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A Flame In The North

Sun Mar 9 21:36:46 2014
A Flame In The North

Richard Evans' follow-up to A Shadow In The North is now on the downloads page.

Download DOCX version

Sat Jan 3 08:16:52 2015
A Flame In The North

The second instalment of Richard Evans' trilogy is now ready.

"Listen closely," he says, his face contorted by tremendous effort, "for there is but little time. You must reach Novgard soon and lead an army to the World-Flame. At first we thought that the death of the Northern World-Flame did not affect ours, but we were wrong. Everywhere the other World-Flames are fading, despite all our efforts". Your blood chills, the extinction of the World-Flames would plunge the Earth back into the chaos of its formation; an event that civilisation would be unlikely to survive.

Play it here

Sat Jan 3 14:48:45 2015
Thanks to Andy for putting this up here! I really enjoyed writing it, though now I've played through I've noticed a few typos... Please feel free to put down the most egregious ones, and hopefully either one of us can get around to correcting them.
It's very rare indeed for people to point out such errors, if you've seen any then you may as well send me an email and I will correct them.

Sun Jan 4 16:03:33 2015
Sure, i'll get onto it.

Sun Jan 4 19:23:52 2015
I'll note in the Council dialogue, the reader can (if he wishes) enter an infinite loop of choosing the same dialogue choices.

Wed Jan 7 16:10:14 2015
Iron broadsword gives no bonuses against wraithes - does it only apply to specific types of undead?
I wondered this. In the original, each undead opponent is clearly indicated as such. Wraiths don't have this indication, so I didn't make the bonus apply to them. It's possible that it is an oversight, but it might be that the author doesn't consider wraiths to be undead.

Wed Jan 7 17:12:32 2015
I intended this; I concieved of wraiths as "spirits", different from the "undead" necromantic constructs that you usually fight against. It might not be a fully logical distinction, but I'd rather it were maintained.

Andre Gabriel
Thu Jan 15 18:05:18 2015
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Great game. And great idea. I was a big fan of Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone growing up. The possibility to play such "games" again is delightful.

Thank you.

Sat Jan 17 07:34:36 2015
This is a lot harder to beat than Shadow!

Richard Evans
Sat Jan 17 09:03:06 2015
If you're finding it difficult to get out of the city via a certain route, try taking another. There are three different means to escape; and some are definitely easier than others.

Sun Jan 25 23:15:17 2015
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Wow, the titan kicks my butt no matter what I try. Any help defeating it would be greatly appreciated.

Sun Jan 25 23:18:02 2015
Is it necessary to actually escape the city? I stayed in order to help them, help the noblewoman etc, but the titan is hard as heck to defeat. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Mon Jan 26 00:24:02 2015
There are several ways to beat the Titan


Mon Jan 26 03:45:36 2015
Star - optimum ending reached
An excellent ending Richard! Thanks for your prompt response, I highly anticipate the conclusion! You've got a new fan for sure!

Mon Jan 26 13:34:23 2015
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Awesome best thing ever

Sat Feb 7 17:46:42 2015
The trigger for the final battle can go off at moments where it seems impossible. For instance,


It would possibly be too painful to program, but it might help to designate sections where the trigger can't go off.
Yes, you have a point with regard to reference 379. I've already been through the painful part as the timeout isn't implemented as a standard game mechanic but by script commands copied and pasted all over the place, dealing with any one instance of this is not much of a problem. In this case I've moved the (potential) timeout to 479 and 480 which are more convenient situations in which to leave for the walls.

Mon Feb 9 16:25:24 2015
Star - optimum ending reached
I liked it so much..also with the time passing and urging you to visit the districts as swiftly (and minutely!) as possible..with dead ends you have to wander long within..where edible sources are never enough to cast all the spells you'd like to!

I'm really looking forward to the next chapter of this saga!

Tue Feb 10 13:50:36 2015
Does the first prayer answer in the Alachite District mean anything? It references several items which can be found, but


Will they mean something in this episode, or the next one?

Wed Feb 11 01:32:31 2015
One thing I liked was that the "multiple paths" were built very explicitly into the district structure, as well as the references by the characters. In "shadow to the north", it was much more opaque as to what content one might have missed or could seek in a repeat playthrough.

Thu Feb 19 01:48:05 2015
Star - optimum ending reached
A good story

Thu Feb 19 13:13:12 2015
I already enjoyed 'A shadow on the north' but felt it was a bit short due to the branching, but 'A flame in the north' is truly epic. I like how there seem to be (at least!) two entirely different approaches to succeed.
It's a really cool mechanic that the first part is running on a timer, encouraging replay to optimize your moves and achieve as much as possible before the climactic battle.

