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A Saint Beckons
A Day In The Life
Rise Of The Night Creatures
New Day Rising
Bloodsworth Bayou
Golem Gauntlet
Shrine Of The Salamander
A Flame In The North
A Shadow In The North
Escape Neuburg Keep
Any Port In A Storm
Below Zero Point
Tales From The Bird Islands
The Ravages Of Fate
Nye's Song
A Knight's Trial
Return To G15-275
Devil's Flight
Above The Waves
The Curse Of Drumer
The Word Fell Silent
A Strange Week For King Melchion The Despicable
Sharkbait's Revenge
Tomb Of The Ancients
A Midwinter Carol
The Dead World
Waiting For The Light
Contractual Obligation
Garden Of Bones
The Hypertrout
The Golden Crate
In The Footsteps Of A Hero
Soul Tracker
Planet Of The Spiders
Beggars Of Blacksand
The Diamond Key
Wrong Way Go Back
Hunger Of The Wolf
Isle Of The Cyclops
The Cold Heart Of Chaos
The Black Lobster
Impudent Peasant!
Curse Of The Yeti
Bad Moon Rising
Riders Of The Storm
Bodies In The Docks
House Of Horror
Rebels Of The Dark Chasms
Midnight Deep
Lair Of The Troglodytes
The Trial Of Allibor's Tomb

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Hellfire by Philip Sadler Thumbnail
A roll of thunder rumbles over the distant mountains, lightning flashes all around you and heavy rain lashes down. The moon looks unusual tonight; a sickly white, the colour of bone. You stare at the horizon and somehow know that He is staring right back at you, but you're not afraid, not of him, for you know it is your destiny to slay him...
499 references, hard

The Trial Of Allibor's Tomb by Jeff Sinasac Thumbnail
"You who were my subjects in life, hear now my demands and answer them, or join me in death," the skull hissed. "My resting place has been desecrated, and I have awakened. My rule shall be as iron once more, unless you appease me. You who have dared to disturb me will now realize that Allibor is your ruler eternal."
507 references, fairly hard

Outsider! by Gavin Mitchell Thumbnail
And so they burned your mother. They tied her to the stake and piled around it pitched kindling. It went up like a torch, and so did her blonde hair. You cried your eyes out as her sharp but beautiful features melted like wax in the flames. She shrieked out curses on the townsfolk with her last breath as the superheated air scorched her lungs...
458 references, hard

Lair Of The Troglodytes by Andrew Wright Thumbnail
YOU are Skuznut, the fourth greatest hero of the Clan of Akhuz, although somewhat given over to drunkenness following the deaths of your comrades, and your mission is simply to survive a day in the life of a failed, has been Trog warrior.
80 references, fairly hard

Midnight Deep by Hugh Eldred-Grigg Thumbnail
His answer is clear and imbued with menace. "Tiemuraz, damn his black soul". Your heart skips a beat. Even when you were a child in Kelbakna, tales were told of Tiemuraz, the warlord of the Plain of Bones to the West. Tiemuraz's bands of soldiers prey endlessly on the people of the Green March, raiding and plundering, but what are he and his men doing so far East?
400 references, fairly hard

Rebels Of The Dark Chasms by Steven Taylor Thumbnail
Fearing the worst, you sent out scouts to find out what had happened. They returned with the grim news that Aspra's group had also encountered a large Xokusai force, led by a Khuddam. Aspra herself was taken prisoner in the citadel itself, while the rest of the group was mercilessly slaughtered. You have decided to set off alone and attempt to rescue Aspra from the evil Xokusai.
150 references, fairly hard

House Of Horror by Gaetano Abbondanza Thumbnail
"This estate probably belongs to some hideously wealthy but eccentric old chap, who's tired of being hit up for money, so he moved out here. I might do the same were I in his shoes." You open the trunk and pull out the two suitcases. Little do you know what fate has in store for you. Tonight will be a night to remember...
400 references, hard

Bodies In The Docks by Simon Osborne Thumbnail
The halcyon days of youth are a distant memory; and you are shocked and disgusted by how low the world around you sank into depravity. Yet there are things happening which you cannot explain. How could man alone have been responsible for such carnage and senseless slaughter?
140 references, medium difficulty

