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A Day In The Life
Rise Of The Night Creatures
New Day Rising
Bloodsworth Bayou
Golem Gauntlet
Shrine Of The Salamander
A Flame In The North
A Shadow In The North
Escape Neuburg Keep
Any Port In A Storm
Below Zero Point
Tales From The Bird Islands
The Ravages Of Fate
Nye's Song
A Knight's Trial
Return To G15-275
Devil's Flight
Above The Waves
The Curse Of Drumer
The Word Fell Silent
A Strange Week For King Melchion The Despicable
Sharkbait's Revenge
Tomb Of The Ancients
A Midwinter Carol
The Dead World
Waiting For The Light
Contractual Obligation
Garden Of Bones
The Hypertrout
The Golden Crate
In The Footsteps Of A Hero
Soul Tracker
Planet Of The Spiders
Beggars Of Blacksand
The Diamond Key
Wrong Way Go Back
Hunger Of The Wolf
Isle Of The Cyclops
The Cold Heart Of Chaos
The Black Lobster
Impudent Peasant!
Curse Of The Yeti
Bad Moon Rising
Riders Of The Storm
Bodies In The Docks
House Of Horror
Rebels Of The Dark Chasms
Midnight Deep
Lair Of The Troglodytes
The Trial Of Allibor's Tomb

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Riders Of The Storm

Walker Long
Wed Jun 19 13:36:34 2013
You are correct. I just need to find it again. However, I also keep getting nailed by the Fire guy also. Quite a challenge . Thanks. Walker

Wed Jun 19 17:21:22 2013
I thought the fire guy didn't insta-kill you? Just really damaged you.

Walker Long
Thu Jun 20 16:37:29 2013
Nope, Fire Elemental blast you to death or you can ... I did that died. There these fairies that first like me then don't then they turn into Fallen ******. They spit and I die. Sigh...

Thu Jun 20 18:16:10 2013
You can get past the fallen angels. Just don't walk through fairy dust and they'll ignore you.

Thu Jun 20 18:17:36 2013
You can get past the fallen angels. Just don't walk through fairy dust and they'll ignore you.

In other news, my exams are finished! Just have to wait until August for the results.

Wed Jun 26 11:53:44 2013
Too bad the book is still damn near impossible :-D

Walker Long
Thu Jun 27 14:10:28 2013
Hi, in Riders and have gotten the correct info for the Fire Elemental and mett Suma and all. Now I keep going into the cave and squish. Any tips or hints would be really helpful. Thanks, Walker

Thu Jun 27 17:03:51 2013
Not 100% sure what that part is, but I remember getting squished so I'll assume it's that part.

Did you attack the man very near the beginning of the book? The one that summons some fire monster to kill you? If you did, you're screwed, because you need him alive and well to save you later on. I think that might be the problem.

Walker Long
Fri Jun 28 12:12:04 2013
Thank you! I'll check him out. But I did like that little guy with his hand together...

Walker Long
Mon Jul 1 13:08:32 2013
Well got the fire sprite to help and now the Shadow Stealer! Help!

Mon Jul 1 14:28:02 2013
Use a lantern or 'Fire' sword to kill it. Unfortunatly, I never progressed past that part yet, so I can't answer any further questions :-(

But something has just come into my head just now...


Walker Long
Mon Jul 22 12:27:14 2013
Hi, I am in the second section of"Riders"and the second time I hit the Golden Line I need to throw somthing on the line. I thought it may be somthing "Dark,:" but haven't got it yet. Any suggestions?Thanks, Walker

Walker Long
Tue Jul 23 12:07:50 2013
I guess is is a golden line. When you walk on it faces laugh at you and then you die. What do I need to throw on the line to not die. Thanks!'

Phil Sadler
Tue Jul 23 12:38:12 2013
To get past the faces

Walker Long
Wed Jul 24 11:17:36 2013
Phil, I stopped going through the dust as the "Faries" show their true selves and turn me to stone. It says that I can throw something on the golden line the second time I hit it or it's partner golden line. What do I need to throw?
Thanks for the help, Walker

Phil Sadler
Wed Jul 24 15:11:40 2013
Sorry I got confused: the faces:


Walker Long
Wed Aug 7 17:51:21 2013
Hi, I am still in "Riders" and that golden light line is a problem. I walk around it the first time and the second time it says I can only hit it with my sword (*SPOILER* death or throw somthing into it. What can I throw, I have tried almost everything. Thanks if you can help.

Thu Aug 8 08:36:07 2013

You walk *in* the light the first time, not around it.

Walker long
Mon Aug 12 16:21:41 2013
First, I did not get sad or unhappy with the problem and I had no problem eating, I was just a mean drunk. Secondly, In "Riders" I am fighting the, and loosing, the earth elemental. I don't have what I need to defeat it. Any help would be gratefully accepted!
Thanks, Walker

Phil Sadler
Tue Aug 13 06:51:36 2013
Earth elemental:


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