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Mon Feb 9 18:09:18 2015
The Diamond Key - Additional Challenges

Previously I introduced the 'additional challenge' mechanism to Sharkbait's Revenge and Isle Of The Cyclops. Now I've done the same for The Diamond Key. The challenges are mainly the ones suggested by Ulysses here and here but I've added a couple more. Despite what I said back then, it is now possible to get three fireswords.

You initiate the challenges by reaching the best ending in the usual way. Then, following the CONGRATULATIONS message you are presented with an ADDITIONAL CHALLENGES link. Click on this and you go back to the start of the game, but you now have a checklist of challenges to work your way through. It doesn't matter if you die on any subsequent attempt, you can keep going round and round until you are successful.

And by the way, I put Gilmore the Groat back in.

Play it here

Tue Feb 17 19:01:55 2015

I've added the following items to the Downloads page :

Dragon's Bane by Tammy Badowski, a 100-reference gamebook in which you play an Orc herbalist in Port Blacksand.

All thirteen gamebooks that make up Tales From The Bird Islands, zipped up in one archive. No attempt has been made to edit them so that they connect together seamlessly, so you will have to use your initiative if you want to play them in this format.

The old Amylase website, which no longer exists in any usable form as far as I can tell.

Tue Feb 17 20:38:39 2015

Dragon's Bane (Orc's Kitchen) has to be one of my favs in my collection, it was fun writing. I'm thinking of making a part two. Stay tuned....

Fri Feb 20 17:14:45 2015
Xshanaar Assassin

A new addition to the downloads page. In this 200 reference gamebook by Tammy Badowski you are a feline killer with the power of invisibility and Lord Azzur is your target.

Download it here

Fri Feb 20 17:17:34 2015
Shrine Of The Salamander

Here's another gamebook to play online. This is by Andrew Wright and it was originally in the second issue of Fighting Fantazine. It's a bit of a rarity in that it uses Sorcery! rules.

You are an adventuring forge-priest of Verlang, and have undertaken many perilous quests across Kakhabad at the behest of your god. You have stared down the Apes of Mauristatia. You have braved the Beastmen of Tinpang Valley. You have even infiltrated the Necromancers' Guild of Throben. But how will you fare in this, your most dangerous adventure? Will you survive the Shrine of the Salamander?

Play it here

Thu Feb 26 18:00:53 2015
Satan's Academy

Paul Mc's gamebook, subject of much discussion lately, is available to

Sun Mar 1 23:21:31 2015
Shrine Of The Salamander Artwork

Brett Schofield has kindly allowed his artwork to be used in the online version of Shrine Of The Salamander, so if you play it now there are loads of illustrations. If you want to see the pictures in their full glory though, you can either visit Brett's deviantArt page or download Fighting Fantazine issue 2 from here.

Mon May 18 21:43:38 2015
House Of Pain

In a surprise move, Phil 'Hellfire' Sadler, who has consistently maintained over the years that he would never write another gamebook, has written another gamebook.

It follows on from the events of Steve Jackson's House Of Hell. After escaping the house you found yourself locked up for the murder of its inhabitants. Unsure of your own sanity, you now return to the scene looking for answers.

Download it here

Sun Nov 22 21:05:49 2015
Golem Gauntlet

"I see you begin to understand... I found that I was capable of transferring the human consciousness directly into another form. I needed a subject - I need to know how much you can mentally endure before becoming insane." Seething with rage, you reach for Tey but pause as you see your outstretched arms. Your limbs, and apparently the rest of your body, now seem to be composed of clay. Imprisoned in a Clay Golem!

Now Simon Christopher Chapman's gamebook, a 2012 Windhammer competition entry which has been sitting on the downloads page for quite some time can be played online. Here it uses FF rules rather than the proprietary system of the original.

Play it here

Tue Nov 24 09:32:45 2015
Rise Of The Night Creatures

A new 200-reference gamebook from Tammy Badowski, featuring werewolves and other vivid horrors. Sadly, Tammy says that this will be the last gamebook that she writes.

Download it here

Tue Nov 24 09:41:25 2015
Satan's Academy

Paul Mc has provided an updated version of his gamebook, in which he has fixed errors and added some extra bits. He is very keen to get feedback on it, so if you have anything to say then please don't hold back.

Download the new version here.

Fri Nov 27 07:12:07 2015
Finally a new playable game - thank you!

Sat Dec 12 10:01:21 2015
Bloodsworth Bayou

Frenchman Street had been decked with lanterns last night, and the jazz clubs thronged with revellers, their faces made oddly skull-like by the half-lights. A bottle of Restoration Ale firmly in hand, you accidentally trod on somebody's foot when exiting the Black Cat. The girl was Creole, and young, and startlingly beautiful, but her mouth twisted into a snarl, and she muttered something under her breath...

This atmospheric gamebook by Cian Gill set in the swamps of Louisiana, which has been on the downloads page for several years, is now ready for online play.

Play it here

Sun Jan 3 23:11:45 2016
Outsider - Additional Challenges

For a start, Gavin's favourite ending now counts as a second successful ending for which you get a CONGRATULATIONS message and potentially a star in the guestbook.

I've also added a series of challenges in the manner of the ones that exist in several other gamebooks.

You initiate the challenges by reaching one of the two successful endings in the usual way. You are then presented with an ADDITIONAL CHALLENGES link which sends you back to the start of the game and gives you a checklist of challenges to work your way through. It doesn't matter if you die on any subsequent attempt, you can keep going round and round until you are successful.

Play it here

Fri Jan 15 07:09:09 2016
That's quite interesting - like new game + for video games and such.

