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Tomb Of The Ancients

Tue Oct 25 18:28:34 2011
Tomb Of The Ancients

It's been a while, but now there is another gamebook to play. This one is written by Stuart Lloyd. Another by the same author will follow reasonably soon.

So after five years, you tell your parents that you are leaving to be an adventurer and have a better life. Your mother is distraught, but your father barely bats an eyelid. You tell him that you are going to seek the medallion of his ancestors. At the mention of it, he becomes livid "Listen you worm! If you go looking for that, you'd better never come back, because I swear I will kill you!"

Thu Oct 27 19:46:26 2011
Sweet, a new story!

Tue Nov 1 02:50:50 2011
Come on, I finished tomb of the ancients in about 5 minutes and that was on my first attempt. I appreciate one is busy, however as a fan of FF, can we please have some more suffisticated or at least longer books like Soul Tracker, Outsider etc? I love this website dont get me wrong, but of late the games being posted are short and appear to be getting shorter and longer apart.

Tue Nov 1 20:47:24 2011
@ Ibrahim

I'd been working on a space-horror adventure titled Devil's Flight but had to put it aside at about 250 sections because I was picked up to pen another title for the online Gamebook Adventures series. I'll finish that up in the next couple of months, and hopefully get back into my original book, finish it up, and get it sent here sometime next year. It may end at around 300 sections or so.

Phil Sadler
Wed Nov 2 18:15:13 2011
Trust us Ibrahim: getting difficulty right is not an easy thing to do. It always seems that it's either too easy or too hard (and we get complaints either way).

Thu Nov 3 12:21:40 2011
I agree with Phil. I'll read a gamebook of just about any difficulty level if it is entertaining and atmospheric, which I thought Tomb of the Ancients was.

Fri Nov 4 02:07:54 2011
@Gaetano. Nice one, I look forward to playing that, I'll happily play offline although online is always preferable. Loved soul tracker, thought it was brilliant. I could imagine the protagonist driving around on his motorcycle taking out those goolish SN's and the chase when fleeing from the park could rival a bond flick for its inventiveness and thrilling intensity. I guess that for me, playing gamebooks like these is so very much about the story, not the challenge of the dice throwing and stat keeping.

Mon Nov 7 19:38:23 2011
Well I've just finished tomb of the ancients.

it was sort of a nice idea and had the epic feeling, but I actually feel a trifle disappointed. The hole thing felt too easy, with barely any combat and not much to choose. This would've been fine, sinse there are some great short books. Bad moon rising is similarly short and rather easy, but it does have a rather ironic style and distinct world to explore.

I just found the writing style here far too abrupt to actually give me a sense of the world, it's characters or bring home the plot. For instance you here a lot about "ghosts" or "spirits" but there's not a word on how they look, what they do or anything else.

A lotof the sentences were very short and abrupt "you do this, you do that" which made the hole thing feel almost as if it were written in note form, almost more of a general idea than a serious book.

Stil, there are lots of good books here I haven't! finished, heck I stil haven't completed wrong way go back so haven't gone on to any of the others in that series. I've made it to the escape pod, and even got the panel off the parent bot, but just can't get past that, and even getting there is dependent upon some pretty random luck with searching the night club and getting to the club deck in as few tries as possible.

Actually a hint with wwgb might be appreciated.

Mon Oct 14 20:42:30 2013
Star - optimum ending reached
Yay! i beat the game.
Congratulations on being the first person to get a star for completing a gamebook that they weren't the author of.

Tue Nov 12 21:48:49 2013
Good but too short

Sun Nov 24 14:29:25 2013
Star - optimum ending reached
This is a nice and neat story: it's always a pleasure to re-play t from time to time!

Tue Nov 26 10:40:14 2013
Star - optimum ending reached
A fine story

Mon Dec 9 17:55:58 2013
Star - optimum ending reached
Rather easy

Kevin the Honourable
Fri Dec 13 19:43:30 2013
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
A (somewhat) bold adventurer with noble intentions,
And the worst of luck.

Fri Dec 20 21:18:12 2013
Star - optimum ending reached
Very short, I should have appreciated this to be longer and harder. All in all, a good story, but in need of development.
For future reference, if you look here you can see the size of each gamebook in its original form. If it's specifically long and hard you want, then Phil Sadler is your man.

Sun Jan 5 19:02:16 2014
Star - optimum ending reached
short but good, but it was a little predictable...

Sat Jan 18 10:27:30 2014
Star - optimum ending reached
This wasn't a bad quest! was abit too short but none the less, it has a great story line.

James Kinch - 13
Mon Jan 20 16:22:04 2014
Star - optimum ending reached
This is quite short but rather simple and simple is usually the best way to do these. I wish it was a bit longer though, the story also seemed to be quite linear unfortantley.

7/10 - Quite good for the length.

Thu Jan 23 12:22:17 2014
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Interesting but a little bit too quick if you ask me

Sat Jan 25 04:18:21 2014
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
I died within 5 minutes from jumping in a hole and being attacked by a swordsman

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