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Golem Gauntlet

Sun Nov 22 21:05:49 2015
Golem Gauntlet

"I see you begin to understand... I found that I was capable of transferring the human consciousness directly into another form. I needed a subject - I need to know how much you can mentally endure before becoming insane." Seething with rage, you reach for Tey but pause as you see your outstretched arms. Your limbs, and apparently the rest of your body, now seem to be composed of clay. Imprisoned in a Clay Golem!

Now Simon Christopher Chapman's gamebook, a 2012 Windhammer competition entry which has been sitting on the downloads page for quite some time can be played online. Here it uses FF rules rather than the proprietary system of the original.

Play it here

Mon Nov 23 00:29:55 2015
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Meh. I died.

Will play this again because I never got very far. A giant got me but at least I found a key.

Paul Mc
Mon Nov 23 18:52:49 2015
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Need Help

Paul Mc
Mon Nov 23 20:11:01 2015
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
You cannot complete the adventure. I have done every possible option and downloaded the hard copy to read the references incase I have missed anything. I haven't there is no way of completing it.
No, it's definitely possible.

Wed Nov 25 02:20:37 2015
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Is the fire irng a necessary part of the optimum ending? If I obtain that, my sanity always drops to 2 or 3, I believe we need four or more to proceed. A walkthrough would rock lol.

Wed Nov 25 05:37:36 2015
Star - optimum ending reached
Disregard my former rantings, this gamebook can indeed be completed, all with a sanity score of 4! Great job Simon, keep up the good work man. Look forward to more from you.

Thu Nov 26 18:45:13 2015
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Great story

Owen Harries
Wed Dec 2 21:34:35 2015
Star - optimum ending reached
A refreshing FF change. Did it take long to create this?
As far as the online adaptation went, no, not really. It's fairly short, doesn't have any complicated permutations and didn't need any corrections (although it looks like Amir has since found one). I don't know how long it took to write originally.

Thu Dec 3 04:49:27 2015
Minor correction:

Fixed. Thanks, Amir.

Mon Dec 14 20:03:19 2015
Skull - non-optimum ending reached


Mon Dec 14 23:42:37 2015
Thought I'd posted this earlier; my net must have died. Lovely book! Tight pacing, good progression of forms, and the bad endings were always placed to come immediately after a wrong choice, so you didn't waste too much time on a dead end path. Not to mention, there were some useful warnings in text for the attentive reader to escape a bad fate.

Perhaps I'd quibble that there's a streak of combat near the end which seems too harsh and demanding of fortunate dice rolls, but otherwise the balance was perfect too.

Mon Dec 21 10:31:29 2015
Thanks to the webmaster for posting the story. In answer to the question, it took about 10 days to write and structure. I was always a fan of Steve Jackson's Sorcery! series, and as such tried to craft a story
in this style. As with Steve's series, I attempted to place clues which would help guide the player to the hopefully logical solution.

I submitted the story in the 2012 Windjammer Competition, but that year there were 22 entries, and - through no fault of the organiser - mine was at the bottom of the list and I suspect few people read it. I suppose the list could have been alphabetical to be fair, but c'est la

I'm proud of it as I think it channels Steve's series. The paragraph I like most is the description when the player looks back into the rain-drenched night for pursuit. The trick is atmosphere, atmosphere, atmosphere.

Thu Dec 24 05:24:38 2015
Since I spoke up, I may as well plug the other story - Gem Runner. The original version was rushed as I need to meet the Windjammer deadline and I was quite ill at the time. The revised version is here, and the final reveal is a nod to the original FF stories. Nice to see a now defunct book line is still remembered and has inspired all these stories.

Thu Dec 24 05:28:09 2015
Oh, and for those that don't know, the illustration at the top of the page is of a Wood Golem that appears in The Shamutanti Hills, the first book in the Sorcery! series. If you haven't read it, check it out! Thanks again to the webmaster for making the connection.

Tue Jan 19 16:15:58 2016
Skull - non-optimum ending reached

I'm not sure
Tue Jun 7 10:58:50 2016
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
The fact is a very good at all of you

Missing word
Sun Jun 26 01:22:38 2016
Page 76 "...and looking ahead can see what appears to a steam valve..." Should read "appears to be a steam valve"

I'm of course being picky. I saw a similar error on another page and thought it was simply the writing style, but missing words makes me feel like I'm stumbling over things more than a clay golem.