Sun Jun 12 20:08:06 2016
The Maze Of Mheng

Andrew Wright has now written the fourth of his series of microadventures that began in the Fighting Fantasy Newsletter. It follows on from either Debacle At Dead Man's Inn or Into The Valley Of Halos.

I'll soon add it into Tales From The Bird Islands. For now, there are DOC and PDF versions available to download.

Wed Jun 29 19:32:54 2016
The Manse Of Mheng

Now Andrew Wright has added another microadventure, which as the name suggests follows on from The Maze Of Mheng. There are DOC and PDF versions available to download now, and before much longer it will also be playable online as part of Tales From The Bird Islands.

Sun Jul 10 19:06:51 2016
The Maze and the Manse of Mheng


Now both of Andrew Wright's new microadventures are part of Tales From The Bird Islands.

Mon Jul 11 19:47:25 2016
Temple Of The Bronze God

This is another very short gamebook by Andrew Wright, in which you play a Horntoad. It is a prequel to his Shrine Of The Salamander. There are DOC and PDF versions available to download.

Thu Sep 29 18:45:58 2016

Phil Sadler has written another gamebook. Not unsurprisingly, given the title, this is a prequel to Ian Livingstone's Deathtrap Dungeon. You are one of a group of adventurers hired by Baron Sukumvit to test his new creation.

Download it here

Sun Mar 12 14:50:55 2017
The Scarlet Thief

I've added the revised version of Ramsay Duff's merit-award winning Windhammer entry from 2013 to the downloads page.

Download it here

Sun Mar 12 15:03:34 2017
New Day Rising - The First Incoherent Adventure!

After well over a decade, Gavin Mitchell has produced the first episode of a kind-of-sequel to Outsider!

Download it here

Sun Mar 12 15:23:50 2017
Cheers Andy... It is a sequel in fact.

Thu Apr 6 15:19:25 2017
New Day Rising looks amazing. Will it be ported to the site?
Very likely. However, implementing the combat system as described (it features multiple allies each with their own special abilities) would represent an unfeasibly large amount of work. At the moment I'm leaning towards making a version with close to standard FF rules.

Wed Apr 12 01:24:43 2017
Wonderful. Thank you for yours and Gavin's hard work. Hope it will still have the allies!

To me, Outsider! is one of the best FF books, period.
It's the allies that are the main problem technically. Obviously they will remain in the story, but for fighting they'll all be rolled into a single entity with one set of SKILL and STAMINA. It will be a bit like Eddora in Outsider!

Wed Apr 12 04:14:55 2017
Thanks for the positive feedback, I have started the next incoherent adventure / mission though have yet to catch my stride with it. That said I needed a break after writing the first one directly following the other unpleasantness.

Andrč M. Pietroschek
Wed Sep 6 15:16:23 2017
One of the freeware CYOA sites made me consider sharing the news. I started working on my own solo-adventure, and I can report that:

- Usage is easy. Even a non-programmer can learn to use it within a maximum of 2 hours.

- FF adventures can be fully implemented, if you know a mini-software for the dice rolls, or use the depicted dice like in the originals on '.jpgs


I think it is a decent step forward to increase the author's reputation, as your solo adventures are complete, while my own barely started.

I hope it becomes a good experience for those who check it out, too.

Sat Dec 23 09:59:10 2017
New Day Rising

You are Severian, only son of the master necromancer of this castle. Growing up schooled by Liches, you showed more interest in the weapon practice you received at the withered hands of armour-clad Wights. At last your father good naturedly confesses defeat and tells you to follow your dream. Taking some adventuring supplies and plenty of money, you head off to the most advanced and populous city in the region... Altgarten.

Finally I've got the online version of Gavin Mitchell's sequel to Outsider! ready to play.

I feel I should manage expectations a little: this shouldn't in itself be compared to Outsider! as it is only small, if comparisons are drawn it should be with a single mission from Outsider!. Also, the rules are pretty much standard FF, rather than the complicated system described in the original. As ever, this is down to the amount of time it would take to make it happen.

Play it here

Fri Feb 23 07:55:57 2018
Nice to see a new book! It's been too long since the last one.

Sat Jun 2 11:24:05 2018
Rise Of The Night Creatures

"Where are you?" He whispered harshly and noticed his son on the floor. The tone that came next was almost welcoming. "Ah, there you are. It is time, so put your toy away and come here." The little boy kissed his teddy, got to his feet so he could place it in the crib, and his father lifted the axe up high over his head...

Tammy Badowski's werewolf-themed gamebook is ready to play.

Tue Jul 31 18:32:58 2018
A Day In The Life

Fleeing circumstances even more unpleasant than usual, you have come to Bloodstock, Britain's finest heavy metal festival. Your mission is to make it through the whole of Sunday and watch Megadeth; the band who, more than any other, have influenced your life. But beware! There are many factors out there to ruin your pure enjoyment, end your liberty or your very existence!

If you want to find out what Gavin Mitchell has been up to since he was a psychic assassin, play this tiny gamebook.

Wed Aug 22 19:30:27 2018
Sweet, 2 more new books!

Tue Apr 23 21:10:00 2019
New Day Rising - Another World

The second mission for Severian and his team. Download it here.

Tue Apr 23 21:17:54 2019
Tammy Gives and Takes Away

Four gamebooks by Tammy Badowski have been added to the Downloads page : Appointment with Lord Azzur, The House of Venus, The House Overlooking The River and Vegan Slut.

At the author's request, the following gamebooks have been removed : The Crimson Ark, The Dark Lord, The Loyal Servant, The Sleeping Dragon and Xshanaar Assassin.

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