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Fighting Fantasy Rules

This is a brief description of the basic rules of Fighting Fantasy, and how they are applied here. It is not necessary to know any of this in order to play the gamebooks on this site. In fact, whether you are familiar with Fighting Fantasy or not, I would recommend just having a go and referring back here only if confused.

Skill, Stamina and Luck
The first thing that is done at the start of every game is to obtain values for SKILL, STAMINA and LUCK.

SKILL: Roll one die and add six
STAMINA: Roll two dice and add twelve
LUCK: Roll one die and add six
Here, of course, all the dice rolling is done for you.

The initial values are important. While all three will fluctuate throughout the game, the attributes may rise above their initial values in exceptional circumstances only.

Your SKILL reflects your expertise in combat, your dexterity and agility. Your STAMINA score reflects how healthy and physically fit you are - and should it fall to zero, you die. Your LUCK score indicates how lucky you are.

A standard Fighting Fantasy concept is to be invited to Test your luck. This involves rolling two dice. If the result is less than or equal to your current LUCK, you are "Lucky" and, presumably, better things will happen than if you'd been "Unlucky". Whatever the outcome, you lose 1 LUCK point as part of this process.

Similarly, you can also be faced with Test your skill or (rarely) Test your stamina. It's exactly the same principle, except that no automatic deduction of a point of either SKILL or STAMINA takes place. The other difference is that when STAMINA gets tested, four dice get rolled.

There's a lot of fighting. This is the most complicated aspect of the game. You know you're in a fight when you see something like:


Basically, what happens is you roll two dice. The sum of this and your SKILL is your Attack Strength. You do the same for your opponent. Whoever has the highest Attack Strength wounds the other. Generally this means a deduction of two STAMINA points, but there are exceptions.

One more piece of terminology, the above process constitutes one Attack Round. Usually you repeat until someone's STAMINA drops to zero (death).

The software does all this for you. All you need to do here is click on Fight - or possibly Escape (see below).

Sometimes you may be given the option of running away from a battle should things be going badly for you. However, if you do run away, your opponent automatically gets in one wound on you as you flee. Such is the price of cowardice!

Fighting More Than One Opponent
Sometimes you may end up fighting more than one opponent simultaneously. In these situations you choose which of your enemies to target at the start of each Attack Round. This is done simply by clicking on the Fight link next to the opponent of your choice.

The combat proceeds as described above, but you can only inflict damage on your chosen target. Winning the attack round against the others merely means avoiding injury.

Using LUCK In Battles
In the original Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks you were allowed to Test your luck to attempt to change the amount of STAMINA points deducted when inflicting or sustaining a wound in battle. However this feature has not been incorporated here, and almost certainly never will be.

Your possessions are displayed in a drop-down box at the right hand side of the page, next to a button marked USE.

More often than not, the text will tell you when to use an object and offer you a link to click on. Some objects, typically provisions, potions and spells are used by selecting them and clicking on USE. Note that you cannot do this in the middle of a fight.

Here you will generally be told how to use such an item when you acquire it. What you won't necessarily be told is exactly when to use it, although there may be clues. A puzzle that appears unsolvable as all options lead to disaster may require the judicious use of an object in the right place.