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Sun Aug 31 08:56:25 2003

Gavin Mitchell, author of Outsider, is toying with writing its 'sequel', Afterlife. Anyone who wants to see this happen should go to http://www.livejournal.com/users/vindice/26178.html?mode=reply , read what he's written so far, and offer encouragement.

Rory Maclean
Mon Jun 28 10:21:50 2004
In the weapons room in Outsider, when I choose the mace, the screen is filled with 1s and 0s.
Yes, that was an odd one. I fixed that a few days ago, and I've just checked that it's stayed fixed. Thanks for pointing it out.

Sat Jul 24 14:32:21 2004
Black Area

As well as changing the colours around, I've added (by kind permission of the author) the GAVIN MITCHELL EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW! originally posted on the Yahoo Gamebooks group.


Sun Dec 12 00:05:42 2004
Outsider was awesome.

Thu Dec 22 00:02:57 2005
Heh, this is probably an extremely delayed question, but did afterlife ever get finished? I assume not since you probably would've posted it by now, but I have to say that's probably my favorite book on the site. Black Aria is awesome! Actually I like Nightshade Phantom better, but don't tel Aria I said that! *Smirk*. Always was a fan of the bastard sword, especially when wielded by someone huge, stealthy and dressed in black.
Not to my knowledge. In fact Gavin Mitchell subsequently came up with a couple more - excellent - gamebook ideas, but these were never developed either. The most recent writing of his that I am aware of is RING, which can be found at http://www.fanfiction.net/u/295976/.

Thu Dec 22 09:01:31 2005
Well, if you ever need assistance with Outsider, just give me a shout. I have reached all endings and exhausted all avenues so I know the game intimately. I still from time to time play it as the story line is so good and the game so well placed. I like it that you have to work your way up the ladder from being a down and out of the field guy to *I won't say here* but I think all of you should give it a shot at least once.
Agreed. And don't settle for dying in the sewer, this is not the best ending.

Thu Dec 22 17:30:35 2005
*grin* Are you absolutely sure you've taken all paths available in outsider? I sure thought I had... came as a shock when i found out the true ending of the book was not what I thought it was. *grin*. I remember one of my friends saying, after I told him I had finally beaten outsider, that he had done that years ago. *smirk*. After a little conversation in which I dropped several suttle hints, he found out he was extremely wrong though, hehe. TOutsider is a great game.
I've been at sryth for 3 or 4 years now, when it was still clear back in its testing phases and still free, when you didn't see an update for lik half a year, *smirk*. Its a great game, but this site will always remain up in my favorites simply because you can play multiple games, as it were, completely free. Sorry for the long post! *grin*.

james hutchings
Mon Dec 26 12:06:29 2005
There's a sort-of-flaw in 'Outsider': when you have a low Psychic score, you can be caught in a very dull loop of failing to open the lock and fighting an endless succession of Watchmen.
Dull though it may be, it is not endless as eventually you will either be killed by a watchman or succeed in opening the lock.

Mon Jan 2 20:38:35 2006
I am wondering if I could get a hint as to the end of Outsider. I've bookmarked probably about 15 places in the game, but no mater what I do, I always either die a weird way, or die in the sewers. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Don't give it away entirely, I want to play the game and have fun. HOwever, the dumb thing is driving me crazy!

Tue Jan 3 00:56:46 2006
Search the sewers as thoroughly as possible, take a course of action an assassin wouldn't normally take.

Fri Jan 6 22:59:59 2006
Err... I don't really get that option.
I agree with shadowdragon, and would add: read the introduction and pay attention to what you are supposed to do.

Sun Jan 15 04:38:16 2006

I have completed outsider and will happily offer up a hint to the hapless confused adventurer.


Gamebook Fanatic
Sun Jan 15 11:20:57 2006

Tue Jan 17 05:33:25 2006

I don't want the happless adventurer to be confused now, so I will offer up some hints that will lead to one of the several optimal endings that don't involve dieing.


I hope this clears things up for you.

Tue Jan 17 08:40:00 2006
I was just wondering, what happens if


Can you still reach the endings if you


Note: I've only done one of the endings, but I wouldn't mind knowing what happens durin the other one.
If you think this is too much to spoil on site, could soeone contact me personally? I don't check my email much, so the oly way is through:
Aim: Elementalblades0
MSN: kicrush@hotmail.com
Yahoo: bladestorm360@yahoo.com

Wed Jan 18 09:31:19 2006

As far as I am aware, the thieves have nothing to do with your success or failure in the end. They are just useful contacts for information if you can get them to talk but are not worth worrying with as you have lots of alternatives. When you are given the opertunity to consult the thieves in the first instance when seeking information concerning the necromancer, you have the option of using your mental powers or seeking the words on the streets as well. The next time you are offered the opertunity to consult the thieves concerns the tracking down of ... but you can avoid them as well if you are level headed and explore the other avenues open to you.

Hope this helps. Got any more questions, email me on igucukoglu@hotmail.com

Thu Jan 19 04:07:12 2006
Ah, I figured the ending where the thieves killed you had to do with that little bit where you forced the thieves to kill that guy that shot at you when you caught his bolt. I avoided them when I went through the story and got thre true ending.

Fri Jan 20 13:27:41 2006
Probably should have said one of the true endings. I still want to know what hapens when you get the


but I'm too lazy to play through the storyline again.

Sun Jan 22 18:29:58 2006
Well, the ending isn't too bad.


Could I suggest that you use the spoiler tag for this kind of thing, there may be people reading who would prefer to discover the endings for themselves.

Mon Jun 16 16:14:46 2008
I keep trying this and failing:

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