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A Saint Beckons
A Day In The Life
Rise Of The Night Creatures
New Day Rising
Bloodsworth Bayou
Golem Gauntlet
Shrine Of The Salamander
A Flame In The North
A Shadow In The North
Escape Neuburg Keep
Any Port In A Storm
Below Zero Point
Tales From The Bird Islands
The Ravages Of Fate
Nye's Song
A Knight's Trial
Return To G15-275
Devil's Flight
Above The Waves
The Curse Of Drumer
The Word Fell Silent
A Strange Week For King Melchion The Despicable
Sharkbait's Revenge
Tomb Of The Ancients
A Midwinter Carol
The Dead World
Waiting For The Light
Contractual Obligation
Garden Of Bones
The Hypertrout
The Golden Crate
In The Footsteps Of A Hero
Soul Tracker
Planet Of The Spiders
Beggars Of Blacksand
The Diamond Key
Wrong Way Go Back
Hunger Of The Wolf
Isle Of The Cyclops
The Cold Heart Of Chaos
The Black Lobster
Impudent Peasant!
Curse Of The Yeti
Bad Moon Rising
Riders Of The Storm
Bodies In The Docks
House Of Horror
Rebels Of The Dark Chasms
Midnight Deep
Lair Of The Troglodytes
The Trial Of Allibor's Tomb

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Tales From The Bird Islands

Mon May 2 21:45:47 2016
I can't seem to complete papagayo island, what am I missing?

Mon May 2 21:47:48 2016
Also, without being too specific, does the order you do the islands matter? Is there anything on one island needed for another island?

Wed May 4 17:45:00 2016
Also, without being too specific, does the order you do the islands matter? Is there anything on one island needed for another island?

Sun Jul 10 19:06:51 2016
The Maze and the Manse of Mheng


Now both of Andrew Wright's new microadventures are part of Tales From The Bird Islands.

Sun Jul 10 19:09:37 2016
Where are these adventures set? Do they have dedicated islands or are they set on Sempura or on another island already covered?
They are a continuation of the story from Debacle At Dead Man's Inn, so for Tales From The Bird Islands they are set on Sempura.

Mon Jul 18 13:08:40 2016
Great. Glad to see that new stuff has been added. Even more for me to hopelessly fail at now!

Wed Jul 20 07:36:55 2016
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
I encountered a problem on Blackmaw. I went to the mysterious woman on the secret part of the island and she told me to bring back 50 pearls. When I then returned with 50 pearls it just ran through as if I hadn't been ther before. Please fix it

Wed Jul 20 10:43:36 2016
Also, when I was on Sapphire Attol, I got to a paragraph that had no choices at the the end but instead had BAD COMMAND: *e
Could you email me the URL (ie the web address) of both of these problems if you still have them? I will take a look.

Fri Sep 23 23:43:02 2016
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
tried over 100 times now, this is near impossible! no clear idea on what I'm supposed to be doing

Wed Mar 15 00:54:40 2017
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Found an ending on Albatross Atoll. This game was slightly confusing and annoying at the beginning because of the necessary repetition, but this is the only down side. I was annoyed at the difficulty of mapping, but found it to be unnecessary. The different character options were a welcome change. Option and travel variety were great. If there are multiple endings, which is logical, good job on creating them.
Grade: 99.

Sun Mar 19 09:46:38 2017
Hi, I tried my hand at pirating at Blackmaw for the first time (having run out of quests to do) and I encountered a bug (maybe more than one):

I did Storm Petral before that, and my Prince's Crew defeated the demon there. After that I went to Blackmaw and encountered a Pirate Galleon......and my Prince Crew was still there and was fighting Galleon in my ship's place!

Being a Strike 12 monster, the Pirate Galleon quickly defeated the crew, and then my own ship too.

I "reloaded" the game (I "saved" at the spot after I finished Storm Petral using Favourites) and tried pirating a second time, and again, the Prince's Crew was there. This time I encountered a much weaker Pleasure Schooner....except it was impossible to beat! The Prince's Crew was winning every round, but the Schooner's Strength just won't go down! It's a fight that's impossible to win and I was forced to quit.

So....possibly two separate bugs?
Thanks. I believe I've fixed the first one, will investigate the other as soon as possible.

Fri Apr 21 15:43:10 2017
thoroughly enjoyed despite my messy ending

Tue Apr 25 19:32:33 2017
Is Silhouette Island too hard?

Sat Jul 8 21:27:23 2017
Where are you supposed to use the Conch Shell th summon the kraken, as it isn't very clear

Sun Jul 9 09:01:11 2017
Where do you use the conch shell, because it just says 'in water' so I don't know where to go

Sun Jul 9 09:38:07 2017
Where can you use the conch shell to summon the kraken?

Mon Jul 10 23:26:49 2017
Do you want me to contribute to this project as I'm more than happy to bring in some of the alluded to facts like the cyclops village on sempura
Yes, definitely.

Tue Jul 18 22:23:50 2017
Ok, in which case how do you want the story written (i.e is there a certain format or just as normal ff books are) and how do I get it to you once written?

Tue Sep 26 01:07:49 2017
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
So much for the feeling I'd played Dead Man's inn before. This is probably going to take half a dozen tries...

Fri Oct 13 20:48:49 2017
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
i liek

Fri Nov 10 15:09:04 2017
Skull - non-optimum ending reached

Fri Nov 10 15:20:14 2017
Wow didn't think I'd last that long... but in the maze I kept on killing things and never escaped. It's never ending. I swear.

Lee Mosley
Wed Nov 15 00:35:27 2017
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Involving and descriptive

Wed May 2 00:29:46 2018
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Too many loops :(
Died on Nen-Tai from 3rd attempt at withstanding heliocide.
Otherwise, thoroughly awesome tales :)

Tue Jan 8 23:13:35 2019
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Aww! I was doing well (I think?) until I fell in a pit and got stabbed in the throat, while failing miserably at some puzzle sequence I totally didn't get.
This is fun, though. I will try again some time.
Congrats to the writers for a truly awesome project. My favorite so far was Richard Evans. The descriptions of sea scenery and aquatic creatures were truly gorgeous and the scenario was intriguing (I didn't really solve the mystery optimally).
Thanks everyone.

Thu Mar 21 13:59:39 2019
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
killed by a hyena :(

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