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New Day Rising

Sat Dec 23 09:59:10 2017
New Day Rising

You are Severian, only son of the master necromancer of this castle. Growing up schooled by Liches, you showed more interest in the weapon practice you received at the withered hands of armour-clad Wights. At last your father good naturedly confesses defeat and tells you to follow your dream. Taking some adventuring supplies and plenty of money, you head off to the most advanced and populous city in the region... Altgarten.

Finally I've got the online version of Gavin Mitchell's sequel to Outsider! ready to play.

I feel I should manage expectations a little: this shouldn't in itself be compared to Outsider! as it is only small, if comparisons are drawn it should be with a single mission from Outsider!. Also, the rules are pretty much standard FF, rather than the complicated system described in the original. As ever, this is down to the amount of time it would take to make it happen.

Play it here

Sat Dec 23 18:02:06 2017
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Thanks to Andy for putting this and Day in the Life up, and thanks to A EJohnston for the kind words.

A.E. Johnston
Sat Dec 23 21:04:39 2017
I just was playing "Outsider!" yesterday, what a nice coincidence this is about to go up! I will be reading it with an open mind, and no prior expectations compared to Gavin's previous wonderful work- but even if it is a quarter as good I am sure I will enjoy it! Let the adventure begin.

Sun Dec 24 23:22:42 2017
Star - optimum ending reached
Thanks again for adapting and posting this.

I'm still writing Mission 2....

Tue Dec 26 21:24:08 2017
Star - optimum ending reached
An excellent job Gavin. I hope the romance blossoms. Looking forward to the next one!

Tue Dec 26 21:58:36 2017
I thank you for your kind words. Interesting you should mention the romance.... I'm now writing each mission separately, and have finally sorted out the paragraph numbers for the first half of mission 2.

A.E. Johnston
Wed Dec 27 10:20:17 2017
Star - optimum ending reached
Great read! I really liked the humor and the fact you got to choose your companions. I also liked that the setting was the same as Outsider! but had hoped for perhaps a few references to the original story (perhaps you could stumble on the old armory/ alchemy lab or something) but that's really just personal preference. Awesome story, if there is a next chapter I hope we can continue with same equipment and items.

Wed Dec 27 17:51:28 2017
I thank you for your kind words. There's one particular choice you can make in this mission which came out of the blue when I was writing it, which makes it obvious how it's a sequel. Otherwise thanks again.

Sun Jan 14 11:38:09 2018
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Well, that was fun but brief. I enjoyed the descriptions and the irony. And who could have guessed that bringing the cleric with us would unleash a nuke? Oh well...! :-)

Andrč M. Pietroschek
Tue Jan 23 00:23:53 2018
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
I liked the idea to hire a group, but all I experienced was going strictly from fight to fight. A notch more story and atmosphere could help.

Wed Jan 31 23:14:25 2018
Star - optimum ending reached
When I saw there was a sequel to Outsider my heart skipped a beat. I had considered Outside to be not merely the greatest fan made fighting fantasy book but the outright greatest fighting fantasy book ever made, and were it not for the Fabled Lands, possibly the greatest gamebook ever.

But I found this sequel jarring and disapointing.

First why is this a sequel to Outsider? It not only has nearly zero connection to Outsider but the tone is wildly, wildly and jarringly different. Outsider was an epic about seeking your identity and possible redemption and this is... a dungeon crawler where you mostly go from one encounter to another with jarringly modern speech and loads of awkward 4th wall jokes? I get you probably wanted to do something different, but announcing this as a sequel and having a seemingly serious intro only to lead into this was very jarring. It's like if Citizen Kane was followed up with a romantic comedy that only mentioned something from that film in passing

The party mechanics were interesting (though not integrated into the play as well as it could have been but I felt it was a serious dick move to have the player pick 3 out of 5 companions
, there were too many blind choices for which door to walk through luck (the stat and thing in real life) played a distressingly large part in this book

Thu Feb 1 07:10:14 2018
Was my message deleted? I Left a long and thoughtful hit submit and now its gone

Thu Feb 1 07:12:52 2018
Never mind it was just a gltich with my browser

Sun Feb 4 15:56:35 2018
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Wow, not what I was expecting compared to outsider. Pretty darn funny, though. I'm off to try a few more times.

Paul Mc
Mon Feb 5 22:35:32 2018
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
I died. Basically I took a priest with me as one of my companions and it turned out he was Donald Trump with the red button and he blew the planet up.

Tue Feb 6 20:40:36 2018
While I'll happily take the blame for all the other shortcomings of this book the priest didn't directly blow the place up, it was the forces of light as part of a mutually assured destruction escalation or some alright fudge or something.

Thu Feb 15 17:54:08 2018
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
This game is very random, everyhting in the game is randomly st and some times the enemy's stamina doesn't decrease while mine does, this is ridiculous.

