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Lair Of The Troglodytes

by Andrew Wright

Since the dawn of time, say the priests of the Small Demons, the Troglodytes had dwelled in the dwarven halls of the Mountain of Fire. Pickings were rich and the dwarves - "fat and complacent" - easy prey for a few well armed Trog hunters. Then the wizard came from the south and the dwarves fell before him. Great in his evil, he scoured the halls for recruits and the Trogs suffered under his bullying minions. One clan, led by the devious Akhuz of the Golden Spear, fled the Mountain of Fire, across the plain of green blades.

Here, the clan came across a faint stench of evil wafting up from an outcrop of rock and Akhuz investigated, discovering an ancient crypt. They took up residence and the Clan of Akhuz was born, a warren of tunnels infesting a dank backwater room of the crypt. They were not alone however, for haunting the central tomb was an evil malicious spirit that the Clan soon learned to avoid. In addition, numerous beasts wandered in from the waving green blades, making their lairs in other rooms, and if this wasn't enough, the occasional Big Folk ventured into the stone chambers, killing some of the resident creatures but causing the Trogs to seek shelter in their tunnels. The most powerful of these Big Folk, a bearded sorcerer with a gilded staff, came across Akhuz one day, who was out on a solo hunting expedition, back in the days when Ilkya the Hag was but an apprentice priestess. Akhuz, confidently brandishing his Golden Spear, challenged the sorcerer and was slain for his troubles. His magical spear was lost and the tribe floundered under a series of despotic chieftains following his death.

The latest in this long line of ratbrained tyrants is Chief Vurg, an old yet ruthless Trog of ever-increasing girth. His last dictate was to send the three greatest heroes (some would say Vurg’s three greatest rivals) on an expedition to explore the nether reaches of the crypt in a bid to recover the Golden Spear, that Vurg claimed to have seen in a holy vision. These heroes, Bosha the Bad, Gazoul, and Kursh Notch Ear, failed miserably, with only the now insane Gazoul returning, screaming about flaming eyes and magical rings. He disappeared shortly after, presumed drowned in the Well.

YOU are Skuznut, the fourth greatest hero of the Clan of Akhuz, although somewhat given over to drunkenness following the deaths of your comrades, and your mission is simply to survive a day in the life of a failed, has been Trog warrior.

Additional Information
You start this escapade with the following statistics:


Pick your jaw up. And yes, no LUCK. Sorry. Combat remains the same, unfortunately for you. The local currency in this Trog hovel is the canine teeth of victims, known affectionately as 'tusks'. Keep an eye on these when you acquire them - they are important. Lastly, although it shouldn't really be said, think like a Troglodyte. Small, mean, and very nasty...
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