. I am also visually impaired, and I really enjoy being able to play them right on the site.


Fri Jul 27 20:05:19 2012

the Waiting For The Light was something different... I know the end has to do something with the Pink Light. i've played it 5 times,but still loosing... any suggestions?

Sat Jul 28 14:37:31 2012
I could never do that one either :-( Even though none of my choices were "obviously" wrong. For some help you could download the text version, read it and see if you can find out your mistake that way. It's what I did with Contractual Obligation. Sorry I can't be of more help. Maybe someone else can give a better answer than me?

Sun Jul 29 17:33:29 2012

Here is a hint which should help a lot.


If you need to know exactly what to do, then just write again.

Sun Jul 29 20:14:55 2012

My memory was a bit off. Hint:


Let me know if you're still stuck.

Sun Dec 9 21:01:25 2012
Damn waiting for the light is so creepy did u ever beat the game and can you tell me how?

Wed Dec 18 16:15:26 2013
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
very strange

Thu Dec 26 14:28:45 2013
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Early Death: Best summarized with the meaning of the shortage WTF?

Thu Dec 26 14:40:29 2013
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
No I won??? Won what about what, or within what kind of a story? Seems more a psycho-test gone awry than a FF!

Sun May 4 13:28:56 2014
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Mysterious... interesting? Unusual.

Wed May 28 05:33:21 2014
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
What? I'm confused! why did it end like that?

Tue Sep 2 08:47:43 2014
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
i find it was very entresting and italic to read

Tue Sep 2 21:42:00 2014
I remember it being a fascinating mix of gameplay and exploring one's psyche when I played it a few years ago. I don't know if I tipped my hat to the author then for writing it.. but I'm doing so now.

Sat Oct 4 11:00:58 2014
Star - optimum ending reached

But I really really struggle to understand the point of the story. I can get that it is some sort of metaphor. But the man and you know all those stuff.... it is meant to be the freedom of your mind or something?

Tue Oct 14 04:19:22 2014
Babap.. I think what made this story a winner was the fact that it was a kind of departure from the kind of prose most of us are used to. Now, that's not to say we'd want that in every story we set out to solve.. lol... no. But it was refreshing nonetheless, and added a little twist to the overall genre. Never a bad thing, in my estimation.

Sun Nov 9 23:49:51 2014
Skull - non-optimum ending reached

Thu Dec 18 22:54:55 2014
I played it, and thought it was amazing and very thoughtful. The only problem was that I couldn't work out how to finish it.

Wed Dec 23 12:12:09 2015
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
great story, best I've seen so far

Wed Dec 23 12:22:50 2015
the story was the best so far but i think the story is of this guy dreaming

Wed Dec 23 12:24:20 2015
it took me one hour but it was worth it

Tue Mar 15 05:39:46 2016
Star - optimum ending reached
After soooooooo many times I finally cracked it. But honestly, I really STRUGGLE to understand the meaning behind. Anybody mind explaining?

Fri Jun 3 20:57:04 2016
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Creepy one... ;)

Sun Aug 21 13:08:11 2016
Mulholland Drive is made by David Lynch, checked this form wikipedia, but in the game show was the wrong answer. wtf?
Mulholland Drive, yes.

Fri Jan 27 23:56:20 2017
So I just completed it, multiple times actually, and found it very original and intriguing. However, there is one thing I disliked about the "true" ending:


I might be looking at it the wrong way, but with a book themed around psychology I can't help nitpicking over its symbolism.

Other than that I really enjoyed this book, and will definitely recommend it to others as well.

Robert Kingett
Sat Mar 11 15:05:57 2017
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
If anyone can provide me with any tips that would be good! Here is what I did.


Tue Apr 4 14:39:01 2017
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
This book is weird. Having played several times and not found the "winning" ending, I'm moving on to other games. I'll return later to try again. All-decision games are usually OK, but with little plot and clarity on what is correct, it becomes annoying. The writing is good, with clever mini-stories. But this is too tough. More plot or clues towards the correct solution would help.
Grade: 90

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