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Impudent Peasant!
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Bodies In The Docks
House Of Horror
Rebels Of The Dark Chasms
Midnight Deep
Lair Of The Troglodytes
The Trial Of Allibor's Tomb

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Bodies In The Docks

Sat May 7 05:09:17 2016
Star - optimum ending reached
many ending, much unsatisfied. wow

Mon Aug 15 13:08:09 2016
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Wonderfull story with a distinct Lovecraftian feel. I died just as things started to get interesting though. But i will definitely replay this. Good work!

Thu Nov 24 17:51:38 2016
Star - optimum ending reached
Way to win

Fri Jun 2 01:14:43 2017
I love re-playing this, from time to time...

no name
Tue Jun 13 08:21:30 2017
Star - optimum ending reached
Hmm, too short for my liking, and the ending seems to be rushed. I would play through book 2 if there is such a thing, though. Stats for my game: Skill, 12, HP, 17, Luck, 7, Sanity, 11

Tue Jul 11 22:53:53 2017
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Atmospheric and well-written but the program didn't let me use my Tommy-Gun so I died.

Thu Jul 13 03:47:39 2017
Back in the day Per Jorner used to take the Michael about how part of the plot line of this was you couldn't have your tommy gun in polite society.

Thu Jul 13 18:25:09 2017
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Combat is bad, literally no damage done each round but I was taking damage just fine

Thu Jul 13 22:41:59 2017
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
I was amazing story and game. I wish I had not used the first aid kit, and had used the throw the kinfe before the kill me.

I probably play again later,because i really want to know why the woman appears and whats on the plan of the cultists.

My first attempt
Fri Jul 14 00:24:05 2017
Well, I got played for a fool... guess I'll try again

Tue Nov 21 19:24:44 2017
Star - optimum ending reached
Wow. Extreme kudos for the intricate gameplay and diversity with occupation and proficiency. This is one of those well written stories that teases you with little bits you pick up each time you run through it. Battles and weaponry was impressive too. Good job hooking me through the end. 99/100

Tue Nov 28 23:54:01 2017
Star - optimum ending reached

Fri Dec 29 17:38:41 2017
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Aaaaargl, these cultists are brutal!

A very nice experience to play Bodies in the Docks, but why Gilgamesh in the role of Dagon? He is not related to water or sea in my knowledge.

Sun Dec 31 18:30:19 2017
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Liked the story and the HP Lovecraft setting. Combat seemed a little unfair however. There should be an option to runaway if you don't believe you can win.

Mr. Reaper
Wed Jul 25 22:30:57 2018
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Well, that was lame. I go to the town, do lots of investigating, meet a guy on the docks to learn more, then get attacked by two cultists each with skill 7. My skill is 11 (great), but I have a -3 modifier for some reason in this fight, so I get killed, even though I should be an incredible fighter -- I took the Brawling skill. My Stamina was 19 (average) but there was little chance I could win this fight vs 2 opponents while suffering a -3 modifier.

Lame lame lame to end the game with my very first fight.

Andrč M. Pietroschek
Wed Oct 10 21:16:01 2018
My quest to make Simon Osborne return, do a revision or grant license for us to patch it up, continues...

There is so much wonderful artwork about the Cthulhu myth by now, and not half of it greedily commercial stuff.

Fri Feb 15 09:58:44 2019
I really like the plot of the story! I just find it extremely difficult to move on the story sometimes and it took me a while to work it out... But otherwise it's really great!

Sat Mar 9 11:56:46 2019
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
killed fightng cultists :(

Sun Aug 4 11:24:53 2019
I run this gamebook as an RPG adventure various times during these last years, but this time I had a surprise: the players actually asked me a copy of a map of Portsmouth (as it was in the 20s), as it is mentioned in the game.
Fair enough, I thought, and, with the help of internet, I quickly summoned it.
I was greatly surprised to see that the docks in Protsmouth do not go directly into the ocean, but they go into a river that goes into the ocean through some kind of lock (have a look at it: https://maps.francisfrith.com/pop/portsmouth-1919_pop809907.png)
This way the sea born creatures have to queue with all other boats to get access to the docks through the locks!!!
Is this going to spoil all narrative? How can I explain it in a meaningful way?

Sun Aug 4 14:17:31 2019
I am using this gamebook as a basis for a RPG adventure (it's not the first time), but this time the players asked me a map of Portsmouth as mentioned in the text.
Fair enough, I thought and I found on line a map of Portsmouth dated 1919 (a century ago!) and I was very surprised when I realized the the port (and docks) of Portsmouth isn't directly open to the ocean! They are rather on a river (on the back side of Portsmouth, to make it easy) and that river is connected to the ocean through a key.
I think this may impact the action in this adventure, as the lovecraftian fish-heads will have to queue wit merchant boats outside the key until they are allowed to pass... what do you think?

Wed Aug 21 02:58:35 2019
Star - optimum ending reached
Good one! I enjoyed this one quite a lot.

Fri Oct 11 12:39:22 2019
Hello, any ideas of how I can manage, converting this gamecock into a RPG adventure, the fact that the docks of Portsmouth are not on the ocean?
I need some help.

Wed Nov 13 13:15:17 2019
On the map from 1919, I can't find any place that would really fit the following description:

You walk down the cobbled street, noting the fearful glances you seem to be receiving from the locals. Yet no one approaches you, and you are left to your own devices. After a few hundred yards, the street turns sharply right, and you are walking against the seawall. To your left beyond the seawall, the high tide laps against the beach, the only sound you can hear. Portsmouth, once a thriving resort, is now a deserted ghost town.

Further along the promenade, a pier stretches out to sea, though as you draw nearer, you see that it is roped off, abandoned and derelict: another testimony to the decay of this once great city.

It is another half a mile until the promenade becomes rougher, and the guesthouses are replaced by large, grey buildings, warehouses. Soon you come to the docks, though there are few ships here today. Out to sea, you think you spot a trawler making its way out from the harbour. At the end of a rough wooden jetty you spot a number of fishermen loading a small boat, evidently ready for an excursion upon the majestic sea. Aside from this, there is no movement, no sound in this abandoned and derelict part of town.

Wed Nov 20 20:31:59 2019
Star - optimum ending reached
Oops, most interesting fist part, bit of an abrupt ending.

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