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Rise Of The Night Creatures

Tue Nov 24 09:32:45 2015
Rise Of The Night Creatures

A new 200-reference gamebook from Tammy Badowski, featuring werewolves and other vivid horrors. Sadly, Tammy says that this will be the last gamebook that she writes.

Download it here

Sat Jun 2 11:24:05 2018
Rise Of The Night Creatures

"Where are you?" He whispered harshly and noticed his son on the floor. The tone that came next was almost welcoming. "Ah, there you are. It is time, so put your toy away and come here." The little boy kissed his teddy, got to his feet so he could place it in the crib, and his father lifted the axe up high over his head...

Tammy Badowski's werewolf-themed gamebook is ready to play.

joseph weakland
Tue Jun 5 00:16:52 2018
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
very strange

Tue Jun 5 10:49:36 2018
Star - optimum ending reached
I think I got the best ending, I reached the 200th reference. An awesome job and I wish Tammy would write more.

Tue Jun 19 03:04:51 2018
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
This was quite enjoyable! Thanks!
On a side note, I was hoping to talk about it in my class (I teach 11/12 year olds) for inspiration for them to create their own stories, but unfortunately the language is inappropriate for school (eg You're fucked).

Maybe I can just talk about it instead without showing the website.

Robert Douglas
Wed Jun 20 09:42:07 2018
Hi Michael,

I'm sure Tammy will be very pleased that her gamebook would have inspired written creativity, a compliment in itself. It's a shame the bad language factor can't be remedied in some way to make it more appropriate for educational purposes. But this website is open to more adult-orientated gamebooks written by adults who were - and still remain - huge FF fans, for many adult browsers. However, I believe some titles posted to the left (and in Downloads Section) prove more 'pupil-friendly' as regards language and content.

As for content, including horror, war, violence, and so on, I'm afraid that is part of the gamebook mission/ adventure which in truth makes it part of the fun, the world background, the plot concept. 'Every hero needs a villain', as mentioned in Mission Impossible II. That's probably why John Craven (of Newsround fame) disapproved in supporting the gamebook craze back in the 80's. However, when I was at school, it was necessary to study history - including war and battles. I recently volunteered at one school and there was still a colourful drawn poser pinned to the classroom wall, depicting artillery, ranks of soldiers, and yes: those wounded and killed. There is certainly a wide variety of horrific material to which children mustn't be exposed, but occasionally I feel it doesn't hurt to show them the ugly side of the world, help prepare them for it. Of course, there's a vast difference between a 4 year old and a 12 year old, their ability to accept and tackle difficult subject matter. Sometimes it's difficult knowing where to draw the line.

On a side-note, I'm a huge fan of Bernard Cornwell's writing, in particular his Sharpe novels. However, again there is the language factor (that Sean Bean enjoyed displaying all too often in the televised series!) that might be deemed inappropriate for schools, primary and secondary.

Sat Jun 30 01:50:23 2018
Star - optimum ending reached
Did not appear to regain Luck when visiting paragraph 48 (confirmed).
Fixed. Thanks for pointing it out.

Sun Jul 15 23:53:52 2018
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
ok i guess some images would be nice and some sort of dice roll music would be good and not too hard to implement

Mon Jul 16 23:19:10 2018
I don't usually share the music I listen to for each gamebook I've written but for this one I will. I'll put the link of youtube video next to name of song so you can listen to them individually as well. I can't remember exactly what each song goes to in the story progress but I'll try my best to recall. Here is the soundtrack, basically I tried to stick to music that had an organ in it since this gamebook is horror based. I guess you can listen to this as an option since there no no music available on this site for dice rolls rolls an such...

The Kraken

Davy Jone's Theme Song

Hans Zimmer "The Organ of Davy Jones"

"Cry Little Sister" Gerard McMann

Lisa Hall Is "This Real"

Blue Oyster Cult "Don't Fear The Reaper"

"People Are Strange" Echo & The Bunnymen

Dinner is Served

Hans Zimmer - Where We're Going - Interstellar Original Soundtrack

Hans Zimmer - Dust (Interstellar Soundtrack)

INTERSTELLAR Soundtrack - 08. Mountains

INTERSTELLAR Soundtrack - 02. Cornfield Chase

Hans Zimmer - "S.T.A.Y" Interstellar

INTERSTELLAR Soundtrack - 13. Coward

Interstellar Soundtrack - No Time For Caution

Interstellar - S.T.A.Y (OST) 1 Hour

Hans Zimmer - No Time For Caution (With Choir AND Organ) | Interstellar

Blue Oyster Cult: Burnin' For You

Images would be cool, but I don't think seeing a 5 year old with a grotesque axe wound in his cranium would appeal to most people.

Andrč M. Pietroschek
Mon Jul 23 12:30:17 2018
Quite a staccato of cliche from old horror movies. But my point is 'We fear for the worst, not the worse.'

Hope it sounds arrogant, and seethes with hatred: Don't pretend to be a Native Speaker of a language, when your prose has an overdose of mistakes only made by Non-Native speakers.

Andrč M. Pietroschek
Mon Jul 23 12:57:13 2018
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Death by gluttony, so fitting my temper... Died like a careless, greedy moron! LOL

Tue Jul 24 20:53:56 2018
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
cool game

Thu Jul 26 15:28:54 2018
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Too hard pointless

Mon Sep 10 13:37:40 2018
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Awesome, lots of fun.

Sat Sep 15 20:51:05 2018
Star - optimum ending reached
Finally beat this. This was much more explicit than other works on here, and I liked that. There was a nice balance of exploring and fighting. It's always a bit annoying when there are numerous items you need to find to win, but it did make for a fun challenge. Nice story plot too. 96/100

Sun Sep 16 21:08:44 2018
I got out, but I'm not sure if I got the 'best' ending as the paragraph numbers are different than the download. It seems like there's a lot of rolls you have to pass even on the proper course, trying to get to the later stages of the game to try new options gets a little frustrating when you miss a critical Luck test or something and have to go start again--with several such rolls it can take a few tries at clicking through the same path over and over just to get to where you left off before. I'm also not sure if the letters scrawled about the house mean anything? Again, I checked the download version but it seems not to be in there.

Sun Sep 16 22:00:21 2018
The download pdf and the online game are not identical on purpose. Yes, i will agree that this game is one of the hardest to pass successfully, even i struggled to win it.

The letters in are from the Messenger of Death, if you manage to find all the letters your adventure is over. But was never properly implemented into the final online version.

Hope you had some fun playing it though :)

Sat Feb 23 15:27:10 2019
I'm with Monkey on this one - too hard to pass, had to start taking notes of my own, still got me nowhere, overly complicated - unnecessarily frustrating and confusing. Invested 3 days on this - time to move on to better ones.

Mon Feb 25 00:13:17 2019
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Hi is there a way to actually survive this game? Lol was fun while it lasted!

Mon Feb 25 07:04:54 2019
It was my final gamebook, was meant to be difficult, even I can't defeat it. I gave up on it too.

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