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Nye's Song

Robert Douglas
Mon Jan 6 16:10:38 2014
@ Andre,

Thanks for the helpful link. And I only hope other people aren't easily hurt by harsh reviews. I will say however that my frustration was also caused by feedback from certain readers: one fellow decided I had offended the Romany people in some way (oh, and HOW exactly? Autumn and her people knew of a holy melody to defy the undead thus a good chance of saving humanity...). I still scratch my head in puzzlement at that one. On the other hand, if I leave out characters from other cultures, I'd be branded arrogantly patriotic with little time for alternative traditions and customs. Just can't win with some people. In 'Below Zero Point' I try to include as many diverse backgrounds as I can fit in. Mainly because it makes the character more interesting, plus reminding readers that Earth Federation is comprised of different nations yet combined towards a common goal. The politics works a little bit like the separate states of a federalized USA (state lines, jurisdiction, local autonomy, etc, although there's still a kind of global Interpol for the most dangerous of criminals while the military arms are drawn from all nations).

One other reader decided to go on about my misuse of the word 'indifferent'. "Fine," I reply, raising my hands to the mistake, "but what about the rest of the adventure? The story, the characters, the gameplay?" Narrow-minded hammer concentrates on a lone nail, I sigh. The only problem is that, in their defence, writers and artists are forced into a rant thus making themselves look guilty. It's a hopeless task putting the world to rights.

Thu Jan 9 15:06:25 2014
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
quite a bit of fun, if a little confusing at the start.

Mike R.
Sat Jun 14 05:58:14 2014
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Another awesome adventure I just did my first run through and met my end fairly quick, but I'm digging the theme!

Mike R.
Sat Jun 14 06:47:50 2014
Star - optimum ending reached
Finished it on the fourth run through, this one was enjoyable, but too short for my taste.

Robert Douglas
Sat Jun 14 10:07:39 2014
@ Mike R,

Glad you enjoyed it, Mike. I must apologize for the short length of Nye's Song - it was originally designed for the Windhammer Competition - but despite this actually I could have written a bit more. I was a bit over-neurotic about violating the guideline restrictions when it came to max word-count. On the other hand, I can always write a much lengthier sequel set in the world of the Blight. The adventure did become a bit linear during their escape from the manor house, not to mention too many test rolls, and less player choice in direction.

In the meantime, I've got another story lined up for the Windhammer 2014. I enjoy taking part in what is a big and important gamebook event. Sadly, however, I'm not allowed to use FF rules; any future Windhammer entrants featured on FF Project would likely have an author-devised system (unless it's an older entry or altered version). I've put my main project (Sean Calibre Book 2) on hold while I've been studying a TA course.

Fri Jul 11 09:14:33 2014
Got stuck on 103.

After killing 12 (!) zombies, the entry just says
"You survive the onslaught. The dreadnought is now repaired and operational." without any other options

Robert Douglas
Fri Jul 11 16:58:33 2014
@ Sunni,

Bit of a mystery that. Perhaps Andy can look into it sometime?

Thu Jul 31 21:43:13 2014
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Well, I had a really confused game. So I was just pressing tandom highlited words. And at the end I died and I was just prssing Fight fight. And I died and It was sad :( ;(

Robert Douglas
Sun Aug 10 21:17:40 2014
@ Paia,

Sorry you had a bad experience with Nye's Song.

ann marie
Thu Sep 4 10:42:23 2014
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
this is ok

Richard Evans
Thu Dec 4 00:56:50 2014
Star - optimum ending reached
Great fun; I was at bit lost about what was actually happening at first, but I soon got the gist.

Thu Dec 4 11:49:19 2014
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
How do I get the Endurance to actually win the battle with the Kali-Cloaks? I've done it 6 times now and it's been the same result.
You're unlikely to beat the Kali-Cloaks unless

Mon Dec 29 23:07:19 2014
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
This was my first try at this action packed story, I really enjoied it!
After the ten zombie battles and surviving, I figured, "yay! We're home free!" ... NOT! :)

I just got unlucky at the end, and made the wrong decition.
At least I went out in a blaze of... glory?

Thanks for the entertainment.
Thanks for the comments, glad you enjoyed it.

Sat May 16 12:34:48 2015
Star - optimum ending reached
Keeping it brief, this is one amazing gamebook, packed with thrills and clever twists all the way through.

Robert Douglas
Wed May 20 13:52:09 2015
@ Nobleman,

Thanks, glad you survived. I have to admit that during writing I should have limited die rolls and given the player more choice. Also, I'm not sure why I did 90 instead of 100 refs. But still some people enjoyed it - which is all good. Perhaps one day I'll expand on the Blight universe, but for now I'm busy with my Windhammer 2015 entry and Sean Calibre Book 2.

Thu Mar 9 13:36:49 2017
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
This is super gamebook but what song is? In this game is bard? i can't go next but death haha thanks for this book.

Robert Douglas
Mon Mar 13 17:31:18 2017
Autumn Moon is a 'blues maiden', she performs a variety of songs - including the divine melody - on her fiddle. Upon successful conclusion SPOILER: she dedicates her latest work to Captain William Nye, hence the title.

Wed Mar 15 19:39:56 2017
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
This book is stupid. Yes, the plot starts out good, and it has good choices, but one things makes it awful, the skill tests. Yours are ok depending on how high you start out, but they are repeated far too frequently. The tests during the Kali-Cloak fight, and the fight itself, are absolutely absurd. The gunner's skill is 10, tested against 3 dice, giving success odds of 1/2. Each of the 5 KCs have skill of 8, tested against 2 dice, giving success odds of about .72. This is ridiculous. Given you lose if they score 12 hits against you, I have estimated your success odds to be less than 1/4. I'd like to see someone calculate them accurately since I lost at least 7 times. This had a lot of potential, but threw it away. I will not grade this like I do the other books.
There is a way to tip the battle in your favour. If you make the right choices early on you have a better than even chance of success.

Fri Apr 28 10:29:19 2017
Star - optimum ending reached
Not bad, quite luck-driven and short, however.

Is the story based on some RPG setting or another fantasy world? I can't place it if it is, but it's certainly interesting.

Robert Douglas
Sat Apr 29 18:49:58 2017
It's based on a short story I'd posted to Alternate Gateway Worlds turn of the millennium. The Blight universe is my own creation.

Tue May 2 08:03:18 2017
Star - optimum ending reached
nice touch!

Thu Oct 19 20:56:33 2017
Star - optimum ending reached

Robert Douglas
Thu Oct 19 21:39:46 2017
...And done! As Homer Simpson often says. Well done! Says I. Bloody burnt!...said the baking lady to King Alfred.

Robert Douglas
Thu May 17 15:29:46 2018
@ Francisco,
Thanks! It was probably not my best effort but it was fun to write, and I reckon the concept was sound. I hoping there will be more to come from the Blight universe...

Wed Mar 20 16:49:42 2019
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
whoops, should have fought hand-to-hand :(

Robert Douglas
Thu Mar 21 15:28:22 2019
You're probably referring to
Sorry you got killed.

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