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Beggars Of Blacksand

by Al Sander

Beggars Of Blacksand Cover Illustration
Artwork © Zeppin
You are dreaming and it is the same dream every time. The intoxicating feeling of success, standing over your dead foe, it's like nothing you have ever felt before. You are triumphant, your powers are unmatched... but already you are doomed. You turn back the way you came. If only you had chosen differently, but no, it is too late now. Too late for anything but torment.

You awake, screaming. You look around in a panic, your mind still half dazed from your terrible dream. Everything is in order. Everything is in place. You slowly calm down and consider your situation. You are an unnamed beggar of the infamous Port Blacksand. You know nothing of your past except for a vague belief, fuelled by terrible dreams, that you were once someone important, someone powerful.

You own little of value. Your home, little more than a few pieces of sloped wood just sufficient to keep out the worst of the rain, is at the end of a small alleyway. It is just large enough to hold you and a few precious threadbare blankets. As terrible as your fading dreams were, it was not the nightmares that awoke you; you are more than used to them. It is the sound of footsteps coming from outside your hovel. Clutching your knife tightly in one hand you carefully peer out.

Additional Information

Your difficult life on the streets has taken its toll on you, you begin the game with SKILL and STAMINA scores way below their Initial values.

You start armed only with a knife, but you may acquire more weapons later. As usual, you can choose the one that you will use in battle by selecting in the list of possessions and clicking on USE.
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