Riders Of The Storm by Philip Sadler Thumbnail
You struck your final blow and the Trinitour fell. The Night Demon then revealed its presence and consigned you to oblivion until the end of time. As you felt the endless void take you, you took a final desperate oath of defiance. But all you heard as you disappeared from the earthly plane was a mocking laughter...
400 references, hard

Bad Moon Rising by Davy Stedham Thumbnail
"Oh, it looks like it," Stamen says, grinning nastily, "You're getting fat, Martine. What's the matter? You used to be beautiful." You pull the knife out of the splintered wood and flip it up... "I still am, Billy," you tell him, grinning right back... and it smacks down into the back of his hand, nailing it to the table.
54 references, easy

Curse Of The Yeti by Simon Osborne Thumbnail
The wooden doors of the barricade encircling the village have been completely ripped from their hinges. One lies in the snow about twenty-five paces away. No one has survived the onslaught. The bodies of the men have been butchered in unspeakable ways, and most are covered in the claw-marks of what seems to be a huge creature with inhuman strength...
230 references, medium difficulty

Impudent Peasant! by Andrew Wright Thumbnail
Then, Lael Whitebeard was found wandering towards Bitterford by a Guard rider out scouting. Most of his skin had been flayed and removed, apparently by a particularly blunt sword. He said just one thing before expiring, whispering slowly whilst clutching the Guard rider with his now-skinless fingers: "Gore! Gore will come!"
50 references, fairly easy

The Black Lobster by Andrew Wright Thumbnail
YOU are Halron Allierté, nephew of 'Laughing' Guidon Allierté, and overseer of The Black Lobster. The perks of the job are not too bad, and as long as you are not too greedy or noticeable in skimming the profits to fund your continual drunkenness, then you are also safe from the legendary ire of your uncle Guidon.
50 references, fairly easy

The Cold Heart Of Chaos by Al Sander Thumbnail
Poor weather has slowed you considerably and you have only enough food for two more days. You know you are getting close to Grimwoden, but it could take you weeks yet to locate, and your path back to civilisation is even longer still. As the wind howls through the night outside your tent, you reflect grimly that you are almost certainly doomed.
50 references, fairly easy

Isle Of The Cyclops by Andrew Wright Thumbnail
"Row, wretch!" howled an obese Man-Orc taskmaster, lashing your back with a blow from his spiked whip. Days passed and the welts on your back grew longer, as your slave-ship, the Blood Auk, headed southwards. Captained by a furious red-faced man called Kullion the Crab, the ship was sailing for the Blood Islands, for it was part of the fleet of the Chaos Pirates, who flock to those shores like seabirds to the carcass of a whale.
50 references, fairly easy

Hunger Of The Wolf by Kieran Coghlan Thumbnail
'Nail him!' snarls Saul triumphantly. One man is holding a long iron nail and a hammer. You renew your struggle, but your arm is held in a vice-like grip. The nail is placed on your wrist and the hammer is brought down on its head. Your whole body is wracked with pain as the hammer nails your bloody wrist into the wood of the cross...
400 references, medium difficulty

Wrong Way Go Back by Ulysses Ai Thumbnail
You squint about and see that the decks are completely abandoned. Examining an electronic noticeboard, you see it filled with a star scape dominated by an uncomfortably large star. Superimposed on top are large flashing red letters that read "STELLAR COLLISION IMMINENT".
60 references, fairly hard

The Diamond Key by Ulysses Ai Thumbnail
The lady's journey smells dangerous, but you are curious as well. For many moments you stand as the breeze cools you, turning things over in your mind. At least she will be heading north, away from the arid lands. Wandering up the street in search of an inn, you contemplate the idea of sleeping in, perhaps in the arms of a perfumed lady. Yet adventure is calling...
1000 references, fairly hard

Beggars Of Blacksand by Al Sander Thumbnail
You awake, screaming. You look around in a panic. Everything is in order. Everything is in place. You slowly calm down and consider your situation. You are an unnamed beggar of the infamous Port Blacksand. You know nothing of your past except for a vague belief, fuelled by terrible dreams, that you were once someone important, someone powerful.
63 references, fairly hard

Planet Of The Spiders by Ulysses Ai Thumbnail
Giving up, you slip into the ship and the hatch closes behind you. Slumping in the large comfortable chair that dominates the interior of the small ship, you feel a deep despair. You have never even been to Earth, growing up as you did on the excitement-packed manufacturing planetoid of G15-275. Even so, you are determined to save it, and the treemaids as well. But how to do it?
109 references, medium difficulty

