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Bad Moon Rising

Davy Malay
Sun Nov 7 11:25:13 2004
Just stumbled across this page, and I'm very impressed with the online implementation of the Fighting Fantasy thing. Fantastic work, mate, seriously. Are you still making adaptons of ameteur gamebooks? I have something I wrote a whiles back that has yet to appear on the interweb, should you be interested....

I'm definitely interested. I can't guarantee an online adaptation - for example I may not find the time, or your gamebook might have rules too complicated for the software to handle - but at the very least I could put it on the download page if you like.

Davy Malay
Mon Nov 8 12:33:04 2004
Qualty, thanks in advance. It's only a small and simple kinda deal. So, shall I send you a word file of it, or what?
Yes, that would be fine.

Davy Malay
Thu Nov 18 12:59:09 2004
Hey there,
Just checking that you recieved the FF I sent you - I sent it to the address on the main page, and I am the sort that never fully trusts e-mail.


Fri Dec 3 17:21:45 2004
Site Update

Two new additions.

Curse Of The Yeti by Simon Osborne (author of Bodies In The Docks). In its original form it has been on the downloads page for some time. It's an early work and not representative of Simon's recent writing.

Bad Moon Rising by Davy Stedham. This was originally known as Resurrection Girl. It is very short indeed, but may grow if it is well received.

Jeff Sinasac
Sun Dec 5 23:37:51 2004
Just wanted to mention that I really enjoyed Bad Moon Rising. Extremely short, true, and I was able to beat it first try, but it was fun, and the Stamina was barely there by the end. Quick question though - the brass helmet I found... did it serve any purpose whatsoever?
As I understand it, Bad Moon Rising was originally meant to be just the first part of a much longer story. Maybe the helmet's purpose was to be revealed later on.

Eliot Ball (yes me again!)
Sat Dec 11 16:01:02 2004
I've finished Bad Moon Rising. Rubbish title (Ressurection Girl isn't much better). It is cut very short! (I finished it one minuite) I was realy suprised that it finishes at refference 25! but in the word download it says 'Turn to 43' and there isnt even a 43! It's 70 references long so it should finish at 70!

Fri Sep 29 18:53:53 2006
I like the bad moon rising book,just completed it
its funny toothe online ones are way harder,though

Wed Feb 28 22:48:55 2007
Hi Everyone.

I just wondered whether if davey was on this guestbook thingy whether he was planning on doing any more with Bad Moon Rising? I particularly enjoyed that game, short though it is and I think a lot more could be done with it.

All the best, Ibrahim

Thu Mar 15 15:18:39 2007
First up, got to give praise for Hunger of the Wolf, real fun adventure, some nice original ideas and use of the old classics too. Top notch. :)

Ibrahim (and everyone else who's interested) - Sorry I didn't reply sooner, I only check in here every once in a while.
I've started work on and eventually scrapped Bad Moon Rising sequels/expansions several times, resons for quitting on them ranging from losing interest to lack of time to computer exploding. :) I've been playing round with a short sequel to it since around new year, though, and since I've got a lot of free time right now, it might just get finished this time.

Here's the intro, as a dirty, dirty tease. :)


