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Midnight Deep
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Midnight Deep

Tue Aug 12 02:07:34 2003
hi i love this site and i have played all the games you have just a couple of questions

1 do you plan on doing any more

2 would it be possible for you to make all the games you have done avalible for download?
Thanks Rory. Are you saying that you've finished all the games? Even Hellfire?

To answer your questions:

1 - Yes.

2 - Anything's possible, but it's not as straightforward as you may think. I don't have any plans to do this in the forseeable future. However, you can download the gamebooks in their original format - see the 'downloads' and 'links' pages.

Thu Aug 14 06:26:26 2003
no i havent finnished them all but i cant seem to finnish midnite deep any hints? please
Whereabouts are you stuck?

Mon Aug 18 05:02:13 2003
well when i get to the ruins and try to go through the doors it say i cant and its game over what do i do
I'm not keen to just give out answers as that obviously diminishes the games. But since you asked nicely, and because my adaptation effectively makes Midnight Deep harder than it was initially, here's some advice. Hopefully, armed with this you'll be able to solve the puzzle by yourself.


I hope that's enough to get you through the ruins. The second half of the game is much easier.

Mon Aug 25 08:30:53 2003
yes that helped alot thankyou

Jeff Sinasac
Sun Oct 10 02:21:21 2004
I really enjoy playing the various adventures here. Wanted to tell you about an error I encountered while playing Midnight Deep though. (Sorry - I didn't have time to note the damned reference number!) It was while trying to sneak into the city of Tempest via some sewer grate. I had 7 luck points remaining and had to test. The computer rolled a 7 and I was told I was unlucky! Wondering if maybe the sequence of events was out of whack here - did it lower my luck, then make the test?

Jeff Sinasac
Thu Oct 14 01:09:00 2004
Huh. Actually, it's occurred several times in different adventures now. Have I been playing wrong all these years? You test your luck, THEN the luck lowers by one, right? Here it seems to lower, then test, which basically means you're permanently at 1 less Luck point than you should be...
No, you're right. I've fixed it now though.

Eliot Ball
Sat Jan 8 14:08:38 2005
I had a go at Midnight Deep but I died at 184. So far! The 400 referrences + books on this site take a Really long time to play; personaly I like the shorter ones. I am working on a 100 refference book at the moment, but wether it will be ready soon, (or wether I will actually finish it) is another question.

Eliot Ball
Mon Jan 10 14:06:06 2005
Another attempt at Mydnight Deep and I died at 396 this time. anyone got any tips?

I like the concept of loads of items for you to use in your adventure.

Jeff Sinasac
Tue Apr 26 00:17:06 2005
Took me 5 tries, but I just beat Midnight Deep. That was a lot of fun. Thank you, Hugh.

Gamebook Fanatic
Mon Jun 6 13:20:59 2005
Which alignment do you usually choose? Good, neutral or evil? Each one requires you to follow a different path, and each on requires you to pick up at least one vital item. Without spoiling the game too much for you, here are a few minor hints:

Good: You need to visit Tempest to pick up the vital item on this path. In order to get this item, you need to find to find another item earlier by killing a certain monster. The monster is quite near to Tempest itself, you'll probably meet it a few paragraphs before you reach the city. After collecting the item from the defeated monster, bring it to a certain shop in Tempest, and somone will use it to craft the object you need. For this path, I reccommend that you stick to the road until you reach Tempest.

Neutral: Okay, for this path, you do NOT stick to the road. First take the road through Varna, but steer off the road and avoid Tempest. This should enable to find the necessary item, though it might not look important at the time.

Evil: For this path, you should not even go near Varna. You should be travelling on one of the northern roads. The vital item lies in a place where most people won't choose to sleep in, but you'll get the option to spend the night there.

To site owner: By the way, I just replayed Midnight Deep, and realised that there used to be a map in your starting possession, but is no longer available. May I know why this is so? It may not be necessary, but I found it quite helpful in mapping your routes.
Thanks for pointing out the bug with the map, it's fixed now.

Mon Jun 6 16:31:08 2005
Hmm, I have chosen good and neutral before. I think I know what the neutral item is, but I suppose all I can do is try again. By the way, if anybody wants an easy, fun, gamebook, try Impudent Peasant. It is really simple to beat, but it is quite fun. Thanks again for the help

Mon Jun 6 20:00:51 2005
Yay, I just beat Midnight Deep. I chose the neutral path, I am wondering if you can beat it by choosing the good or evil paths? Thanks again for the help.

Gamebook Fanatic
Tue Jun 7 10:33:34 2005
Yes, you can beat it for all three paths. You just need to collect different items to win. I've beaten it for all three. I like the choice between different alignments for this game, but I was a bit disappointed by the fact that there seemed to be only one(successful) ending, no matter which path you choose.

I like Impudent Peasant too. For such a short book it's interesting and eventful. The lower initial stats don't matter at all since there are no really hard enemies, not even the final boss. I also feeel that the formula for rolling up your stats in this game is the one that Mr Paul Mason should have used when he wrote Crimson Tide. His formula was too harsh, and the player could end up with Skill 1, Stamina 2, with is plain ridiculous. It means your human character is as strong as a FLESH GRUB.

Gamebook Fanatic
Tue Jun 7 15:46:40 2005
Well, Impudent Peasant is still a new game, and I've only played it a few times, so I'm not sure if there are more successful endings, but personally I don't think there are, considering how short it is. Also there appeared to be only one clear goal in this game: to collect information of the invaders. I expected Midnight Deep to have more endings because of the different alignment storyline, which might have generated different goals at the end, but I was wrong. So far, I think there's only one gamebook here with multiple successful endings, and that's Outsider, which is my personal favourite (and probably the longest book so far).

As for Rebels of the Dark Chasms, it's rather short too, only slightly longer than Impudent Peasant I believe. Once again, I don't think i should reveal too much. I'll just say that, unlike I.P, this one has a rather rigid path to success, and also more demanding in terms of your SKILL score. I didn't enjoy this as much, but that's just my personal opinion.

Mon Nov 14 18:19:27 2005

Alright, somebody tell me what I need to have to pass through the doors in the ruins. I've tried the Ankh with every 'token of friendship' I can find, and the skull with every battle trophy I can muster.
Also, how do you rescue the woman trapped in the magical tower?

Tue Nov 15 00:05:35 2005
never mind, figured it out

THe Nameless One
Thu Nov 17 23:29:32 2005
There are certain actions you have to do based on the path you choose near the beginning, good, evil. or balance. I don't know how to do the sopiler thing with my screen reader, so I will leave it at that.

Fri Nov 18 07:37:50 2005

Fri Nov 18 22:56:22 2005
but about the broad in the tower...

The Nameless One
Sat Nov 19 05:45:30 2005
Try as many paths as you can. Don't try to hard witht the girl in the tower, there are far more important things to worry about.

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