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Sharkbait's Revenge

Fri Nov 18 17:22:18 2011
Sharkbait's Revenge

Stuart Lloyd's Windhammer 2010 competition-winning gamebook is now ready for online play.

The ship is now sinking fast. The rest of the crew are on the lifeboats heading to the island. You notice that they haven't left you one. They see you as responsible for causing this disaster and if they catch you on the island they will probably skin you alive. However, the island is the only escape you've got...

Wed Nov 23 01:15:19 2011
Excellent gamebook, Stewart. Just got one question. I've restarted a few times when my skill is low. Is there any way that your skill rises above 9? I've done everything but am having trouble defeating the ninja. Is there an item that might come into use? Thanks.

Wed Nov 23 15:42:44 2011
Thanks for the feedback, Jordan! For increasing your attack strength, make sure that if you get a weapon you click use for it or you will get a -2 penalty in combat. The shield increases your attack strength by 1 and the leather armour can protect you against some attacks. You can buy all of these from the armourer. Read the spoiler if you want to know how to defeat the ninja without fighting him:


Fri Nov 25 15:03:59 2011
I've found a minor bug with Sharkbait: If you don't have your lucky doubloon, the game still lets you click on the 'buy the map' section on board the ship, effectively letting you have it for free.
Thanks for pointing this out. If it was reference 30 then I believe I have fixed it.

Thu Jan 19 07:29:20 2012
Just played sharkbait, loved the Deadliest warrior and Family Guy references!!!! Oggityboogityboo!!!

Fri Nov 15 22:54:18 2013
What a tedious game,you make the wrong move and you end up going around in circles
Maybe there should be a gamebook that always leads you to a successful conclusion, regardless of the choices you make.

Phil Sadler
Sat Nov 16 11:27:13 2013
Funny you should say that about gamebooks, because there are video games that are impossible to lose. Take the strange Typing of the Dead (House of the Dead with swearing). It has infinite continues and, should you continue after you die, you will start of exactly where you were, any bosses still wounded and your own health recovered.

Rather than repeated resurrection, what I think I was envisaging was that the hero would be destined for victory one way or another, and all decisions the player made, however stupid, would ultimately lead there.

Tue Nov 19 13:21:43 2013
There are computer games which it's impossible to lose, merely change your route to victory. Antichamber is one: failing, say, a jump, and falling into a pit, doesn't cause you to die but means you take another, perhaps harder, but entirely different route through the next part of the game. Planescape: Torment, I understand, has a major plot point that the main character is unable to die (much as, perhaps, they'd like to).

Mon Nov 25 02:54:17 2013
Star - optimum ending reached
it's not that I didn't like the sound of the "Challenge mode" :) it's just that I haven't really had time to play around that much lately!

Thu Dec 19 15:45:01 2013
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
after the armour seller talks to you and tells you to meet him in the watchtoer their is not an option to do that?

Tue Dec 31 19:05:11 2013
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
It was a very interesting experience

Fri Jan 10 17:45:55 2014
How do you enter the armourey?

Mon Jan 20 16:54:53 2014
I am stuck on it!

Wed Apr 2 22:36:09 2014
Completed and managed to get the Ghandi challenge (doesn't make me a coward does it?)
Have tried this one many times in the past and kept coming back. Good fun and funny in a lot of places. You really have to work it out and try a lot of the options to get through.
Thank you Stuart Lloyd and FFP.

Fri Jun 20 03:51:37 2014
Star - optimum ending reached
Never underestimate the power of the bamboo stick!

Nice short story though you could keep going around in circles if you didn't do the right thing.

On to the nect challenge

7 down

Sat Jun 21 13:24:57 2014
Comet - all challenges completed
Ok, I've completed all the challenges except 1, the rich man's challenge.

It doesn't show even when I have 55 pieces of eight and 2 treasures!
Sorry about this. I've belatedly fixed it and given you the icon you deserved at the time.

Sun Nov 2 22:38:55 2014
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
A really good book and is exciting

Tue Mar 31 21:27:41 2015
Star - optimum ending reached
Rather fun even if the writing style was a little short and a lot of the game felt run on dice rolls. Actually in the last fight I confess I replayed a few times, indeed it strikes me this is one where high attribute scores really! are a necessity.

Still, love the theme of pirates and the nods to that awsome novel, On Stranger Tides by Tim Powers which also features Black beerd by the name of Ed Thatch who plats his beerd with burning ropes (though I was a little surprised there wasn't more Voodoo).

I just wish some of the descriptions hadn't been quite as terse so that I got more of a sense of the colourful setting.

Tue Sep 22 13:53:31 2015
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Well... i did have fun so thats good

Sat Jan 9 10:28:16 2016
Star - optimum ending reached
Hmmm...I can't seem to fulfil the "Rich Challenge" either.....

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