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Nye's Song

by Robert Douglas

In 1757, British victory at Plassey wrought a cataclysm upon the world and mankind came close to extinction. However, even Kali - dark goddess of death - was confounded by such stoic resistance. The year is now 1905. YOU play Captain William Nye of the Warwick garrison - a disgruntled veteran about to embark on his next mission...

Artwork © Adrian Kleinbergen
The dreadnought's engines cut out. Not again... you groan in dismay. What have we stopped for this time? The constant sway of the armoured vehicle traversing pot-holed terrain had sent you into a blissful doze. Then, a sudden rap at the cabin door. "Yes," you growl, "what is it?"

"Sorry to disturb you, sir. But we've picked up a distress call on the radio. You asked to be informed as soon as we'd found something..."

"Yes, yes, so I did. Thanks, Eddie. I'll be out momentarily."

You sigh heavily. Already, you regret giving such an order. God's teeth - this had better not be a Shadow-prank like last time... barely an hour ago three men were lost in an ambush. Good men. Left behind for that sadistic Thuggee necromancer to resurrect. We can't even bury our dead nowadays! Dark humour apart, it's still a troubling thought: Kali's minions must know about that musician... curse his eyes! And just what was he thinking? Going for a stroll in Shadow-infested countryside? Is he just another blues artist with a suicide complex? Now, here we are on a joyride, demons toying with us. Ah well! Just another day in Hell...
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