You’d almost made it out through the Western Gates before a squad of Cleefs’ men jumped you, took you down, beat you, and dragged you back to the Bleeding Martyr Tavern.
You and Jak sit shamefaced in Cleefs corner booth, a pair of mean, wiry thugs behind you blocking any flight, and the mountainous bulk of Cleef across the table ahead. He’s without doubt the biggest, fattest man you’ve ever seen. Six foot six and a hundred tons, the children chant behind his back, the undisputed king of the slums. The flickering lamplight gleams off his narrow, coffee black eyes and the huge, shiny pink dome of his head. He pours a little wine from the clay jug into a bulbous pewter goblet, and stares impassively at you for a while.
“So then,” he says at last in his surprisingly high pitched voice, “Last night didn’t go very well, did it?”
Neither of you say anything.
“Care to tell me what happened?”
“A wizard did it!” blurts Jak. You kick him in the shin.
“Shut up Jakob,” Say you and Cleef in unison. Cleef turns his eyes towards you.
“You were sent to break into the tailors. Steal four rolls of purple silk and all the dragon-hide you could find, leave the place without getting caught. Simple job, right? But that isn’t what happened, is it?”
“Look, there were… complications, see…”
“What was it that happened instead, Martine?”
“Well, the whole street’s kind of burned down, but…”
“Yah, the whole streets burned down!” yells Cleef, slamming his hands onto the table and knocking over his wine, “You know how much you’ve cost me? Cordwainer Lanes the richest street in the city! Jewelers! Haberdashers! Galleries! Apothecaries! Not to mention the merchants houses! A whole long row of them, all stuffed with gilt and gold and valuables, and now they’re all ashes and dust and I’m not going to get my hands on ANY of them!”
“Guards came, Cleef! We tried to hide, and one of us dropped a lamp, and the top mustn’t have been on right, because…” you begin.
“Yah, I mean, who knew fabrics could be so burning-able?” adds Jak.
Cleef covers his face with his huge, ham like hands.
“First you don’t pay me your tithe for two months. Then I send you out with good old reliable Billy-Goat Stamen, and I don’t know what goes down, but I never see dear Billy-Boy again...”
“We dunno what happened to Billy, Cleef” says Jak, and you kick him again.
“…and now this. Do you know how much you’ve cost me in the last few months? Do you know?”
He peers at you through sausage fingers.
“Tell me, Martine, tell me why I shouldn’t have you killed right now, huh?”
Behind you, the thugs shift their weight slightly in anticipation. You fancy you hear the skish of blade on scabbard.
“Look,” you say quickly, “We can pay you back for it. We can get you money. See, we’ve got.. we’ve got...”
Cleefs eyes gleam at you through his fingers, then he slowly raises his head.
“Gemstones! Magic gemstones!” yells Jak.
You stare at Jakob incredulously for a second.
“Uh, yah, we’ve got them hidden.,” you say, “And.. they’re Necro-Magic’ed. Cursed, really bad ju-ju. If you look at them, you die. We’ve got to take them to a spell-boy we know tonight to get the curse lifted. We’ve got to do it tonight, see, cause the moon is in alignment with the sun and, uh, a planet. But we can get it done and then we’ll sell the gems to the guy who’s after them and bring you the money here!”
Cleef laughs, shakes his head, and manages to grin angrily.
“You don’t have any gems. Where would you two have got your hands on magic cursed wonder gems, eh?”
“Chance’s tomb,” you say quickly, making up the tale as you go, “When you sent us down for the sword and shield. Found them in a little box, made of bone. Took it to a friend of ours, they told us what we had, got the deal set up.”
“Uh, you didn’t mention the gems when you,” offers Jak “You know, sent us down there, so we thought…”
“Thought you’d hold out on me, eh?” says Cleef, but his attitudes changing, he’s maybe going to buy it… “Hah! Well, we’ll check this out. You can go get the gems and take them to the spell-boy. I’ll send a couple of my boys with you…”
“Uh, no, see, the spell-boy, he’s all shy, nervy, city-hermit type. We have to go alone, he wouldn’t deal with anyone else.”

Thu Mar 15 15:20:55 2007
Dammit, I killed the guestbook, sorry. :( here's the last bit of that.

“Huh, convenient,” mutters one of Cleefs’ men from behind you.
“The truth, Cleef, I swear.”
“Alright. I’ll let you go. I want you back here by midnight. I’ll have boys on every gate – don’t think of leaving town.”
Relief flows through you like a cold wave. That’s twelve hours, twelve hours you can work something out in, and then Cleef leans back in his seat and knots his hands behind his head, then he says –
“So how much are these gems worth?”
And Jakob says –
“Um, two-grand.”
It’s not the first time you’ve wanted to kill Jak, but it might well be the last.

Turn to 1

No promises on when/if it gets completed, but I'm having fun with it, so who knows. :)

Cryptic Wizard
Sat Sep 26 16:10:06 2009
Bad Moon Rising -- I am at the point where

Can someone help me with this?

Sun Sep 27 00:09:47 2009
Cryptic Wizard:

The door works on a combination of a wheel-turning.

Wed Oct 28 14:55:11 2009
YAY! I finally finished Bad Moon Risisng! Very well-written, and good characterication of the main character. I just wish it wasn't so short. Oh, well.

I've been working hard on my new book, which doesn't paralell Forest Of Doom in any way or have any connection to previous FF books. In fact, it's not very combat-driven at all--it's more puzzle-solving.

Thu Oct 29 12:38:04 2009

I think a book with puzzles will be very well-received. And lack of combat is not a bad thing. Although combat is an integral part of FF, I find it a bit boring.

Phil Sadler
Thu Oct 29 23:01:29 2009
I think too much combat can be boring, which is why I often tried to bring in new rules to many of my fights, and this keeps things interesting (I hope).

Fri Oct 30 15:01:46 2009
Or confusing :)

Mon Oct 21 08:18:40 2013
Star - optimum ending reached
not bad its good

Wed Dec 25 17:55:13 2013
Star - optimum ending reached
Sadly this story is too low on skilled formulations. Atmosphere, story-play, and orientation suffer from it. So I fled that undead Vladimir Chance, and actually succeeded? Well, just that nothing but crude Thief-Mechanics had happened before that. And with that title I expected a werewolf thriller, no cheap dungeon crawl.

Wed Jan 22 07:48:34 2014
Star - optimum ending reached
To my great surprise, and despite claims otherwise in the text, the corpse one can meet before going deeper does 0 damage on a hit - instead of the claimed 3.

This is reflected in its Damage attribute, so it's probably a typo.
Fixed, thanks.

Wed Feb 26 17:03:33 2014
Star - optimum ending reached
Nice and tidy short story. Lots of situations may sound well worn with use (mercenaries dungeon crawling in a cementery full of undeads, looking for magic objects...), but presentation and a few little twists introduced here and there make it quite fresh and, how can I say? "modern".
I also think that the length of this adventure is ideal for this website as you can complete it in a relatively short time and therefore you don't need to "save" and carry on later (that at the moment can't be done!).

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