I've just been wondering why several of the fights seem to be so hard with the enemies always evading my attacks. How is it determined if they evade? Is there anything that can be done to prevent them from doing that?
There are in fact three different routes to success, one of which is much shorter than the other two. The way some enemies evade your attacks is not part of the standard mechanism, it's defined on a case-by-case basis, presumably to introduce some variety in combat. Here's an example from the original (reference 125) :


Special Condition: AGILITY: when you win a combat round, roll a dice. If 1 or 2 the thief dodges your sword, sustaining no STAMINA damage.

I've implemented these special conditions as closely as I could. There's nothing you can do about it in general, but what I would say is that this is a relatively easy gamebook for its size, and if a fight appears too difficult at first glance there is always a way to improve your chances.

Fri Feb 20 10:42:14 2015
Thanks for the explanation - I guess I must have had some really bad luck with the dice rolling then :)

I've been following hints for a third solution but wasn't sure if it's actually achievable - good to know there's a way!

I've also had fun trying to hunt down the Crimson Hand - so far I managed to find and defeat four of them.

I'm not sure how difficult this gamebook is compared to others, but I like that it's generally very fair and the consequences of taking various actions always make sense. So, again my compliments to the author!
My victory using the most obvious route was a close call indeed: In the end I had 1 stamina left...

I'm really looking forward to the conclusion of this trilogy.

P.S.: I think I found one error: In paragraph 255 you get to choose between using a hammer or a mace - the paragraphs for these two choices seem to be swapped.
It is possible to kill all five of the Crimson Hand.

There's a rough difficulty rating for each of the gamebooks here. It looks like A Flame In The North will either be 'fairly easy' or 'medium difficulty'.

Thanks for pointing out the error. In fact they aren't reversed, it's a mistake in the text at 555 which until I just corrected it said 'mace' when it should have said 'hammer'.

Tue Mar 10 12:13:06 2015

Richard, thanks so much for a wonderful game. I've been hooked on it the last few days but not managed to crack it yet.

I understand there are a few ways to win.

At present I'm concentrating on reaching Lord Fenric's

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Tue Mar 10 13:41:01 2015
Dear Claire,

Thanks for the feedback! With regard to your questions...


As to the antidote,

Tue Mar 10 13:53:13 2015
Hi again Richard,

Thanks for the help.



Tue Mar 10 14:32:51 2015

Sat Mar 21 13:15:07 2015
Star - optimum ending reached
I have thoroughly enjoyed this well-written and thrilling adventure. Waiting for more!

Wed Apr 22 02:26:22 2015
Star - optimum ending reached
wow, that was a truly awesome experience. I cant wait for the next chapter to the story! I thought the first part was awesome but this, this is something else. I felt so cool leading a hole army against the necromancer, and if I do say so myself I did so very well. Anyway

Wed Apr 22 04:47:57 2015
On a side note of this story's well written brilliance, and fantastically played strategic options. Well can anyone tell me when the third part will be released?

Wed Jun 17 04:27:56 2015
Star - optimum ending reached

Stephen Balnave
Tue Jul 14 03:56:37 2015
Star - optimum ending reached
Combat was much more challenging than in the Shadow in the North. I had to replay it multiple times due to unfavorable die rolls. Good story though. The time limit added to the urgency and excitement.

Red Art
Tue Sep 1 06:36:06 2015
Star - optimum ending reached
Truly epic. It's a great feeling to see that your actions have a significant impact in the battle's development.
I have really begun to admire your work and this masterpiece gamebook proves how great of an author you are. Thank you Richard Evans.


Thu Sep 3 13:25:44 2015
Just completed the yesterday after repeated bashings, great adventure, looking forward to the next one.

Thu Jul 7 20:43:31 2016
Star - optimum ending reached
I just played through the first two of the trilogy (which I loved), and I'm wondering if part 3 is out yet.
All I know is I don't have it.

Tue Mar 14 11:32:41 2017
Star - optimum ending reached
A really brilliant adventure! I can't wait for the final chapter :)

Thu Mar 16 11:07:46 2017
Star - optimum ending reached
A really brilliant adventure! I can't wait for the final chapter :)

Jorge C
Sat Apr 8 16:10:08 2017
Star - optimum ending reached
great books!! lots of paths to follow and decisions to make but its quite addictive!

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