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Rebels Of The Dark Chasms

by Steven Taylor

Artwork © Russ Nicholson
Life has changed greatly for you over the last couple of months. Orghuz and his vile Khuddam rose from the depths of the Chasms of Malice, but this mattered little to you. He stole the True Shield from Gorak Keep and released his Malice upon Gorak once more. But again, this mattered little to you. You were just a simple dwarf farmer living a simple life in your village and Gorak was a distant kingdom.

However, this all ended on a day you will never forget. Your simple home village was descended upon by an horde of Xokusai orcs and goblins, led by one of Orghuz's foul Khuddam servants. Your village was totally unprepared for the attack and the resistance against the invaders was pathetic. You fought well that day, taking out three Xokusai orcs and another four goblins. But the numbers were too great, and eventually even your defences weakened. A morning star collected you on the forehead and you were knocked unconscious.

When you awoke you found yourself chained up in the back of a cart in an underground cavern. All around was near darkness, and the cart was driven by three of your orc captors. You notice also that fellow dwarfs from you village filled the rest of the cart. Bardon, an old friend, explained that he overheard the orcs say they were in the dark chasms below Gorak, and being taken to be fitted with collars. All the faces in the cart all looked grim.

Suddenly a battle cry echoed through the cavern. Hope filled your eyes as you squinted into the near darkness to see a band of dwarfs led by a human female lay siege upon the cart. The orcs were cut to pieces in seconds and you were set free. Your rescuers claimed they were a resistance group and you were free to either join them or try to escape by yourself. You approached their female leader, introduced yourself and vowed to her your life. She was flattered and introduced herself as Aspra Smoothcheek.

Since then you have worked with Aspra and her rebel group. Over the weeks you gained a close friendship with Aspra, and she declared you as her second in command. Then one day she came up with a very risky plan to raid a Xokusai citadel. You had your doubts, but went ahead with the plan anyway. You led a diversionary force while Aspra led a second group to break in the citadel walls. Your diversion was successful, attracting a large number of orcs, but your group suffered heavy casualties. When you arrived back at camp, Aspra's group had not returned. Fearing the worst, you sent out scouts to find out what had happened. They returned with the grim news that Aspra's group had also encountered a large Xokusai force, led by a Khuddam. Aspra herself was taken prisoner in the citadel itself, while the rest of the group was mercilessly slaughtered.

Taking duty upon yourself, you have decided to set off alone and attempt to rescue Aspra from the evil Xokusai because she is your dear friend and you already owe her your own life. Putting Sallak in charge of things at the camp, you make your preparations and leave.

Additional Information
This adventure is a spin off of Chasms Of Malice. For those who haven't read it, the following brief definitions may help:

Gorak - minor kingdom that separates the toplands from the dark chasms below.

Gaddon - blind people who have lived for centuries in the dark chasms below Gorak.

Koyunlu - similar to horses, but able to live off roots and lichen found in the dark chasms.

Xokusai - elite army, consisting mainly of orcs, but also contain goblins, trolls and occasionally ogres. The Xokusai has recently been revived by the rise of Orghuz.

Khuddam - Orghuz's vile and powerful servants. Once the true shield is broken, they will multiply into uncontrollable hordes.
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