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Riders Of The Storm

Fri May 14 17:21:27 2004
Riders Of The Storm

Phil Sadler's sequel to Hellfire can now be found on the Downloads page. There may eventually be an online version, time permitting.

Sat Jun 12 09:54:12 2004
Riders Of The Storm

The online version of Phil Sadler's Hellfire sequel is ready now.

Mon Jun 14 14:12:05 2004
Another bug I'm afraid, although this one is rather amusing. I was fighting the Trinitour in Riders of the Storm, and every time he hit me I would gain one stamina point! Although this wonderful effect took me all the way from just 3 Stamina to 29, it can't possibly be intentional.

Got it. Thanks once again.

Mon Aug 9 20:47:15 2004
hi all.i just downloaded riders of the storm and got up to the 4 way path and defeated the fire sprite.im looking for a new 1,currosity,is there any like armies of death,commading leigions of armies or any other good ones!

The only one I can think of that has you commanding an army at any point is Realm Of The Vampire by Sagi Hed and Doug Riddell. It's at http://www.fightingfantasy.go.to.

Mon Aug 16 02:45:30 2004
Hi again,

In Riders Of the Storm, when you figth with Trinitour, he is supposed to cause 1 END because he doesn't want to hurt you too much. Well, he doesn't do any damage at all. Just thought I would report this small bug.


I suspect this is because you received a blessing that reduces the damage sustained in combat by one point. If you still have the URL, could you email it to me so I can check?

Thu Aug 19 12:17:01 2004
Hi ff team can someone please tell me how to get a spell that can defeat the fire elemental in riders of the storm

Fri Aug 20 04:48:32 2004
Hi ???


About the losing 0 ENDURANCE. You might very well be right. Sorry ;-)

Did you know that you can use the bookmark function to save your progress? I am not sure if this was to be allowed or considered cheating...

Hellfire and Riders of the Storm are the hardest and most satisfying FF Book I've done. Man, Hellfire was just sooo hard.


Fri Aug 20 17:24:02 2004
Thank you Etienne
your a star !


Fri Aug 20 18:11:58 2004
hi yes its me um well i er got past the elemental but the only way onwards gets you crushed by the ceiling
can some body please help


Sat Aug 21 01:48:36 2004
Hi again ???


God, you have no idea how long it took me to figure this one out.


I'd better warn you, there are still loads of those surprises still to come. I hope you've covered pretty much everything behind that point or you will have start over again and again.



Sun Aug 22 19:55:06 2004
Hi again um Etienne could you help me one last time and tell me what item i have to chuck into that thing with the faces in please help me

Mon Aug 23 00:15:32 2004
Hi again ???

I would gladly help you out. However, I am not sure what you mean by that thing with the faces. Could you be a bit more specific please?


Mon Aug 23 08:21:10 2004
Thanks Etienne
Well on riders of the storm after you get the death curse you come to this thing with loads of faces in it at that reference you can poke your sword at it (and get really baddly hurt) walk through it (and die) or toss a item in but all the items i toss in do nothing


Mon Aug 23 16:18:51 2004
Hi ???,

I honestly do not remember that point. Here, do this for me so I can get a better idea as to what you are talking about. Copy/Paste the link where that thing is Here. I will instantly know what you mean and help you out.


Tue Aug 24 01:24:53 2004

I just remembered. Here read the following spoiler:



Phil Sadler
Tue Aug 24 08:02:32 2004
Ah, but don't forget that, in the original text, you were actually asked whether you had walked through it! In the online version it's nowhere near as obvious. Having said that, I guess it always was a bit weird anyway...

Tue Aug 24 16:02:44 2004
Ah! Mr. Sadler, it is an honour really.

Hellfire and Riders of the Storm got me stumped for weeks. They were both great (albeit maybe a bit hard). I think one of the reason why the online version is way harder is that you don't have a choice in certain life or death situation. For if you die because you've done or haven't done something, then, by logic, you know what you will have to do next time around. This really helps out.


Anyway, thanks for providing both great adventures for all of us.


Phil Sadler
Tue Aug 24 18:46:15 2004

Thanks for the kind words. I certainly agree that the online versions are, by their very nature, even tougher than the 'plain text' versions. And, let's be honest, they were pretty tough to begin with ;) I have no real idea how the online version works though (I have no experience with any kind of web design) but I gather that certain things that worked well in the books are just a bit too much hassle to implement here.

Phil Sadler
Fri Oct 15 06:43:20 2004
I think I've just spotted another small flaw in Riders of the Storm. The flaw is to do with the fight against The Creature (stupid name I know). Anyway, in the book version you are supposed to lose a die of skill for the fight. However, in the online version you always seem to deduct 6 points?
In fact this is working correctly - but I can see why you think it isn't. The die is rolled earlier than you think.

Sun Oct 17 10:22:40 2004
Hi its ??? again
does any one know how to beat Louis fur on ref 67 in riders of the storm !!!

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