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A Knight's Trial
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The Curse Of Drumer
The Word Fell Silent
A Strange Week For King Melchion The Despicable
Sharkbait's Revenge
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The Dead World
Waiting For The Light
Contractual Obligation
Garden Of Bones
The Hypertrout
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In The Footsteps Of A Hero
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Planet Of The Spiders
Beggars Of Blacksand
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The Cold Heart Of Chaos
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Tue May 29 02:25:22 2018
New Day Rising
True - living in the real world too long has dulled my imagination.

Tue May 29 19:09:16 2018
New Day Rising
Star - optimum ending reached
For some reason I left this up for a few days before finally writing this comment. This was a nice quick play, and for that it did really well. I'm still certain I missed a few things and might come back to find the rest of them, but what I did find, I enjoyed. The choice of who you take onto your team is really great. Don't really have anything bad to say, except maybe show what your teammates stats are somewhere. 99/100

Wed May 30 09:27:58 2018
House Of Pain
I just finish it yesterday.

Are you, per chance, interested in reading a review, kind similar to the ones I did in the past, like this:


I would love to give you my comments on this book but I am not sure how active or interested you are in this...?

Phil Sadler
Wed May 30 18:53:44 2018
House Of Pain
I sure would like another of your reviews because they are indepth, whereas most reviews are 'I hate it' or 'Best FF ever'. Writers don't learn anything about their books from either comment.

Anyway, I look forward to your review and hope you actually liked the book.

Phil Sadler
Thu May 31 05:30:51 2018
House Of Pain
By the way, thanks for your review of 'Riders'. I somehow missed that and it made for very good reading. People such as yourself help us writers because you tell us *why* a book was good and *why* a book was bad or average.

Fri Jun 1 12:29:24 2018
Return To G15-275

I do still work on this series infrequently.
The next installment isn't very lengthy, but it is quite technically complex as it involves alternative dimensions with the ability to switch between them, so keeping everything making sense is taking some careful writing.

The next installment is the penultimate episode, but I have also planned out and written a great deal of the final episode since I began that before I decided there needed to be another episode after Return to G15-275 and before the final adventure.

There is also a secret 10th episode that I have started - but that is a secret so don't read this sentence.

I mention these two upcoming installments to make the point that I would like to finish off the series and haven't given up on it yet.

I should have some time to spare for writing gamebooks after June, but I've made promises before and proven to be a big fat liar.

Sat Jun 2 11:24:05 2018
Rise Of The Night Creatures
Rise Of The Night Creatures

"Where are you?" He whispered harshly and noticed his son on the floor. The tone that came next was almost welcoming. "Ah, there you are. It is time, so put your toy away and come here." The little boy kissed his teddy, got to his feet so he could place it in the crib, and his father lifted the axe up high over his head...

Tammy Badowski's werewolf-themed gamebook is ready to play.

Sat Jun 2 17:31:07 2018
Devil's Flight
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Section 167 contains incorrect spellings of "Lambda". Also, you reach it by administering a dose of Neuroxin to a woman, but no deduction of Neuroxin doses is made on your Possessions list.
Thanks, this is now dealt with. I have assumed that "Lamda" is the correct version as there are more instances of this spelling throughout.

Sun Jun 3 01:19:15 2018
Wrong Way Go Back
Star - optimum ending reached
This was a weird gamebook. I don't like the linearity and need to get lucky on dice at one point very much, but it was engaging and fun to have to find the right items. I also really liked the Trial of Champions reference. Nice sarcastic ending too. 98/100

joseph weakland
Tue Jun 5 00:16:52 2018
Rise Of The Night Creatures
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
very strange

Tue Jun 5 10:49:36 2018
Rise Of The Night Creatures
Star - optimum ending reached
I think I got the best ending, I reached the 200th reference. An awesome job and I wish Tammy would write more.

Mon Jun 11 10:48:00 2018
Isle Of The Cyclops
Star - optimum ending reached
Very fun cheers

Tue Jun 12 05:18:27 2018
Hi Gavin, not sure if this was covered already, but was the scene with the
inspired by the 1999 movie The Audition? If so, a nice but morbid touch!

Tue Jun 12 07:36:51 2018
Oh definitely. It was horrid.

Kiri, kiri, kiri....

Thu Jun 14 09:43:02 2018
Outsider also contains a character based on Tetsuo Iron Man and my martial arts book has a paragraph lifted from Akira.I tend more to Jess Franco and Lucio Fulci these days.

Tue Jun 19 03:04:51 2018
Rise Of The Night Creatures
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
This was quite enjoyable! Thanks!
On a side note, I was hoping to talk about it in my class (I teach 11/12 year olds) for inspiration for them to create their own stories, but unfortunately the language is inappropriate for school (eg You're fucked).

Maybe I can just talk about it instead without showing the website.

Tue Jun 19 11:01:50 2018
Bloodsworth Bayou
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
It was alright I guess but a bit bleak

Robert Douglas
Wed Jun 20 09:42:07 2018
Rise Of The Night Creatures
Hi Michael,

I'm sure Tammy will be very pleased that her gamebook would have inspired written creativity, a compliment in itself. It's a shame the bad language factor can't be remedied in some way to make it more appropriate for educational purposes. But this website is open to more adult-orientated gamebooks written by adults who were - and still remain - huge FF fans, for many adult browsers. However, I believe some titles posted to the left (and in Downloads Section) prove more 'pupil-friendly' as regards language and content.

As for content, including horror, war, violence, and so on, I'm afraid that is part of the gamebook mission/ adventure which in truth makes it part of the fun, the world background, the plot concept. 'Every hero needs a villain', as mentioned in Mission Impossible II. That's probably why John Craven (of Newsround fame) disapproved in supporting the gamebook craze back in the 80's. However, when I was at school, it was necessary to study history - including war and battles. I recently volunteered at one school and there was still a colourful drawn poser pinned to the classroom wall, depicting artillery, ranks of soldiers, and yes: those wounded and killed. There is certainly a wide variety of horrific material to which children mustn't be exposed, but occasionally I feel it doesn't hurt to show them the ugly side of the world, help prepare them for it. Of course, there's a vast difference between a 4 year old and a 12 year old, their ability to accept and tackle difficult subject matter. Sometimes it's difficult knowing where to draw the line.

On a side-note, I'm a huge fan of Bernard Cornwell's writing, in particular his Sharpe novels. However, again there is the language factor (that Sean Bean enjoyed displaying all too often in the televised series!) that might be deemed inappropriate for schools, primary and secondary.

Wed Jun 20 12:21:56 2018
A Knight's Trial
i tried forever but i couldnt get all 3 items.

Wed Jun 20 23:14:45 2018
A Knight's Trial
You need a modicum of luck to succeed, or be willing to take a gamble and win.

Traditionally, the depths of a dungeon are to the north - don't go deep before you must.

Courage is a virtue.

If you played many times, avoiding things that automatically hurt you makes the combats easier and just costs you hints you've read in previous passes.

And then things get spoilery.