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Tomb Of The Ancients

by Stuart Lloyd

Your mother is sobbing. Again. Today is the day you have decided to leave home. The last five years of your life have been terrible. You were once part of a well respected noble house of Salamonis, the house of Holas. Your abode in the city used to be a warm welcoming place, bustling with servants and guests. That was before your father decided to seek the tomb of your ancestors. Now it is cold and empty. Your father rarely appears from the cellar and when he does, he just shouts at you and your mother.

It is rumoured that every Royal house of Salamonis has a silver medallion going back to the days of the city's founding. These medallions hold the spirits of the royal families so the living head of the family can draw upon the wisdom of the ancestors. Five years ago, your father, the great and noble Sir Galros Holas decided to find your family's medallion. Your father was a hero to the city. He was a great and generous leader and had earned many medals in battle. You used to go hunting and jousting with him. So when he went on this expedition, many soldiers volunteered to join him. He took half a dozen men with him and a court sorcerer, known as Zaphos. Zaphos had used scrying on the area around Salamonis and in one of his visions, he discovered the location of the tomb. With much cheering and optimism, the party went to find the house of your ancestors.

Two weeks passed and your father did not return. Your mother started to worry. After a month, a sense of despair had fallen upon the house. Your mother had given up hope. But then one day, he returned. Your father, cut and bruised, staggered through the gates of Salamonis. He was barely alive.

His expedition had been attacked by a tribe of orcs. He had slain many orcs, but many more came. The rest of his companions were killed. After this, your father told you never to speak of the medallion again.

But this was not the end of it. The old hero of Salamonis started to become withdrawn. He never went hunting or jousting and just spent all his time in the cellar. He became cold towards your mother and barely spoke to you. He started striking servants and screaming at them for the tiniest mistakes. After time, no one was left to care for your house. Your mother had to slave all day to cook the meals and clean the place. You were learning soldiery at the Salamonis academy. Your father didn't care. He only commented on how worthless you were.

So after five years, you tell your parents that you are leaving to be an adventurer and have a better life. Your mother is distraught, but your father barely bats an eyelid. 'Good riddance!' is all he can say while reading a huge tome. You then tell him that you are going to seek the medallion of his ancestors. At the mention of it, he becomes livid 'Listen you worm! If you go looking for that, you'd better never come back, because I swear I will kill you!' You feel terrible at these words, but you are determined to restore things as they used to be. You grab a bag of gold pieces you have been saving and a map of the Flatlands and leave the house hoping to make the world better.
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