Fri Mar 2 20:48:33 2018

The reason your stamina decreases while the enemy's doesn't always is because during attack rounds if you don't roll a higher attack number than your enemy, your stamina decreases. If you roll an equal number to the enemy's attack, it remains the same, while a greater number will decrease the enemy's by 2 or higher, depending on what weapon you have. I assume you've played these games before but wanted to let you know in case you hadn't. Also, on to Mission 2!

Fri Mar 2 23:47:14 2018
Thanks but, mission 2? The one review above was sufficiently above as to briefly make me consider quitting altogether. This was only a brief thought, I would still consider continuing on its own merits, but I've not written anything for a long time and my circumstances have changed permanently. Perhaps I might write again one day.

'There hasn't been a gunfight for a long time maybe never but nobody knows for sure.'

Sat Mar 10 16:26:02 2018
I liked the mission quite a lot Gavin.

It was a sharp, short adventure and I liked the banter with the dragons. The comparisons to Outsider are unfair, this book is just fine on its own merits. Also chuckled when:


Could have been a bit longer or fleshed out, but I did enjoy the character designs - especially Jori, Shira and the black dragon - and the protagonist is interesting as an ex-necromancer as well. Would enjoy seeing a follow up with the same cast.

The randomness didn't seem too unfair or egregious, and freshened up the combat some.

Fri Mar 16 02:44:34 2018

I wasn't trying to rush you for Mission 2, I hope that didn't come across as me doing that. I'm just excited for the story to continue and am really hoping for something to develop between you and the fighter, but I do understand that circumstances change. Don't let naysayers get you down, there will always be people that find something to complain about. With that in mind, this was excellent and most of us enjoyed it immensely. I hope all is well.

Sat Mar 24 00:11:38 2018
Thanks to all who posted comments, positive or negative (I read the TV Tropes entry 'Dear Negative Reader' today) I cannot argue but that all your comments are valid, whether positive or negative; still, the story is what it is, and I feel it has its own life. Whether I will ever type out any more of it is something else.

Fri Apr 6 22:31:42 2018
Started Faustius

Crusto Yuckdunk
Mon Apr 16 23:20:26 2018
Star - optimum ending reached
I fought with Jori, Maggot, and Sera the Fighter. For the win!

Henry Chandler
Thu Apr 26 20:59:44 2018
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Very enjoyable... well until my entire party was killed. Will try again.

Henry Chandler
Thu Apr 26 21:07:30 2018
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
OK, this time, not so much did I enjoy this round. The cleric reacted a bit too eager and was served with a devastating loss of his hand, but really, the forces of Light and Good work by simply nuking things?? Oh, well. Third time may be the charm.

Henry Chandler
Thu Apr 26 21:12:28 2018
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Um...o-okay. This was not expected. I guess the rogue would have been more or less one to get back-stabbed from, but the ranger? Really?!?

Well, if at first you don't succeed...

Henry Chandler
Thu Apr 26 21:16:53 2018
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Welp... can't seem to win by subterfuge or by outright attacking at full strength. Not sure how to continue with this. But continue, I will.

Henry Chandler
Thu Apr 26 21:19:03 2018
Skull - non-optimum ending reached

Henry Chandler
Thu Apr 26 21:36:02 2018
Star - optimum ending reached
LEFT! OMG! LEFT! is that really what was needed???

Henry Chandler
Thu Apr 26 21:37:49 2018
Skull - non-optimum ending reached

Fri Apr 27 14:09:42 2018

Wed May 2 22:19:52 2018
Did anyone read Day in the Life by the way?

Sun May 27 23:52:04 2018
Skull - non-optimum ending reached


Mon May 28 06:52:04 2018
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
OK, this is my first attempt. Got killed by the altar that blew up in a mushroom cloud. Still don't know what it is, though.

It can't be a nuclear weapon or antimatter bomb, since a blast from those things would follow Sedov's laws, whereas the "blast radius expands with the speed of light" for whatever was under that altar. Maybe a miniature blob of neutron matter accelerated to 0.999c?

In any case, I hope I'll learn what that was in a future attempt!

Mon May 28 14:30:26 2018
Given that I have never heard of any of this the best conclusion is 'a wizard did it'

Tue May 29 02:25:22 2018
True - living in the real world too long has dulled my imagination.

Tue May 29 19:09:16 2018
Star - optimum ending reached
For some reason I left this up for a few days before finally writing this comment. This was a nice quick play, and for that it did really well. I'm still certain I missed a few things and might come back to find the rest of them, but what I did find, I enjoyed. The choice of who you take onto your team is really great. Don't really have anything bad to say, except maybe show what your teammates stats are somewhere. 99/100

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