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Tales From The Bird Islands
The Ravages Of Fate
Nye's Song
A Knight's Trial
Return To G15-275
Devil's Flight
Above The Waves
The Curse Of Drumer
The Word Fell Silent
A Strange Week For King Melchion The Despicable
Sharkbait's Revenge
Tomb Of The Ancients
A Midwinter Carol
The Dead World
Waiting For The Light
Contractual Obligation
Garden Of Bones
The Hypertrout
The Golden Crate
In The Footsteps Of A Hero
Soul Tracker
Planet Of The Spiders
Beggars Of Blacksand
The Diamond Key
Wrong Way Go Back
Hunger Of The Wolf
Isle Of The Cyclops
The Cold Heart Of Chaos
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Impudent Peasant!
Curse Of The Yeti
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Fri Jan 19 01:48:15 2018
General Chat

Andrč M. Pietroschek
Tue Jan 23 00:23:53 2018
New Day Rising
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
I liked the idea to hire a group, but all I experienced was going strictly from fight to fight. A notch more story and atmosphere could help.

Wed Jan 31 23:14:25 2018
New Day Rising
Star - optimum ending reached
When I saw there was a sequel to Outsider my heart skipped a beat. I had considered Outside to be not merely the greatest fan made fighting fantasy book but the outright greatest fighting fantasy book ever made, and were it not for the Fabled Lands, possibly the greatest gamebook ever.

But I found this sequel jarring and disapointing.

First why is this a sequel to Outsider? It not only has nearly zero connection to Outsider but the tone is wildly, wildly and jarringly different. Outsider was an epic about seeking your identity and possible redemption and this is... a dungeon crawler where you mostly go from one encounter to another with jarringly modern speech and loads of awkward 4th wall jokes? I get you probably wanted to do something different, but announcing this as a sequel and having a seemingly serious intro only to lead into this was very jarring. It's like if Citizen Kane was followed up with a romantic comedy that only mentioned something from that film in passing

The party mechanics were interesting (though not integrated into the play as well as it could have been but I felt it was a serious dick move to have the player pick 3 out of 5 companions
, there were too many blind choices for which door to walk through luck (the stat and thing in real life) played a distressingly large part in this book

Thu Feb 1 07:10:14 2018
New Day Rising
Was my message deleted? I Left a long and thoughtful hit submit and now its gone

Thu Feb 1 07:12:52 2018
New Day Rising
Never mind it was just a gltich with my browser

Thu Feb 1 13:01:22 2018
Isle Of The Cyclops
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Completely random with regards to objects you need or people you need to meet before you get to the kill-the-monster-quest. Hence this game is too difficult!

Sun Feb 4 15:56:35 2018
New Day Rising
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Wow, not what I was expecting compared to outsider. Pretty darn funny, though. I'm off to try a few more times.

Paul Mc
Mon Feb 5 22:35:32 2018
New Day Rising
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
I died. Basically I took a priest with me as one of my companions and it turned out he was Donald Trump with the red button and he blew the planet up.

Tue Feb 6 13:12:23 2018
Waiting For The Light
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
it was good

Tue Feb 6 16:00:34 2018
A Strange Week For King Melchion The Despicable
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
It is very super and sadness history. goodbye.

Tue Feb 6 20:40:36 2018
New Day Rising
While I'll happily take the blame for all the other shortcomings of this book the priest didn't directly blow the place up, it was the forces of light as part of a mutually assured destruction escalation or some alright fudge or something.

Wed Feb 7 19:51:37 2018
A Midwinter Carol
Very suuuuper story please more more more

Sat Feb 10 04:39:34 2018
House Of Horror
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
gameis awesome bt couldnt finshh this

Karl Gorman
Sun Feb 11 19:35:39 2018
Hunger Of The Wolf
Star - optimum ending reached
Oh, you have taken me back to my boyhood.

A very substantial piece of work, with a good twist that I didn't see coming!

Thank you.

Mon Feb 12 05:33:17 2018
Tomb Of The Ancients
Star - optimum ending reached

the yeti
Mon Feb 12 05:44:54 2018
Curse Of The Yeti
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
so much words and I have no idea what the crap I'm suppose to be headed and I died suddenly?

Thu Feb 15 01:38:40 2018
Any Port In A Storm
Addictive story

Thu Feb 15 17:54:08 2018
New Day Rising
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
This game is very random, everyhting in the game is randomly st and some times the enemy's stamina doesn't decrease while mine does, this is ridiculous.

Mon Feb 19 17:19:59 2018
Escape Neuburg Keep
Skull - non-optimum ending reached
Thrilling and suspense-filled!

Phil Sadler
Tue Feb 20 18:36:41 2018
General Chat
It's so quiet around here that I'm starting to miss that 'Done!' poster. I just can't wait for more of his amazing one-word ... reviews?