Soul Tracker by Gaetano Abbondanza Thumbnail
Thus far, supernatural sightings have been rare enough to the point that those who claim to have encountered these beings are ridiculed and dismissed as charlatans, liars, or insane. You, however, know enough of the truth to carry out your thankless deeds, buoyed by the cold arms of vengeance.
400 references, fairly hard

In The Footsteps Of A Hero by Victor Cheng Thumbnail
From a young age, you have dreamt of an adventurous life. You would constantly spy on the training ground from your window, learning then practicing the art of swordplay and combat manoeuvres in the confines of your room. Now, growing into adulthood, you find that your arduous work has built up your strength and confidence. Soon you will be ready to join the world's heroes.
50 references, medium difficulty

The Golden Crate by Ulysses Ai Thumbnail
Fresh from battling giant, demi-human spiders from Arachnon, our hero once more finds himself thrust into the bosom of adventure. Can you retrieve the Golden Crate from the evil clutches of the arch villain? Great obstacles stand in your way, such as: Space Pirates, Insane Computers, The Outlawed Concept of Time Travel, and at long last: a Death-bot.
266 references, fairly hard

The Hypertrout by Ulysses Ai Thumbnail
Is it a fish? Is it a boat? No! It's...well actually it's kind of a fish and a boat. Anyway, it's really big and dangerous, and you have to do something about it. Can you unravel the mysteries of the Hypertrout, escape with your life, and cover yourself in glory? Actually, just escaping with your life will be enough.
77 references, fairly easy

Garden Of Bones by Alec Worley Thumbnail
Legend has it that whenever the full moon shines upon the Garden of Bones its gates creak open once more. Though the undead remain trapped inside, it is possible for the living to enter their shadow realm. Many an adventurer has entered the Garden in search of the fabled Scythe of Morbius Kane. None have returned - at least none alive.
50 references, medium difficulty

Contractual Obligation by Ulysses Ai Thumbnail
Your girlfriend is torn from you by legal technicalities. Can you get her back by performing a series of seemingly unrelated tasks to save your former employers, those innocent, yet homicidal, treemaids?
127 references, fairly easy

Waiting For The Light by Kieran Coghlan Thumbnail
You bellow out for assistance, but your calls are met only by the eternal silence. Such is the way it has been for as long as you have known - there is no reason to expect anything different today.
100 references, hard

The Dead World by Ulysses Ai Thumbnail
It was supposed to be an uneventful trip back to Amorphonon 12, but of course something had to go wrong. Your ship has crashed on an arid world, amidst the remains of a once-great civilisation. What happened to them? Not that it really matters. The rescue ship will be here in 3 days, so there is no need to explore the ruins. I mean, something might happen to you...
170 references, easy

A Midwinter Carol by Kieran Coghlan Thumbnail
Tomorrow is the 14th of Snow's Cloak, the Midwinter Festival and all Arion is preparing for the festivities. All that is except you - Ethelred Samiar, the Baron Den Snau. You have no time for the "good will to all men" that this sanctimonious holiday demands. No, you have great plans for tomorrow. The Love of Libra Orphanage has failed to pay back the money you lent them and you're going to close it down tomorrow.
50 references, medium difficulty

Tomb Of The Ancients by Stuart Lloyd Thumbnail
So after five years, you tell your parents that you are leaving to be an adventurer and have a better life. Your mother is distraught, but your father barely bats an eyelid. You tell him that you are going to seek the medallion of his ancestors. At the mention of it, he becomes livid "Listen you worm! If you go looking for that, you'd better never come back, because I swear I will kill you!"
50 references, easy

Sharkbait's Revenge by Stuart Lloyd Thumbnail
The ship is now sinking fast. The rest of the crew are on the lifeboats heading to the island. You notice that they haven't left you one. They see you as responsible for causing this disaster and if they catch you on the island they will probably skin you alive. However, the island is the only escape you've got...
100 references, medium difficulty

A Strange Week For King Melchion The Despicable by Kieran Coghlan Thumbnail
In the magical land of Generica, a wondrous region ruled by the harsh and not particularly fair King Melchion the Despicable, you are Davor, a humble wizard trying to make his way in life. Usually you spend your time ridding cellars of rats or casting love enchantments for pimply teens. But today you are to be hired by a client with a very different problem indeed.
100 references, medium difficulty

