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Tales From The Bird Islands

Sat Apr 5 09:12:43 2014
Tales From The Bird Islands

With the addition of Gaetano Abbondanza's Papagayo Island, this now comprises three gamebooks in total. It seems a good time to bring it out of its 'demo' status.

Play it here

Sat Apr 5 21:59:57 2014
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Trying to get to the other islands has proven to be an exercise in frustration. Even though I know exactly how to get through the first adventure, I've failed multiple times (with all character types) because I either fail a luck roll or lose a fight (and this is even after having collected all helpful equipment). Will there be a way to start directly from the other islands (like Fabled Lands?) Otherwise, I feel that the unbalanced design and difficulty inherent in Isle of the Cyclops will prevent many people from accessing the other adventures.
It would in theory be possible to have multiple start points, but as things stand the issue is that there is only one ship, and you get it at Goi-Han, so you have to start there for the narrative to make sense.

I take your point about the difficulty of Isle Of The Cyclops, although I would argue that if you make the right choices the only real threats are the LUCK tests towards the end. To make it easier still, I have changed the temple blessing to act on LUCK rather than SKILL, and replaced the LUCK test when you are searching for the Cyclops' lair with a SKILL test.

Sun Apr 6 11:38:47 2014
I couldn't yet access Papagayo Island as well... maybe the ship at Goi-Han should be a bit more accessible, even if you don't kill the Cyclop but perhaps with just the money that you find in the shipwreck in the north, or at least something more achievable even without "completing" the first island.
The ship idea is a good one - I might do that. As far as difficulty goes, though, I got through Isle Of The Cyclops successfully four times out of six this morning - and since then I have made it even easier.

Sun Apr 6 12:06:30 2014
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Fantastic. Will be playing again!

Sun Apr 6 12:22:11 2014
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Enjoyed it while I lasted...

Mon Apr 7 22:45:58 2014
got to the part where it said I got 2 luck and my luck attribute stayed at 7 regardless. Then I got stuck in a loop so I just gave up.

Wed Apr 9 07:50:48 2014
Is there an end to this game so far?



Is there anything else to do?

Really enjoyed it by the way.

Sat Apr 12 20:09:03 2014
@ tammy
On Hummingbirds Island unless you crack a (very simple, maybe too simple to beckon greatly...) code to find your way, you risk getting lost forever in the forest.

Robert Douglas
Mon Apr 14 20:14:02 2014
Is there such a place as Crowcroak island? Kingfisher Quay? Or even Seagull Surf?

Mon Apr 21 06:31:44 2014
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Sigh. Failed my first LUCK roll I had to face without a blessing.

Also, just realised that a pack of hyenas is the most valuable asset a local economy can have. Paid for everything with hyena pelts.

Fri Apr 25 01:40:01 2014
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
5th try, completed Goi-Han and Papagayo (did I spell that right?). Hemorrhage of stat points on Hummingbird was a bit too much. Still don't see what could be done there.

Tue Apr 29 22:05:08 2014
Once you'll crack the (very simple) "code" of the forest of Hummingbirds Island, you'll have a laugh.
Jus read carefully the text before entering the thick of the jungle

Thu May 1 12:20:24 2014
I don't understand what you mean by the code for Hummingbird. I found my way to the spherical hut with the meditating multi armed horned faced female inside. But because I didn't attack her 'was too weak to anyway', that was game over. Is there a way to survive this island with minimal risk?

Thu May 1 20:35:53 2014
If you found the way to the spherical hut you must have understood how to choose your way in the forest: that's everything that you need to get out safe and with minimum risk.

Fri May 2 14:53:12 2014

There is definitely something strange about the wildlife on 'Hummingbird'. Scares me a little.
Making your way to the crazy person in the tree house is only half of your problems. Better off not going there at all, unless you need insect repellent for some reason?


Mon May 5 10:15:06 2014
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
An excellent story, only just started but definitely one of the best on here

Thu May 8 03:50:28 2014

Really? The hut is the right way?
Actually, I got there the first time I tried Hummingbird Island. I just went left and kept on going, though I lost a ton of stat points in the process, enough to dissuade me from repeating that path.

Thu May 8 19:52:38 2014
There is a "safe" way to reach the hut without losing tons of stat points. That's the "code" I mentioned before.

Volden Katanar
Thu May 15 11:11:18 2014
Once you reach the hut, THEN what do you do? Do you have to beat the giant snail monster or something?

Volden Katanar
Fri May 16 13:36:12 2014
P.S. I think I've found the "code" on the island, but I'm not going to give anyone any spoilers.

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