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Nye's Song

Robert Douglas
Wed Oct 23 18:55:55 2013
@ Aiken,

It's okay, I realized it was a compliment, but I thought syncopation would also have referred to the AH element. Believers in a multiverse (timeline infinitum) would disagree with me on this point, however.

I'm glad you enjoyed it and I'm glad you spotted that reference to 'blues music' (ref to Autumn Moon). I'd say her style would be more similar to Garbage (Indie/Blues/Rock/Goth in our world?) blended with Jethro Tull (blues/folk/acoustic/prog rock). With military percussion prevalent, there'd be a kind of ELO style group playing over Nye's radio. That's the intrigue to AH, wondering what the world would be like.

Thu Oct 24 01:01:16 2013
@Robert Douglas

Haven't started the gamebook yet, haven't even started A Knight's Trial, in fact. Hopefully will, soon.

Is Plassey the one in which a greedy merchant demands 3M rupees for betraying his sovereign, and gets double-crossed by the British for his troubles? I recall Mahan briefly mentioning it, if memory serves well.

Robert Douglas
Thu Oct 24 16:29:38 2013

I can't remember the exact causes of the conflict itself (and who knows what's true and what isn't?) all I know is that Robert Clive made his name in the Battle of Plassey, furthering ambitions of the East India Company. However, I do know of one atrocity that served to enrage Britain: the Black Hole of Calcutta, which hardly helped prevent a total breakdown in relations between Britain and the Nawab authorities.

Thu Oct 24 22:48:33 2013
This was the wase of time

Sat Oct 26 09:48:23 2013
Kali's Count

If you read Nye's Song in its original form, you will have seen that there is an Author's Note at the end:

William Nye first appeared in 'Kali's Count', a short story I'd submitted some years ago to Alternate Gateway Worlds. This website is still accessible (at time of writing 'Nye's Song'). The story contains more of an insight on the Blight, Kali's minions, and the human resistance.

As far as I can tell, this website does not in fact exist any more, but Kali's Count can be found here instead.

Robert Douglas
Sat Oct 26 14:41:30 2013
@ Andy,

Thanks, I came up with the same result and still couldn't locate it. Sadly, Alternate Gateway Worlds (the website run by Ian Montgomerie) did indeed close down. I was hoping to find Kali's Count in an AH directory somewhere, but I may have to locate other AH websites and send the story to them.

Tue Oct 29 22:37:35 2013
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
i think it was great but maybe you could put a photo of the blood thorn

Robert Douglas
Tue Nov 5 04:43:04 2013
@ Phoenix,

Sorry, just spotted your message. I tried to take Bloodthorn's photo - but the very sight of it broke the lens!!

Thu Nov 7 13:34:08 2013
Star - optimum ending reached
So I did good?

Thu Nov 21 22:06:04 2013
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
I think it s a good story how the car broke down and then every body started to get grumpy at each other it was a very dramatic story but cool at the same time


Thu Nov 21 22:07:42 2013
Very good about the car breaking down and every one getting angry

Fri Dec 6 05:07:52 2013
Star - optimum ending reached

Another excellent gamebook, I love your writing style and views on alternate history. Keep up the good work old chap! And keep those gamebooks coming!

Robert Douglas
Fri Dec 6 14:09:30 2013
@ Jordan,

Thanks for the compliment, glad you enjoyed it.

Wed Dec 11 20:01:30 2013
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Tyrants blew me up with fireballs!
I really enjoyed he background story, but there are really plenty of dices to throw... probably a bit too many...

Wed Dec 11 21:07:26 2013
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
That's twice I died.
First I had SKILL 10 STAMINA 16 LUCK 11 then on my second go I had SKILL 11 STAMINA 21 LUCK 8. It's too bad it didn't stay in the eighteenth century.

Fri Dec 13 21:02:35 2013
I'm always a little wary of stories which are 'world building' rather than the standard fantasy or sci-fi but Nye's Songs great strength is that it's a really interesting setting that grips the imagination and keeps you reading.
One minor niggle is mid-story there is a sequence where there is a whole load of dice rolling which isn't reliant on your stats which could be reduced but that aside I found it just the right level of difficulty and found it easy to understand with regard to troop numbers etc.

Thu Dec 19 18:16:31 2013
I like the cuthulo air to it! Great!

André Baldo
Sat Dec 28 11:18:12 2013
Star - optimum ending reached
Great gamebook. The multiple choices make it hard to get the happy ending and that is awesome!

Robert Douglas
Sun Dec 29 02:44:44 2013
@ Andre,

Thanks for comments.

Andrč Pietroschek
Wed Jan 1 14:37:55 2014
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