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Tales From The Bird Islands

Tue Oct 27 12:07:34 2015
Sleeping Dragon was the last quest I did, and I died a few times there in previous games.

I suspect I'm still missing some plot token that allows me to auto-beat the crystal statue, because I had to fight it the hard way. I was lucky on the dice, and I think I also got most of the combat buffs that were available. I was the warrior, with plate armour and shield, and the +2 Trident, the +1 helm from the Pango Tree, and the +1 Shadow Cloak. I also figured out that the Serpent Heart acts like armour. So I managed to kill the statue with a +4 Attack Strength bonus before it beats through all my layers of armour. :P

Tue Oct 27 15:13:29 2015
You can say you've wrapped it even though the ending hasn't been written yet. Well done.

Sat Oct 31 07:26:18 2015
Hmmmm.....I just realized I missed 1 Island (Souless) because I always choose to kill the Baron. Have started it, but not completed it as of now....

A few notes/bugs about the online version:

- The short spear you can find on Papayago seems to be abuse-able: you can keep using it over and over again whether you miss or hit. You only lose the opportunity to use it again, it you stop using it for one round (after which you no longer have the chance to use any items. There was one time when I killed the Shape Changer (Storm Petrel) this way.

- On the other hand, if you use an item right before the battle with the Shape Changer, your crew mysteriously disappears, and you have to fight it all by yourself. That's why I decided to abuse the short spear bug for that fight, because another bug unfairly took away my crew.

- After you killed the Baron on Blackfort, you can lift the bounty from your head by completing Storm Petrel.....and then after that, if you return to the spot where you found the Baron's treasure, you will find that he's returned to life, and you and kill him and loot his treasury all over again! Of course, this bug also means that you can loot the treasury and later come back again to accept his offer and do the Island of Souless book. :D

- The Stamina test on Souless where you try to chase down the madman in the ruins seem WAY too harsh....considering 2 of the characters can only have a max of 10 STAMINA, having to test it of 4 dice gives them a less than 50% success rate every time. Even a 3 dice test would be rather harsh!

Sat Oct 31 07:33:35 2015
Oh, and one more thing which I'm not sure if it's meant to be or a bug: if you buy the ingredients for completing Storm Petrel on Blackmaw, for some reason you lose access to the tower....which means losing access to one half of the vital clues you need to win. Is that deliberately use to balance the difficulty level? Doesn't make sense for a narrative point, though?

Sun Nov 1 11:23:04 2015
Just found another bug: when the Priest tries to use the Serpent Dagger right before the fight against the Baron, it runs into an error.

Managed to complete Island of the Souless.....but isn't the Insect Repellent or the reward for completing Hummingbird supposed to help against those soul-stealing insects? They don't seem to make any difference in my game....??
The Hummingbird Island reward sounds like it should be related to Island Of The Soulless, but it isn't. Not all the loose ends have been tied up as things stand.

I'll look into the various bugs you've mentioned, thanks for reporting them.

Mon Nov 9 10:24:15 2015
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Hello. my name is Rafael I am from poland I am blind. This game book is very very suuuuuuuuper! Thanks

Mon Nov 9 20:48:50 2015
Welcome, Rafael!!!
Enjoy this gamebook and, if you like, you can also contribute to writing it!

Sun Nov 15 11:23:18 2015
Mage - I've now dealt with all the issues that you raised :

Short spear - fixed.
Disappearing crew - fixed.
Baron - fixed, by stopping you going anywhere near the Baron once you have defeated him (he isn't killed).
Stamina test - left alone, it's harsh admittedly but it's not essential.
Tower access - fixed.
Serpent dagger - I can't see anything wrong here. I suspect that you tried to use it when you already had the blessing (in which case it does nothing).

Thanks once again for providing such clear bug reports.

Mon Nov 16 11:22:23 2015
Thank! :)

Regarding this:

"Serpent dagger - I can't see anything wrong here. I suspect that you tried to use it when you already had the blessing (in which case it does nothing)."

No, there definitely was an error (at the time I was playing). It'd be fine if nothing happened, but I actually did get the section which states I get the bonus....and right below there is an error number, and I wasn't able to continue the combat (there was no link to click on). I didn't take a screenshot, unfortunately, and I can't remember the exact error number. :(

It might be a one-time thing, though, since I never tried using the dagger there again (I just use it a couple sections ahead, so it's no big issue).


Thu Dec 3 01:38:57 2015
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Curious to know if Hummingbird was completed. Escaped after talking to mud girl. Also if someone could help me with Sleeping dragon at Silouette that would rock. I'm stumped. :P

Thu Dec 3 06:29:22 2015
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
If someone could help me navigate back to baron's vault I'd appreciate it. Got back to path with tigers, killed one but ended up where I started from, back at ship.

Thu Dec 3 17:54:21 2015
Sorry, guys. Just realized my post had a bit of an error. The tiger path leads me to baron's vault, however I always end up fighting one. I assume I need to bring them a treat or something right?

Fri Dec 4 04:39:21 2015
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
So I've obtained the sleeping dragon, released the Krakken at albatross, completed Hummingbird, gotten the gold from Sapphire Atthole, fixed the bird cult thing at the P island, pretty much did everything else, including nentai and Storm petrol. I can still not get to Simpura though, nor have I encountered the crystal statue a few have mentioned. Any suggestions?
Sempura is one of the options whenever you leave an island, you should always be able to get there.

Fri Dec 4 16:38:17 2015
It gives the message, paraphrased of ourse, that Sempura is full of undead bone creatures and a hidden cyclopse village. Perhaps one day you will be able to encounter these things, but not today. Lol.
This is because you've already been there and completed both In The Shade Of The Pango Tree and Debacle At Dead Man's Inn (and possibly Into The Valley Of Halos as well). There isn't anything else to do on Sempura at the moment, so you just get moved on.

Fri Dec 4 16:42:48 2015
Alternatively, I could reach Sempura by paying for passage from the first island, but I either fail the luck test, or get this URL.

(URL deleted)
It isn't possible to take the ferry from Goi-Han to Sempura, not successfully anyway - but as I said above, you've already been there and done everything you can.

As far as the URL you posted goes : there was a bug that I introduced a couple of weeks ago and have now fixed. It wasn't exactly to do with going to Sempura, but with the loss of all items that takes place after taking the ferry. Additionally, for some reason, the URL has an extra '1' on the end of it : it should end with 91 not 911. Remove the extra '1' and it will now work.

Wed Jan 6 12:45:23 2016
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Died! But am still loving this.
Good to know. How are you getting on with your own island?

Wed Jan 6 20:19:43 2016
Actually the idea to take a ferry from an island to another might be not too bad, after all...

Sun Jan 10 01:09:13 2016
Hi. Am still working on them when I have the time, lots to do and ideas to implement. One of my ideas was to be able to lose your ship and all its cargo which could bring you close to financial ruin (though that would be impossible if you know what to do).

Sun Jan 24 16:30:51 2016
Ok scrap the last post, it's all being re-written :-)

Also Silhouette island is killing me! Any hints? Am I missing something obvious with the levers or missed a clue?

Sun Jan 24 17:48:44 2016
Storm Petral is killing me now too! Grrrr!

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