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Riders Of The Storm
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House Of Horror
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Lair Of The Troglodytes
The Trial Of Allibor's Tomb

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Riders Of The Storm

Walker Long
Tue Aug 13 14:13:19 2013
To Phil, Thank you. You are a wonderful writer! What a great game and the game is also very tough. Thank you.

Phil Sadler
Tue Aug 13 15:11:21 2013
Thank you very much! I don't believe I finally got a compliment :)

Tue Aug 13 20:29:41 2013
We forgot to compliment you? Oh my Loki!

Walker Long
Thu Aug 15 12:23:26 2013
To Phil, you really deserve a load of compliments. So does Ulysses I. You both are very creative, clever and very hard workers. So, to both of you. THANKS!! Now, as I am blind I wondered if any of you have any ideas or suggestions on how I can map or remember the correct paths as I die so much. I got very far in "Riders," and found I missed some very important items. So, back to the start. How do any of you with my problem keep track of the true path? Any help would sure save me weeks of time!
Thanks, Walker

Phil Sadler
Thu Aug 15 13:23:56 2013

In the download section, at the bottom, are maps for ROTS.

Thu Aug 15 15:48:13 2013
He's blind. How would he read them?

And are they better than the Hellfire maps? Because the Hellfire maps were very difficult to read. For me anyway.

Phil Sadler
Fri Aug 16 12:03:56 2013
Sorry Walter, I read your message to quickly and made a mistake. I'm afraid I don't know of anywhere to get different maps for the books.

Walker Long
Thu Aug 22 17:27:48 2013
To Phil, My friend, I can not find the flute or small knife. I have been through to the Earth E. 3 times and just can't find them. Any help would be really appreciated.

Walker (the baffled)

Phil Sadler
Fri Aug 23 14:51:30 2013
The flute:


The small knife:


Walker Long
Mon Aug 26 11:32:11 2013
To Phil! I would have never got that. "You know you are my friend!

Phil Sadler
Mon Aug 26 15:40:41 2013
Glad to have helped!

Walker Long
Wed Aug 28 15:43:08 2013
Hi Phil, I got the knife but can't seem to find the dead end rivene. what is it around?
Thanks, Walker

Phil Sadler
Thu Aug 29 04:27:11 2013


Walker Long
Thu Aug 29 17:17:10 2013
Phil, I do the mushrrom guy and the wild thing but after these I have tried all and keep ending up at the fire elemental? What am I doing wrong? I have done this about 5 times!

W. L.

Walker Long
Thu Oct 3 11:12:40 2013
Hi Folks, well I am still on "Riderson the Storm" and I have been through and made it all the way to the earth elemental. However, I still can't find the musical instrument I was told that I need. I have been past the mushroom man about 100 times and gone every way and cant find the ravinearea where I need Trini to ...

I am going nuts! Any help would save my mind!

Sun Oct 13 22:13:01 2013
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
shame i won lol
The icon says otherwise.

Wed Jan 1 04:48:35 2014
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
This is fun.

Sun Jan 5 07:19:55 2014
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Well i killed your fire friend

Sat Jan 18 17:26:33 2014
Star - optimum ending reached
Now this was a godly adventure, definately superior too the game "Hellfire", at least in my opinion.

Here comes the review:

I played the online version, died 15 times (exactly like my Hellfire experience), but this time, unlike in Hellfire, I actually learned a lot of stuff from thoses deaths, like:


Again, after those 15 deaths, I went straight too the book version, but made sure I would use dices too get my initicial stats and not the OP 13-28-14 status I had in the dice.

Took me 25 tries in the book version and the best I did was getting


Soo I had too forced +4 tries, all of this last tries using my "hax OP" status from hellfire (13 skill, 28 stamina and 14 luck) too finally been able too beat the game.

Again, and in the same way I have write about Hellfire, the fact that you had random NEEDED variables to do in the begin of the game like


made it almost impossible for one too find out the right way too get past the book in the online version, making the book version much more enjoyable. Soo here, I guess you would get a negative point for that, makes it way hard.

