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A Midwinter Carol

Thu Dec 31 18:18:35 2009
Just finished playing 'A Midwinter's carol'. An excellent idea brilliantly implemented, and with a sense of festive cheer. Nice one Kieran.

On another note, i'm not sure whethis will be the last post of the decade. Happy new year all! I hope you all go forward to the next decade with collosal bonuses to your skill stamina and luck in the adventure of '2010-2019'

Fri Dec 24 18:17:54 2010
A Midwinter Carol

I've made an online version of Kieran Coghlan's festive gamebook.

Tomorrow is the 14th of Snow's Cloak, the Midwinter Festival and all Arion is preparing for the festivities. All that is except you - Ethelred Samiar, the Baron Den Snau. You have no time for the present giving and "good will to all men" that this sanctimonious holiday demands. No, you have great plans for tomorrow. The Love of Libra Orphanage has failed to pay back the money you lent them and you're going to have the place closed down tomorrow...

Sun Dec 26 13:02:38 2010
Thanks for the online version of Midwinter, Andy. Loved it. Looking forward to more works from this author.
Thanks. You might also like to visit http://www.ffgamebooks-online.com, where an online version of Kieran Coghlan's Feathers Of The Phoenix has just been added.

Fri Sep 2 00:09:44 2011
Just played a Midwinter Carol for the first time and I thought it was quite cute! Especially since Deathmoor was criminally underrated despite its flaws. But didn't the Baron die in the book officially?

Sat Sep 17 14:24:56 2011
Hi Haoie, glad you liked Midwinter Carol. I had to get quite creative with the baron's fate in Deathmoor and make it so he was only believed dead.

Mon Mar 24 21:56:20 2014
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Thought this was really good. It's verry accessable on my machine

Mon Mar 24 22:07:24 2014
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
I got killed in the game. :(

Wed Nov 26 06:31:39 2014
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
lol, that was a quick death, time to try again...

Fri Nov 28 10:09:55 2014
Skull - non-optimum ending reached

Gabriel Barros
Thu Dec 25 04:25:06 2014
Feels funny to play on this date, great story, cheers !!!

Wed Dec 23 22:43:39 2015
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Quite interesting story. Frankly I plan to write a gamebook (in french) taking place in Arion so I am quite interested in yours. I'm glad to see that you believe Jonthane is not the King who defeated Morgana but rather is son if I understand well the first dream. That's my opinion too but Titannica does not agree.
The style is very pleasant and I like the parallel with Dickens' story. It's not very difficult but I don't think it's meant to be...

Wed Feb 17 15:19:43 2016
Glad you liked it.

Yeah I don't think Jonthane can be the hero of Masks because there's no mention of said hero having a sister as co-ruler. Also the hero of Masks would put on his helmet and go rescue Telessa himself rather than hiring an eejit like Fang-Zen.

Sun Aug 7 13:03:42 2016
Star - optimum ending reached
Good take on A Christmas Carol

Sun Aug 7 20:03:13 2016
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Nice to re-live this old story impersonating the wicked one ;-)

Sun Aug 7 20:12:31 2016
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Having fun!

Sun Aug 7 20:42:02 2016
Star - optimum ending reached
It's reassuring to see that an evil madman can become a good madman, but will always be a madman ;-)

Robert Douglas
Tue Aug 9 16:11:53 2016
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
A well-written, witty and interesting FF version of A Christmas Carol. Would probably have liked more items and choices - even if eventually they led to the same conclusion as in the novel. Being a gamebook, the player's choices are accepted as the Baron's history being reviewed. Good idea about having the Baron's mind/spirit form being assailed by varied opponents during the deja vu, all of which eventually help in transforming his worldly opinion.

Finding certain items might help jolt his memory, and for example I'd like to give a little scenario: a certain locket from a past love to be remembered by when he announced his departure to work/study at a certain guild that promised better wages than what her father offered - only that he later sold the trinket to help pay his rent. You can see the downward spiral to his dark position. But 'finding' the trinket in her dead hand (age, plague, suicide?) during his 'spiritual' journey fills him with deep regret and improves his nature. It also becomes painfully apparent to the Baron that she actually went to visit his lodgings...and in passing found the precious locket in a pawnbroker's window! Still helplessly in love, she purchased back the trinket and returned home in tears. Meanwhile, the younger Baron is oblivious to all this, desperately working hard to accumulate money in preparation for marriage...that will never happen. The love of his life never visits as promised. He becomes heartbroken, then bitter, and gives every ounce of himself to attaining money. Yet for his spiritual self all this is a sudden revelation. The spirit explains how the Baron's greed blinded him to true love and happiness, how 'less' money would have given his far greater 'rewards', a family heir for example. The Baron at first protests by saying how was he to know, but acquiesces that his focus on money certainly drove him to sell the beloved locket. It's possible that, once in funds, he tried to get the locket back - by which time, of course, it had long been sold to the very person he wronged. Very dark stuff. But just an example of how items and story scenarios can complement each other.

Wed Aug 10 03:44:28 2016
Born to an extremely privileged family, I have little experience with how pawn brokerages work, but the entire concept just seems so ethically wrong to me. If people who are capable of returning a loan need to borrow money, a bank would lend it to them, ergo people who go to a pawnbroker's are not expected to repay a loan. If they do not repay the loan, which has already been demonstrated to be what the pawnbroker expects in the first place, then the transaction serves only to relieve them of their most treasured possessions at a discount price relative to their market value. Even more damaging this transaction is when the sentimental value of those possessions are factored in. This sentimental value must be very high, or else the owners would have gotten a much better deal by selling the items outright, instead of pawning the items in vain hope of redeeming them at a later time. Yet even more damaging this practice is to the society when one considers that those who pawn their possessions are usually the most fiscally responsible of the poor, who would rather lose those possessions than default on their debts, and who are consequently more likely to be driving engines of the economy in general. In short, I really don't see why pawn shops ought to be legal in the first place.

Maybe someone who is more familiar with the pawning business can enlighten me by presenting an argument to the contrary?

Wed Aug 10 08:54:03 2016
To quote the final boss of Outsider's husband, its better than a loan shark.

Wed Aug 10 19:53:33 2016
I'm not very familiar with this business as well, but pawnbrokers don't have much bureaucracy and don't depend too much on your credit rate, as you are pawning your guarantee.
This way, if you have a bad credit rate but you believe now you can repay your debt, it's a quick option and an alternative to selling your goods for more in the first instance.

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