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Soul Tracker

by Gaetano Abbondanza

Author's Introduction
In this adventure, you play the part of Mark Ghostview. Those who know you, when describing you to others, might mention the fact that you usually don a knee-length leather jacket and wide-brimmed hat and that you are usually armed. These are superficial descriptions. What is more likely to be mentioned is the look in your eyes - interpreted by some as a grim resolution, by others as a pained expression signifying an underlying anger and torment. In any case, your appearance usually causes most people in all but the roughest areas to give you a wide berth. However, those whom you have saved from the terrors of the void are very glad to have you around. Thus far, supernatural sightings have been rare enough to the point that those who claim to have encountered these beings are ridiculed and dismissed as charlatans, liars, or insane. You, however, know enough of the truth to carry out your thankless deeds, buoyed by the cold arms of vengeance. The story takes place in a world somewhat like our own, but with many notable differences...

I always enjoy hearing from readers. If you have any thoughts, questions, or comments about anything related to this adventure, feel free to drop me a line at pericles23@aol.com.

This gamebook uses a different set of rules to Fighting Fantasy. Here is a brief explanation of what is going on.

Life Points
Your life score represents your current state of health. Your starting score is 10; this denotes maximum health and thus your score can never exceed this number. Throughout the adventure, you are likely to find yourself bruised, bloodied, pummeled, battered, shot, stabbed, burned and/or beaten. This will have an adverse effect on your health and so your life point total will decrease. Furthermore, your ability to perform tasks will be impaired - this will be taken account of in your skill scores. If your score falls to 0, you have been killed, so drink a beer or two to decompress, and then begin afresh with a new character.

Your attributes and ability to perform various tasks are called "skills". You will decide how proficient you are at each one. There are 5 skills to familiarize yourself with:

Weaponcraft - Your degree of shooting proficiency; your ability to create or repair a weapon; your ability to use and manipulate mechanical objects.

Awareness - Your level of cognizance of your surroundings; your skill at processing information and reaching intelligent conclusions in a timely manner; your ability to think on your feet and improvise.

Constitution - Your overall level of physical fitness and endurance; your ability to perform strenuous physical tasks; your ability to absorb and withstand physical punishment.

Co-ordination - Your level of agility and flexibility; your reaction time; your skill level at performing acrobatic feats such as climbing or leaping onto a moving object; your ability at driving and maneuvering your motorcycle; your dexterity at performing several tasks at once

Drive - Your level of resolution, determination and willpower. Your ability to resist the influence of the dark forces you will encounter; your bravery in the face of death. This skill is unique in that it will actually increase if wounded - unlike most people, your resolution becomes greater when you are under duress.

Your arsenal consists of the following:

Adley's "Tuesday Morning Special" Triple Barrel Rifle
30 shot capacity, one-pump single shot or selective triple shot, side lever release, automatic ejection.
Supernatural Mode: Discharges a 10 to 15 second beam of negative ionic energy capable of displacing non-corporeal life forms.
Special Features: This weapon contains a mounted spectroscope capable of revealing the outlines of supernatural beings to the viewer under any lighting condition or lack thereof. A great all around weapon.

Zevatek-12 High Precision Shotgun
28 inch barrel length, full pistol-grip stock, ventilated recoil pad.
Supernatural Mode: Spits out a cloud of negative ionic energy capable of disrupting the fabric of non-corporeal life forms. In addition, will create a temporary (up to 10 second) screen directly in front of the shooter following each shot; this screen is invisible to the naked eye and functions as an impassible barrier in regards to supernatural beings.
Special Features: "Universal Kill" - Contains a hidden mechanism that, when triggered by the shooter, will set off a depth charge powerful enough to destroy everything within a 10,000 square foot radius. A devastating weapon.

Thompson "Tommy" M1927 Submachine Gun
Rate of fire = 17 rounds per second, easy to control recoil, continuous automatic reloading.
Supernatural Mode: Fires multiple beams of negative ionic energy in a 180 degree swath, capable of puncturing and thus destroying the fabric of non-corporeal beings.
Special Features: "Plasma Blast" - When triggered by the shooter, this weapon will rapidly accumulate all of its remaining energy and unleash a searing wave of death capable of liquefying everything in its path up to a range of 90 feet. Once this is done, the weapon is non-functional in supernatural mode until fully recharged. The best weapon for multiple targets.

M99 Glock Military Style Pistol
Short recoil, polymer frame & integral grips, adjustable for windage and elevation.
Supernatural Mode: Capable of firing twin beams and/or short bursts of negative ionic energy.
Special Features: This weapon comes as a pair, the fact that you carry two of them means that you can defend yourself against enemies attacking from opposite directions; also, you have the advantage of shooting one-handed if you are in a tight spot (or if you are on your motorcycle and need to shoot something or someone). Also, this is the weapon to have if you are ever attacked simultaneously by human and supernatural foes, since normal bullets will not harm supernaturals and ionic particles will not harm human beings.
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