The Word Fell Silent by Kieran Coghlan Thumbnail
Judea groans under the rule of the Roman Empire, its king, Herod Agrippa II, nothing more than a puppet for the Roman governor. Some demand action against the Romans, others believe it a mistake to antagonise their masters. And there is turmoil between the different Jewish sects and with the new religion that has grown recently, spreading throughout the Roman World and threatening the Jewish faith: Christianity.
100 references, fairly easy

The Curse Of Drumer by Robert Douglas Thumbnail
Meeting with friends at some sinister ruins, YOU have stumbled upon a dark, terrifying secret. The evil house of Drumer was destroyed months ago - but now bloodthirsty acolytes are seeking to restore this abhorrent power. YOU have become a clear threat to their dire plans and the forces of Hell are bent upon preventing your escape. Your only chance is to outrun this relentless onslaught, seek divine weapons, and end utterly the Curse of Drumer!
400 references, medium difficulty

Above The Waves by Zachary Carango Thumbnail
Even after decades, the dreaded pirate known only as Kurtz still terrorizes travelers on the southern sea. The blood he's spilt could stain the very ocean, and more lives are claimed every month. Even as his death toll rises, many search for Kurtz. Whether for bounty, justice, or fame, these brave souls search for a true demon.
100 references, easy

Devil's Flight by Gaetano Abbondanza Thumbnail
You are an Astro-Geologist; as such the determination of whether a newly discovered planetary body could hold permanent human settlements is dependent upon your professional opinion. You enjoy the work; it is interesting and stimulating if somewhat lonely. Today, however, will be unlike any other day you've ever experienced...
300 references, hard

Return To G15-275 by Ulysses Ai Thumbnail
The Galactic Disposable Cutlery Corporation is not as benevolent as its marketing department would have you believe. It has made you a prisoner by means that are entirely legal but really, really unfair! Can you escape from the clutches of the company that claims to own you? It won't be easy... if only you were a real person...
600 references, fairly easy

A Knight's Trial by Kieran Coghlan Thumbnail
With the assistance of the wise wizard Merlin and the dashing Knights of the Round Table, Arthur has ushered in a golden age where all are looked after and causes to complain are few. And now, you have been selected by the wizard himself to undergo a trial; a trial that will decide if you are worthy to join the ranks of the legendary knights!
100 references, fairly hard

Nye's Song by Robert Douglas Thumbnail
In 1757, British victory at Plassey wrought a cataclysm upon the world and mankind came close to extinction. However, even Kali - dark goddess of death - was confounded by such stoic resistance. The year is now 1905. YOU play Captain William Nye of the Warwick garrison - a disgruntled veteran about to embark on his next mission...
90 references, medium difficulty

The Ravages Of Fate by Ulysses Ai Thumbnail
Where the Empire's justice cannot prove guilt or innocence the matter is left in the hands of the gods; or better said: at the claws of a troll. Likewise, those whose guilt is certain are sent, for both may win freedom by venturing into the forsaken lands beyond The Jaw and returning with one token of vindication and absolution: the head of a troll.
100 references, fairly easy

Tales From The Bird Islands by Various Authors Thumbnail
You know little of these lands other than that they lie some way off the southern coast of Far Analand. You set sail, the irrepressible lure of adventure in your veins, and the entire archipelago before you. Where are you bound next?
978 references

Below Zero Point by Robert Douglas Thumbnail
Only a week ago the Globesphere made disconcerting news. Details were sketchy, but New Scientist made an educated speculation surrounding its sonorous name: it had to be a doomsday weapon of some kind. YOU are Sean Calibre, renowned Private Investigator. It is your mission to secure this stolen experiment and return it to Federation custody before terrorists can implement its awful vengeance.
380 references, medium difficulty

Any Port In A Storm by Robert Douglas Thumbnail
A raging tempest transforms the ocean into seven foot waves. You can barely see anything through the relentless spray, struggle to keep your feet on the turbulent deck - yet somehow keep afloat in this maelstrom. Now, even in this foul night of slashing rain, you can barely make out the familiar shape of a lighthouse. Yet the sheer relief of reaching salvation blinds you to the unnatural eerie glow from its beacon...
101 references, medium difficulty

