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A Knight's Trial

Sat Oct 5 07:59:13 2013
A Knight's Trial

I've added another gamebook to play: A Knight's Trial by Kieran Coghlan. It was an entry in the 2012 Windhammer competition and was in my opinion very unlucky not to end up with at least a Merit award.

With the assistance of the wise wizard Merlin and the dashing Knights of the Round Table, Arthur has ushered in a golden age where all are looked after and causes to complain are few. And now, you have been selected by the wizard himself to undergo a trial; a trial that will decide if you are worthy to join the ranks of the legendary knights!

Note that the original used a proprietary set of rules, I have adapted it to FF because that's easier from my perspective.

Sat Oct 5 16:43:21 2013
The knight got me. :(

Thanks for posting the adventure, I'll try to get passed it again one day.
Thanks for playing, good luck next time.

Sun Oct 6 12:10:36 2013
I've completed A Knight's Trial, what I want to know is, what is the underlieing story behind the game. It clearly isn't the trial, for if you die you get a passage about dieing in some sort of experiment. Could someone explain this? I didn't really get his other title either, waiting for the light.
Thanks for playing, and commenting.

Personally I think it's good that Kieran doesn't beat you over the head with the full explanation. It seemed to me quite clear what the underlying story was as most of the encounters relate to it in some form. I'm reluctant to destroy the mystique by giving you a straight answer, even in a spoiler, because I think if you reflect on it and play it again it will dawn on you, and you will feel better for having worked it out yourself.

Waiting For The Light is more subtle, though the clues are still there. My understanding was along the same lines as Aiken's (minus the Douglas Adams parts). Perhaps there is more to be gleaned with a greater knowledge of psychology, but I am content with my reading of it.

Mon Oct 7 11:53:47 2013
I found a typo on section 60 of A Knight's Trial, where Merlin tells you to 'sly the fearsome dragon'.
Thanks, I've fixed it now.

Mon Oct 7 20:13:21 2013
*shrug shoulders* I'm still not getting this at all. Now I've found a room with a sphere and a bunch of crates and crates, maybe I'm just not atuned to his way of thinking. I need someone to hold my hand and explain the psychological elements behind the story.

Thu Oct 10 20:13:09 2013
Ibrahim, this might help you get on the right track for what A Knight's Trial is really about:

Fri Oct 11 23:16:45 2013
Hi Kieran. Thank you very much, however in the end I downloaded the gamebook and had a read of it, there are a couple of things I don't get like the sphere in the room with the crates, and why for instance when you choose to open the door to the seller on your own instead of using your companion's help, but yes, I got the idea that you were fighting the dragon as a sort of conquest of your own feers and of the demon inside you, the Arthurian legend was just a subtext. It reminds me of an episode in the first series of Voyager in which the holographic doctor has to step in to a recreated scenario from Beowolf in order to rescue his shipmates being held captive by a photon based alien life form taking on thepersona of Grendle. Anyway, thanks for another good game, I've still to understand waiting for the light LOL, perhaps I'm just not atuned to your way of thinking LOL.

Sat Oct 12 03:04:19 2013
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
I died playing this.

Mon Oct 21 23:45:13 2013
Star - optimum ending reached
Interesting. I like the fact that the adventure is largely decision-driven (and your char has fixed stats) rather than random. However, from what I can tell, you need to be "lucky" on at least one occasion to be able to achieve the best ending.

And with regards to the story's ending - no offence intended to the Author, but...

The Dude
Sat Nov 2 02:03:24 2013
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
A new adventure! I was killed by the Black Knight (with cheating!). I would have liked to fuel my stamina at some point.

Thu Nov 14 13:47:14 2013
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
This is a great book, highly recommended.

Jason Earls
Fri Nov 29 16:08:38 2013
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
I dyed, but interesting ending.

Fri Nov 29 21:37:00 2013
Skull - non-optimum ending reached

Great game full of excellent descriptions. I'm curious to know if it's necessary to obtain the shield and sword both or just the sword? When I obtain the shield I always end up dying but the big boss tires, however when I just get the sword the flames sear my skin. A few hints would be appreciated. Thanks for an awesome game.

A.E Johnston
Sun Dec 1 07:38:30 2013
Star - optimum ending reached
Nice! Had to replay a few times but I managed to figure out what was needed. From what I gathered,

Mon Dec 2 11:33:12 2013
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Very good story and good words for people.

Mon Dec 2 11:35:54 2013
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
i think this is a good game to play when your upset !!!!!!!

Thu Dec 5 03:23:37 2013
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Just curious about obtaining the magic sword. It seems that once I obtain the ruby amulet and the shield by
that the pathway to obtain the sword closes. Any help?
I can't find the downloadable version to look at. Thanks

Thu Dec 5 06:44:55 2013
Star - optimum ending reached
Yay, a satisfying ending at last. Memory has been vanquished! Thanks for a great game!

Tue Dec 10 12:58:20 2013
Glad you enjoyed it, Jordan

Fri Dec 13 15:03:47 2013
In a Knight's trial, we have, in paragraph 83:
"The goblins falls, a dying gurgle escaping his green lips"
maybe it's a small typo and we should have a single gobin?

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