Whole story could do with a proof read, imo... It doesn't mean that it's a bad story, but it needs a good proofing.

Wed Jul 13 18:26:27 2016
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Keep getting killed. Balance between enjoyment and difficulty is off. Too difficult. Played a few times but tired of getting killed and going to the start. Not replaying.

Tue Jul 26 14:26:43 2016
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
This is not a bad game but I wonder that the designer of the game didn't vary the script. after all if you've been baked by a fire salamander as happens at one point in the story your 'arms' wouldn't become 'slick and slippery with the rain'. Also you can't lose the same arm twice which I have done while playing the game without restarting. Just a thought.
I've now fixed it so you can't lose your left arm twice, thanks for pointing it out.

Fri Aug 19 21:52:47 2016
A very intriguing game book where you change forms to overcome different obstacles with changing skill and stamina. The story however can be very harsh and unforgiving as at one stage near the end you must fight ten orcs one after the other and if you have played FF you know how long one fight can take. After you do that you must then fight five more last foes b4 getting to Tey. If u die at any stage u go back to the start although rock golem if pretty op anyways. I however cannot find the bit where u get ur human body. I died in the slime pit in front of Tey. A good game but challenging enemies and possibly too many choices with only one precise pattern leading to a good ending but hey it's free! I look forward to reviewing all the other Books!

glen davidson
Wed Aug 31 15:14:21 2016
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
good,but hard

Thu Sep 8 06:41:02 2016
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Not really sure what happened here... interesting story but short lived. It rained, i lost an arm and then proceeded to lose my first ever fight? Not really sure how this is possible.

Sat Sep 10 15:53:30 2016
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Good,but quite hard,especially so early on..

Sat Sep 10 16:03:30 2016
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Nicely played my Friend you got me again.

Darth Lang
Thu Sep 15 04:51:48 2016
Star - optimum ending reached
Very very good story. I actually felt accomplishment at beating the final boss, it was not to hard but when he hit, man I actually felt a little scared. Amazing story.

Thu Sep 22 13:50:44 2016
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Hello folks. The text is well writen and the plot appears to be good. But gameplay is purely trial and error, with close to no interaction.

Wed Sep 28 11:01:13 2016
Thanks for the kind words. Haramir, this adventure is written in a specific way. It quite deliberately has no interaction as it is an internal (both physically and mentally) and nightmarish trial for the protagonist. In essence, they are alone. I tried as much as possible to convey this in the text - unlike many of the original FF books there is no kindly old man/witch/farmer etc. along the way who can help.

There is also a logical way to progress, and I tried as much as possible to emulate Steve Jackson's Sorcery! in this respect.

Fri Sep 30 02:26:16 2016
Thanks for the kind words. Haramir: the adventure quite deliberately has very little interaction as it is an internal struggle - a personal and desperate bid to prevent the erosion of one's psyche AND form BEFORE even beginning to contemplate revenge. Desperation is the flavour of this adventure.

There is also a logical way to progress. I tried to have the story echo Steve Jackson's Sorcery! in this regard.

Fri Sep 30 02:28:32 2016
Apologies for the double post. The first entry wasn't there initially hence the need to repeat.

Wasi Haider
Tue Oct 18 08:43:39 2016
Skull - non-optimum ending reached

Sat Nov 26 10:41:31 2016

Sun Nov 27 09:11:59 2016
Star - optimum ending reached
Very Good

Sat Jan 14 02:38:11 2017
Star - optimum ending reached
Great game. Interesting gameplay. Good plot and tricks. The ending defeat of the overlord was slightly annoying to get right, but otherwise a very clever game. Loved the new take on golem voodoo.
Grade: 99

Wed Jan 18 15:32:29 2017
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
it was a nice distraction

Thu May 4 12:35:27 2017
That was far and away the best read. Classic!

Tue Aug 15 23:22:12 2017
Im stuck pls help!!

I love the story and I got really hooked to this game, but I'm unable to finish it. I can't pass that fight against the overlords. Any trick?

Wed Oct 11 17:36:34 2017
Star - optimum ending reached
Thank you for this adventure. Enjoyed it from the beginnig to the end. ;)

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