Escape Neuburg Keep by Tammy Badowski Thumbnail
You wake up from a dream in which you were being eaten by a ghoul. All you can recall from this nightmare was its teeth biting into your forearm, your blood leaking out on the floor, and your muscles being gnawed on desperately. The sound of the ghoul biting down onto your forearm bone was what woke you up. The crunch... the gurgling... the hissing delight of laughter...
30 references, fairly easy

A Shadow In The North by Richard Evans Thumbnail
King Ragnar's meddling destroyed the northern World-Flame, and the North began to descend into anarchy. Innshelm's former enemies cared not, struggling instead over the wreckage of its Empire. Only one, the city-state of Talras, sent aid. YOU are the one they sent, a warrior trained in the sword, the bow and the art of magic. It is your mission to travel through the dangers of Innshelm and relight the World-Flame.
700 references, fairly easy

A Flame In The North by Richard Evans Thumbnail
"Listen closely," he says, his face contorted by tremendous effort, "You must reach Novgard soon and lead an army to the World-Flame. At first we thought that the death of the Northern World-Flame did not affect ours, but we were wrong. Everywhere the other World-Flames are fading." Your blood chills, the extinction of the World-Flames would plunge the Earth back into the chaos of its formation...
600 references, medium difficulty

Shrine Of The Salamander by Andrew Wright Thumbnail
You are an adventuring forge-priest of Verlang, and have undertaken many perilous quests across Kakhabad at the behest of your god. You have stared down the Apes of Mauristatia. You have braved the Beastmen of Tinpang Valley. You have even infiltrated the Necromancers' Guild of Throben. But how will you fare in this, your most dangerous adventure? Will you survive the Shrine of the Salamander?
200 references, medium difficulty

Golem Gauntlet by Simon Christopher Chapman Thumbnail
"I see you begin to understand... I found that I was capable of transferring the human consciousness directly into another form. I needed a subject - I need to know how much you can mentally endure before becoming insane." Seething with rage, you reach for Tey but pause as you see your outstretched arms. Your limbs, and apparently the rest of your body, now seem to be composed of clay...
100 references, fairly hard

Bloodsworth Bayou by Cian Gill Thumbnail
Frenchman Street had been decked with lanterns last night, and the jazz clubs thronged with revellers, their faces made oddly skull-like by the half-lights. A bottle of Restoration Ale firmly in hand, you accidentally trod on somebody's foot when exiting the Black Cat. The girl was Creole, and young, and startlingly beautiful, but her mouth twisted into a snarl, and she muttered something under her breath...
90 references, medium difficulty

New Day Rising by Gavin Mitchell Thumbnail
You are Severian, only son of the master necromancer of this castle. Growing up schooled by Liches, you showed more interest in the weapon practice you received at the withered hands of armour-clad Wights. At last your father good naturedly confesses defeat and tells you to follow your dream. Taking some adventuring supplies and plenty of money, you head off to the most advanced and populous city in the region... Altgarten.
75 references, fairly easy

Rise Of The Night Creatures by Tammy Badowski Thumbnail
"Where are you?" He whispered harshly and noticed his son on the floor. The tone that came next was almost welcoming. "Ah, there you are. It is time, so put your toy away and come here." The little boy kissed his teddy, got to his feet so he could place it in the crib, and his father lifted the axe up high over his head...
265 references, fairly hard

A Day In The Life by Gavin Mitchell Thumbnail
YOU are an overweight 40 year old. Can YOU make it through an entire day at Bloodstock and watch Megadeth's set, in the face of security guards, spiralling inebriation, people dressed up as horror characters, drug fiends on Black Mamba, the legendary bin jousting, musicians who want to knock you through the wall and the dreaded BLACK DOG?
25 references, medium difficulty

A Saint Beckons by Robert Douglas Thumbnail
You half-collapse against an elm tree. The arrow head is still lodged deep in your thigh, throbs like the devil. Gritting your teeth, you stagger onwards through the dusky gloom, panting with tremendous effort. You lean against the bough of a sturdy oak, as if hoping to absorb its strength. Finally, too exhausted to go on, you give in to thoughts of a peaceful eternal sleep, away from this cold, brutal, hopeless world of woes...
100 references