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New Day Rising

by Gavin Mitchell

This is a sequel to Outsider!, though it works as a standalone gamebook in its own right.

It is a necromancer's castle. Skeletons complete every task from preparing meals to repair and maintenance, Ghouls and Zombies guard the thresholds against attackers, and Wraiths forever haunt the castle corridors.

And it is home.

You are Severian, only son of the master necromancer of this castle. Growing up schooled by Liches, you showed more interest in the weapon practice you received at the withered hands of armour-clad Wights. While your father expressed polite interest in you following in his footsteps in the necromantic arts, it was something in which you showed only cursory interest and mild enthusiasm, and your true inclination showed through when you read and reread tales of heroism in the books in the library, or begged again and again for your long-suffering, undying tutors to repeat those they knew. Tales of dragon-slaying, of warhammers lost and regained, of dungeons explored and mastered, of worlds saved from destruction again and again.

You wanted to be an adventurer.

Despite your fatherís gentle interjections about the ease of the necromancerís life and the hardships and danger of that of the adventurer, you continue to practice your weapon training avidly (focussing on your favourite, the two-handed greatsword) and barely manage to stay awake during your lessons of a more arcane nature. At last he good naturedly confesses defeat and tells you to follow your dream if that is what you want.

You need no further encouragement. Taking some adventuring supplies and plenty of money, you head off to the most advanced and populous city in the region and whose Adventurers' Guild is considered most worthy of note.


Additional Information
You begin the game armed only with your sword. Should you acquire more weapons, you will need to decide which one to use. To switch to another weapon, select it in the possessions list and click on USE.
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