Now, the fights: definately DEFINATELY better than your Hellfire counterpart for this adventure, the fact the battles had a lot of diferent variables from the "roll dice, pray" made this a beatifull feature in the book.

About trinitour calls...


You should probably had made made 2nd and 3rd use of trinitour a little more obvious. The first call was just perfect (after all I find it in the online version, during my first 15 tries).
Also, you did the right call too make more "checkpoints" kind of spots during the game, places where you NEEDED certain items or you would die (or barely die)


making this a MUCH MUCH better choose than what you had in Hellfire, when you would walk too last boss and miss a shatload of knowledge about the last items needed too fight him. Kudos for that!

The ideia that you had too kill


The last final figth, against the all migthy powerfull big boss of both games, made it a very nice and fitting end.

Soo in the end, this adventure may had making me die more times than Hellfire, but they weren't as frustating as in Hellfire.

In the end, a very good adventure, makes for a perfect end of the 2 book series, superior (in my opinion) than Hellfire and the best fighting fantasy game I ever played! (superior too House of Hell real life book, my favorite of the entire colection)

Good work :)
Thanks once again for the review, I'm glad that you enjoyed Riders Of The Storm. Sorry to remove the link that you posted, but for various reasons I really don't want to encourage this sort of thing.

Since you are a fan of House Of Hell, why not try House Of Horror and The Curse Of Drumer next?

Sat Jan 25 01:55:30 2014
Sorry for the double post, but you should take a look at the online version...

The absolute last paragraph

Aren't working at the moment, basically you cannot end the online version of this game, you stay in a loop.
I believe this is not a bug, but a consequence of modifying the URL directly.

Fri May 2 23:10:23 2014
I just checked and I got the same error as Condutas at the end, namely:
Continuing ultimately sends you into a loop.

Tue Sep 9 03:19:15 2014
Enjoying this foray into this ff classic!

Tue Sep 9 09:14:42 2014
Whoops, disregard my earlier post. It was always there but I'd skimmed through the entry on subsequent tries, lol.

Tue Sep 9 12:18:07 2014
I've encountered the same problem as Zograf and Condutas. The story cannot be finished.
OK I think I've fixed it now. I've played all the way through it today, so it is definitely possible to complete. If there's still a problem, let me know (perhaps email me the URL) and I'll have another look.

Thu Sep 11 21:06:05 2014
Star - optimum ending reached
It is fixed! A lot of fun to play this one. Thanks again Phil.

Sun Dec 7 15:58:18 2014
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Today the dices are really against me...:-(

Paul Mc
Thu Nov 19 18:36:17 2015
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
I need your help. The fairies keep turning me to stone, where is the fairydust so I know to avoid it.

Sat Jan 9 04:00:14 2016
I'm encountering a bug when I battle the "Fiend from the Pit" (the monster where you have to test your Luck every time you hit it, and you either do double or no damage depending on the result). I reduced its STAMINA to 0 after passing the Luck test, but there's no option to move forward. The game just gets stuck there with the screen displaying the combat with the monster's STAMINA at zero, with no options or text below.

I'm "continuing" the game straight from Hellfire for my playthrough, not sure it that affects anything.

Sun Jan 10 03:30:03 2016
Star - optimum ending reached

Tue Apr 4 13:09:25 2017
Star - optimum ending reached
Are there additional bonus for completing this with Hellfire?

Phil Sadler
Thu Apr 20 05:20:50 2017
Just found a 13-year old bug in this game: the boss of the adventure says to his body guard "Deal with him Aramas." But in my books the character is always gender-less!

Oh, by the way, 'Aramas' is Samara backwards: guess where I got that name from.

Fri Oct 26 17:30:45 2018
Star - optimum ending reached
When facing a Fiend From the Pit, the first hit required a Luck roll to do 4 damage - then two more normal hits were required to bring it down. Shouldn't it be another Luck roll?

Phil Sadler
Sun Nov 4 12:27:41 2018
You are right. I suspect this is a bug.

Sun Mar 10 12:32:36 2019
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
killed by a spider, the indignity. this one is hard and dangerous.

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