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House Of Horror

Tue Sep 2 20:22:43 2003
House Of Horror

The next gamebook to be added to this site will be Gaetano Abbondanza's prequel to House Of Hell. I plan to have it ready within the next few weeks.

Sat Sep 20 07:07:26 2003
House Of Horror

I have added Gaetano Abbondanza's gamebook to the site.

House Of Horror has many elements in common with House Of Hell, including some familiar characters and situations. It's definitely a worthy tribute to Steve Jackson's book, and from what I remember of that, it compares very favourably.

Tue Oct 28 21:57:05 2003
House of Horror is REALLY difficult so far. I have died many times. It seems very easy to die of fear.
On the plus side, it's one of the easier ones to complete with low initial values - if you go the right way of course.

Wed Jul 7 15:24:18 2004
Hi again. I've just arrived at Section 23 of House Of Horror. One of the options available is "Use the set of lock-picks", but I have not found a set of lock-picks.
This one isn't a bug, as you may since have discovered.

Fri Nov 5 19:43:56 2004
So I've made it through in House of Horror to the room with the Count and D'onoffrio and the woman and I keep getting killed immediately after I kill the Count.

What am I doing wrong?

(I hope that's vague enough to not need a spoiler warning, yet specific enough that those who have solved the game know what I'm talking about.)


the black ninga
Wed Dec 1 22:07:32 2004
<Thank you all for your help i have got past the shadow stealer onwards>

P.s how do you get star in house of horror?

Fri Dec 3 16:25:04 2004


Earl Of Drummer
Sat Jan 1 16:32:22 2005
House Of Horror is frickin hard. You have like a 12Éhance of making it through your first fight.

The book House Of Hell is definately my favourite, and one of the hardest in my opinion, but no way as hard as Creature Of Havoc.

Earl Of Drumer
Sat Jan 1 16:35:23 2005

Earl Of Drumer
Sat Jan 1 16:36:25 2005

That's for House Of Horror by the way.

Earl Of Drumer
Sat Jan 1 18:14:07 2005
Yet another death on House Of Horror. I died in my first fight! (The intruder in your room). If only the intruder had a little lower skill because I didn't get a single hit of him and my skill and stamina were really high! I was beaten with like his Attack Strength 19 and mine like 12.

It is DEFINATELY one of the hardest.

Newbie Tip:


It may seem hard, but it's probably the only one that can realistically be completed with a SKILL of 7.

Fri Feb 4 18:57:56 2005
I tried House of Horror and died and 389. I ran out of stamina points.

Mon Mar 14 21:23:28 2005
Greetings to all. This is the first time in several months that I've checked the site, and I must say (judging by the heavy posting) I'm thrilled with the amount of interest that it's drawing. Thank you to the admistrator (I'm sorry, I can't find your name!) for your maintenance, quick responses and support.

I really didn't think 'House of Horror' was that difficult when I wrote it. It's interesting to see the disconnect between myself as the writer and the way people actually react when reading the book. I think the difficulty with HOH is that it's counter-intuitive in a couple of places; in other words (and I'm guilty of this many times when I read gamebooks) you get used to taking a certain pathway repeatedly through part of the book because it 'feels' like the right one, so you don't explore other possible options.

If anyone is thinking about reading 'House of Horror', or for those who have failed a few times but want to come back, here are a few general hints:

1) The story CAN be completed even with the lowest character scores. So if you find yourself facing an "impossible" fight, you should explore a different pathway.

2) One of your adversaries plays an important, recurring role.

3) FF fans will doubtless recognize some similar situations to 'House of Hell' (FF #10), but modeling your decisions based on what you did in that book might not be a good idea.

And don't forget that you can email me for a walkthrough if you ever need it. My email address is posted in the story's introduction.

Thanks to everyone who has read and posted (especially the female readers! It's cool to see that Fighting Fantasy and more generally interactive fiction can have a varied following).

Gaetano Abbondanza

Sat Jun 18 12:52:51 2005
I'm having a lot of fun with House of Horror... finding lots of scary ways to die! Hope to finish it.

Sat Jun 18 17:17:01 2005
Yes, I die a lot in House of Horror... the deaths are not exactly the most pleasant I have experienced hahahahaha.

Fri Jun 16 03:33:16 2006
I just wanted to say that as a long-time fan of FF, I am really enjoying these stories (House of Horror was quite nasty - can't make even one one wrong move and there are plenty of red herrings).

Wed Nov 8 21:17:28 2006

enjoying this site very much I am currently playing house of horror. I might need a walk through...

Thu Nov 9 01:03:31 2006
Hello Yvonne. If you need a walkthrough, email me at pericles23@aol.com I would encourage you to play for a while before you do that, though. The adventure can be completed no matter how poor your initial stats are.

Sat Dec 30 06:53:59 2006
Just read Hunger of the Wolf Myself. I must say that this adventure is just as good as any published Fighting Fantasy book (And better than many of them). The plot is interesting, the pacing is excellent, and the aforementioned plot twist caught me by surprise (in a good way) as well.

I also wanted to say that reading a book on Microsoft Word is fine, but it makes me realize how grateful I am that a website like this exits where these stories are placed in electronic format and all of the work is done for you (dice rolling, stat keeping, etc). Thanks to the webmaster for all of your hard work and I hope the site can continue to stay up.
Even if I never update it again, the site will stay up.

Sun Jan 21 23:05:03 2007
I'm playing House of Horror. It is awesome! But I've hit a snag:

I hope someone can help me. Been stuck for ages!!!

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